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9 Dividend Increases Expected In April 2021

Apr. 06, 2021 1:12 PM ETPG, JNJ, IBM, SO, GWW, AAPL, KMI, TRV, COST9 Comments
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  • Each month, we discuss the dividend increases that are expected in the coming month.
  • April is about to be insane, as 9 dividend stocks will increase your cash flow as a shareholder.
  • There are some epic companies set to announce.

We have another exciting article about our favorite topic… dividend increases. Each month, we discuss the dividend increases that are expected in the coming month. April is about to be insane, as 9 dividend stocks will increase your cash flow as a shareholder. There are some epic companies set to announce. So buckle up. Get Ready. It is time to discuss the expected dividend increases in April 2021.

Why Dividend Increases Matter

Dividends are the foundation of our goal to reach financial freedom. We continuously invest in dividend growth stocks to grow our passive income. If you haven't figured it out by now, we eat, sleep, and breathe dividends!

If the goal is to produce a passive income stream that will one day cover our expenses, making sure that income stream grows is critical. Without growth, your dividend income stream will lose purchasing power to inflation. Inflation is typically between 2%-3% annually; therefore, if you cannot achieve average dividend growth of at least that percentage, your income stream will be able to cover less, and less, over time.

That is why dividend growth is a major deciding factor in all of our stock purchase decisions. It is the 3rd metric of our Dividend Stock Screener for a reason. For each stock, we review a company's history of increasing dividends (consecutive annual dividend increases) and a company's five-year average dividend growth rate!

We cover dividend news extensively on our YouTube Channel. Each week, we discuss the major dividend increases from the week before. Heck, each month, we even bring this article to life and cover the major expected dividend increases of the coming month.

What A Difference A Year Makes

I want to take a step back for a second. Let's talk about how different things are in April 2021 than they

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Two guys who love Investing, Dividends, Frugality, Passive Income & attempting to Reinvest Our Dividends to one day achieve Financial Freedom! Follow us on your journey towards a work-free life! We share EVERY ASPECT of our journey on our blog, social media, and YouTube Channel. Make sure to follow us so you don't miss an update. Updates include the stocks we are watching, buying, selling, and our overall thoughts about the the marketBlog: http://www.dividenddiplomats.comYouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/dividenddiplomatsTwitter: https://twitter.com/DvdndDiplomats

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Comments (9)

You're not concerned about the high price of PG and JNJ?
I'm long AAPL, IBM, JNJ, PG. My plain language recap:
-AAPL raised their dividend one year ago, from $0.1925 to $0.205 on the dividend paid on May 14, 2020.
-IBM raised by $0.14 last year at this time.
-JNJ raised by $0.06 on the dividend paid on Mar 10, 2020.
-PG raised by $.05 (approx) on the dividend paid on May 15, 2020
Border Dawg profile picture
Thanks for the article. Own SO and AAPL. Will have to look at some of the others.
IBM dividend is also of interest given the upcoming split of Newco. They will probably take most of the dividend with them.
J-Flo profile picture
I love raises! Long DGI
Been a good run on IBM. My end of year price target is 138 and we are awfully close.
KMI already announced that they will increase to 1.08/annually, or .27 quarterly. So you should expect a very small raise
@timstickney 4/20ish is about when the 'official' announcement comes. If you jump the gun, and buy because of an expected divvy raise, only to find out it's not as large as prescribed you'll only be disappointed. Likewise, if you pass on an expected 'very small raise' and it's larger than you expected, again, you'll be disappointed. At least until you buy the share at a higher premium.
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