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I own a few of these like TXN, PEP, MSFT, and ABBV. I would look outside the brand name ( so to speak) stocks. How about NEM, SO, NEP and MO? ACLLF, BCE, EVA and GAIN have produced nice gains and income. Good way to generate more cash to invest! Spice it up! I throw in a handful of good CEFs to grow the cash flow even more. It makes a good blend for all seasons. Plan to retire on the income stream soon. Just a suggestion and I respect what works for you. Thanks for writing!
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Most of these stocks appear overvalued so you might as well just invest in higher growth stocks that can actually grow into their valuation fairly quickly in my opinion.
Excellent.article. A great read and uplifting. I love the Market. Seeking out new investments, researching, and then buying. Love the whole process. I started my portfolio 4/15/2020 and it currently is up 48.35%.
Interesting but one point of clarification. EPD is an energy sector company - but it is a midstream energy company. EPD generates money through the fees others pay to transport oil and chemicals through their pipelines. EP doesn't drill, frack, refine or sell oil or natural gas.
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@aurora5 Absolutely, you are correct! That’s why I am more comfortable staying In it, that and taxes would hurt. I actually added some a year ago to bring my cost basis back above zero. While pipelines don’t have commodity prices risk they will likely suffer if demand falls off sharply at some future point. Although there is talk of converting pipelines for alternative uses. Not sure what this means for LNG export terminals though.
I am long term with ABBV. It has a great pipeline.
You seem worried about the energy sector EPD ect... this might go up and down but this is not a luxury stock ... people need to cook , heat their homes ect ... as in a utility stock .... they are needed to live ...
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@Rkw2021 I'm not as worried as much as I am uncertain what it the field looks like 20 or 30 years from now. I suspect we will still be using gas and oil to some extent and there will be a few companies that throw off good dividends but I'm not sure which ones or what kind of turbulence we will see on the way there. I imagine it might be like tobacco with only a couple players that have lots of laws protecting them.
My DGI Portfolio has done me proud. Inception date:4/15/2020 and currently a gain of 48.35%. Reason why I love divided investing..🙂
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@Aristocrat & Dividend King Investor Great results! Thanks for reading!
I like the article, but as a PRU holder myself (in at $65) you made a lot of excuses not to own it, but you bought it anyway? It has room to run, have a little patience....
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@initforthelonghaul Thanks for reading, its certainly not as strong as AFL or CB from a dividend safety standpoint. You got in at a great price! I did point out some strengths, I'm really impressed they are buying back shares at a good valuation. So many companies like to waste shareholder money on overpriced buybacks. It does have room to run although its approaching its long term valuation, for me however, appreciation is secondary as I invest for the future dividend growth.
Thanks for the update. I like your short list of 9 dividend growth stocks to add to this year. HD was a good buy when it dipped under $250 not too long but it's taken off like a rocket since and is probably overvalued now. JNJ looks the most interesting and LMT long term at this price is still decent but you are right a better deal can be had in the near future probably.
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@forthelongterm HD was a great deal at 250, it was still a little low on the yield side for me there, I had an order in at 240 to get a 2.75% yield. Probably just as good I didnt get in the way it shot back up. I would have been left hanging with a tiny position.

You are right, JNJ here is a decent buy, its still a little low on the yield side for my targets right now, given its 6% dividend growth rate, but I have been tempted to add more. I try to add to JNJ above a 2.85% dividend which is in the top 25% of its yield range (in my model). So it doesn't hit it all that often.
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