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Stocks To Watch: Coinbase Debuts And Big Banks Lead Out Earnings Season

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SA Stocks To Watch

Welcome to Seeking Alpha's Stocks to Watch - a preview of key events scheduled for the next week. Follow this account and turn the e-mail alert on to receive this article in your inbox every Saturday morning. A podcast of Stocks to Watch is also available on Sundays on Seeking Alpha, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify (click the highlighted links).

The earnings season starts off with major banks reporting next week along with PepsiCo (NASDAQ:PEP) and Delta Air Lines. Analysts expect profits for the first quarter to be up 24.2%, led by huge gains in the consumer discretionary sector against the pandemic comparable a year ago. Last quarter, about 80% of companies beat earnings estimates in Q4, but only 42% saw a share price increase on earnings day. The week ahead will be busy on the economic front as well, with the Fed's Beige Book, the Empire State Manufacturing Index report, industrial production data and the retail sales report all due in. Meanwhile, the IPO market heats up with self-driving truck startup TuSimple (TSP) and digital banking platform Alkami Technology (NASDAQ:ALKT) both expected to start trading. In the crypto world, all eyes will be watching closely how the direct listing of Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) on April 14 goes down with investors.

Earnings spotlight: The financial sector will lead out the start of the Q2 earnings season kicked off next week. The list of reporting companies includes Aphria (APHA) on April 12; Fastenal (NASDAQ:FAST) on April 13; JPMorgan Chase (JMP), Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), Goldman Sachs (GS), Progressive (NYSE:PGR), Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) on April 14; UnitedHealth (UNH), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Citigroup (NYSE:C), PepsiCo (PEP), Rite Aid (RAD), BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) and

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Our news team's weekend preview of upcoming IPOs, earnings reports, conference presentations, investor days, IPO lockup expirations, FDA decisions, Barron's mentions, and other key events that could impact stocks.

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Comments (49)

Adambombfx profile picture
As everyone that follows me on here knows for the last 2 weeks I have been raising capital to deploy into tomorrows COIN Debut. I'm in tomorrow at $465 per share,not a typo $465 is where I see COIN open.

COIN LONG for 3 years Minimum !!!!
This company is going public at what is quite possibly the peak of their growth and earnings...a company like Kraken, Voyager, BlockFi, Gemini, and ShapeShift have more coins, staking, less fees etc. My question is what keeps Coinbase growing and at this bloated valuation in the future?
Adambombfx profile picture
Why I'm raising capital to deploy into the COIN IPO :

With the overwhelming and astounding growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over the past year, it’s no wonder that the upcoming Coinbase IPO will be one of the most anticipated market events of 2021. As the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has generated massive revenue from transaction fees on its platform and has already given investors insight into its huge earnings potential. It might just be a company that lives up to the hype surrounding its market debut that will surely have eyes all over it.

You can't argue there is certainly an element of unpredictability with this business thanks to the volatility of cryptocurrency prices, that likely won’t deter investors from grabbing shares of the company when it goes public via a direct listing on April 14th. Coinbase is certainly an intriguing player in the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry, for these reasons.

1-The First U.S. Cryptocurrency Exchange to be Publicly Listed

2-Eye-Catching Earnings

3-Direct Listing over Traditional IPO

For many reasons, I'm in on COIN !
@Adambombfx not true there’s voyager digital seekingalpha.com/...
@Mike, I’ve been trying to open my account on Voyager for 3 days now... I’m on a waitlist.

Long Voyager and Etherium
johnsoriaknows profile picture
Keep an eye on Protalix (PLX) ...one week closer to its April 27, 2021 PDUFA date for potentially blockbuster Fabry Disease drug candidate PRX-102. The stock has been climbing steadily in the last few days and are expected to rally as PDUFA date nears (see chart):

Here is more info on PLX:


Also keep an eye on AGEN. The company presented superb results for its drug candidate AGEN1181 at AACR on April 10, 2021 including 2 complete responses (CR) and several objective responses in several types of cancer. AGEN 1181 is a multipurpose, second-generation “Fc-engineered” anti-CTLA-4 antibody with enhanced tumor fighting abilities, designed to generate responses in a larger number of patients and improve immunogenicity. Might want to view the presentation following the announcement:


The company has several more powerful catalysts in 1H 2021 including a BLA submission, partnership announcements, etc.:


Another company that reported strong oncology results at AACR on April 10, 2021 is low floater PHIO (currently trading below cash):


More info on PHIO here:


Good luck!!!
Bill West profile picture
Best stocks to own-----
aapl, amzn, abbv, pltr, dkng
@Bill West Long Aapl, Pltr, Dkng
Thanks SA for this excellent weekly summary...
Just finished "reading" Barron's this morning -- what a waste of time and money!
Just an FYI, All. It looks like RGBP has strong science behind its patents that hopefully will help many...

INSIDER FINANCIAL April 10, 2021: "Regen BioPharma About To Become A Major Pharma Player"

What we like about Regen BioPharma is that it is at the same price where we recommended HMBL to our readers and subscribers, which you can read here. HMBL would go on to run to almost $8 from just $.027 a share.......We think RGBP has just as much potential.
@halpmaine how about why? All comments I’m finding online are hype with no actual DD... seems pnd.
EriCoin profile picture
Coinbase will definitely be the quasi Bitcoin play alongside miners like Riot. It will be popular among institutional investors who don't want to own bitcoin directly. SQ and PayPal will pop up even more I think.
@EriCoin or MARA
@EriCoin hopefully it will bring more attention to the exchange space. Voyager Digital has been a beast, but it is such a small exchange as compared to Coinbase, it’s probably not investable by the big money.

Takeover candidate?
Sticking with my long-term holdings in $BAC, $USB and $BNY, as I'm anticipating nice ER's for all to be reported.
What say you @littlecubbie2019 ?
Also I'll be watching the concerning news developments for $AZN and $JNJ for further insight into the blood clot issues and other AE's concerning their vaccines...doesn't look promising imho.
Going with the underdog $NVAX Novavax for the win with the best-in-class vaccine. Catalysts any day now...next week?? Likely imo.
Expecting data results from US Phase 3 trial and then EUA's to follow by many countries like...UK, Canada, Australia, EU and the US. Huge revenue / growth potential concerning Novavax. As they'll dominate the "booster" variant market when they get that final EUA approval by many countries for the foreseeable future. Novavax will have the safety and dose sparing advantage with little or no AE's ....this will be the reason for many opting for their vaccine candidate NVX-CoV2373 once approved over $AZN, $JNJ, $MRNA and $PFE. You can see for yourself what the other vaccines are doing to people concerning those AE's. Novavax will be superior imho.
Cheers to all.
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
@Novavax Op Warp Speed long bac and jnj. Only ones mentioned that I own. As another poster said, pg might declare its next dividend which should be a raise. This is the power of dividend investing! Your job give you multiple raises a year?
If Coinbase stock performs anything like their customer support, it'll be at zero in a month or two.
@HammondEhgs I have never never ever come across a company with such bad customer support.. switched to Kraken long ago.
@HammondEhgs lol. I'm long COINB ... at maybe $10-15
Chip Chipperson profile picture
@HammondEhgs BLOCKFI is way better.
RJMC profile picture
Barron’s is negative on cruise lines. Sounds like a short term trade opportunity.
Pragmatic ENTJ profile picture
the $COIN IPO is simply a liquidity event for insiders who want to cash out at the top of the mass delusion...they know what is coming next...
@Pragmatic ENTJ What's coming next?
@Pragmatic ENTJ Was that it today? haha
@Pragmatic ENTJ this was surely it today, no?
P g will have an increase this week
Long Tail Of Finance profile picture
As you have for IPOs, can you add a SPAC section to this weekend distribution? Or tell me where to find it. thanks.
@Long Tail Of Finance, spactrack.net is decent, although it doesn't have ipo dates ahead of time from what I see. But if you go to the actives spac's list you can then filter to new reg and pre ipo(not ipo'd yet) and recent ipo, so it gets you close.
SuperPac profile picture
Which one is a better proxy for Crypto play - COIN or MSTR ??
EriCoin profile picture
@SuperPac best crypto bet is voyager vygvf great article on the stock here on seeking alpha they’re growing much faster and will be much more profitable than coinbase seekingalpha.com/...
@Mike, Agree. Voyager is reported to have much better customer service. It is adding assets and clients at a record pace each month. I have a 90% gain so far on Voyager and plan to hold for a long time.
Bear Bull profile picture
Compared to Binance, Coinbase is nothing.
@Bear Bull compared to voyager Binance is nothing seekingalpha.com/...
StevenK1 profile picture
@Mike, compared to nothing is nothing.
PauloCostaSilva profile picture
@Bear Bull comparison is nothing 🤣
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
Yay, the start of dividend increases season! Start it off strong jnj!
PauloCostaSilva profile picture
$COIN under $300 is a buy. Anything around 350-400 is crazy !!
@PauloCostaSilva agreed, 440 is ridiculously high. Do you know the number of outstanding shares? If they only have around 400 million shares outstanding, then there is a case for it to go higher.
PauloCostaSilva profile picture
@StevesWin i don't know ... i thought the overall number was around 150M shares. I wanna start a position but, at 400+ i guess i'll allocate a real small amount and then wait to see what happens.
I own BAT & ETH and for now that's my share of commitment to the crypto world.
@PauloCostaSilva hutmf galaxy digital KROEF hive blockchain
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