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The Anatomy Of My High-Growth Portfolio

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  • I operate two main portfolios: my "safe" portfolio and my high growth portfolio. This article will dissect and focus on my high-growth holdings.
  • I generally like to invest in themes and tend to take a shotgun approach to my holdings in emerging sectors. I will list my holdings for 8 separate themes.
  • I currently hold 40 positions in this portfolio and have my eye on 13 more. I will list out my future potential entrants to this portfolio.
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Followers of mine will be familiar with my strategy of managing two completely separate portfolios. My main portfolio, with roughly 70% of my invested assets is peppered with 49 large-cap, blue-chip companies, the vast majority of which pay healthy dividends and can be set on

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I work in the financial and property management industry for a well known, publicly traded "mini Berkshire" Insurance company. I focus on portfolio structure, value, reasonably priced growth, tech and biotech spaces. I passed the series 6 and 7 exams at age 18 but do not at this time have active licenses.My passion for investing and personal finance education began at a very early age. I opened my first brokerage account at the age of 12 and have invested through crashes, crises, recessions and bubbles. I have made many mistakes in both my personal and investing lives, however, each mistake I have made has taught me valuable lessons on my journey, both in life and towards financial independence. As of March 2023, my total portfolio has compounded at 10.2% per year since 1993, beating the S&P 500's return of 9.87% over the same time period. I do not currently hold active licenses and I am not a financial advisor and do not give out or publish investment advice. Articles I write are my opinion only and are not solicitations, please seek guidance from a licensed financial advisor before investing in any security. Opinions expressed in my articles are my own and do not reflect or indicate any positions or opinions held of my primary employer.

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long ALL LISTED. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

"I am not a licensed financial advisor. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell a specific security nor is it to be construed as investment advice, please contact your licensed financial and tax advisor for advice to your specific situation".

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (35)

CR144 Research profile picture
Add BIGC for e-commerce ..
Good MOrning Confound

Reviewing yours, your aggressive thematic portfolio, that is the one of the highest interest;

Can you share with us some highlights, like which of all your choices will keep on accelerating more, with not too much more risk?

Which of the many do you feel almost smug about, for your cleverness of picking? Your feel good focus is on which stocks?

F ex you mention OKTA, which you wanted, but it got away... Let us have some fun, eh?
F ex way back when I bought Red Hat, Nvidia and Intuitive - da Vinci; in hindsight I was so clever; lucky of course, is more like it!

I may be writing about quaity an ability of possessing future perspectives!

Thank yu very much!
Do not preserve your capital (do not sell) . Let the market run its course. My 2 cents.
Thanks for sharing your High-Growth Portfolio. The themes are similar to Matt McCall Investment Opportunities that I follow. I am also combining some conservative big names with many new innovative companies. Whereas those innovative names had excellent performance few months ago they are mostly negative today. I am confident going forward as long as their innovation potential and business plans remain intact.
Good investing,
bazooooka profile picture
Some interesting names in there to be sure.
great read, ty for sharing!
I think you should be fine. Excellent stocks holdings and combined with thematic approach will deliver good returns in the future. CRISPR technology is one to watch.
And I thought my portfolio was original but I had more than half of the listed tickers at various times in the past 2 years. Only PATH, TLS, and U in common at this moment.
Thanks for posting your portfolio...not everyone is willing to share! Cool article, I take a similar approach. But instead of maintaining a "safe" portfolio, I simply have an index fund that tracks the S&P 500. My personal philosophy is that researching stocks takes so much freaking time that it's only worth buying individual stocks if there's a huge potential for return. I just can't get a 10x return on Apple, FB or basically any other blue chip...but I just might with something under the radar, still trading at $10 a share because it's still a SPAC, or undiscovered by big institutions at this point. Have you checked out VACQ (Rocket Lab) yet?
Congratulations CI. You have a disciplined approach which is crucial. Thematically you are hitting many key trends and our choices in a number of themes (3D Printing, Biotech, Data analysis) are extremely (at times uncannily) similar.

I would caution that Cybersecurity calls for a more distributed approach since technology moves very fast in this area and no firm has ever achieved the kind of dominance that is quite common in other branches of tech. Your targets of ZS, OKTA and SAIL are all excellent companies, with the latter reasonably valued today and I’d point you towards PANW, TENB and VRNS as good value at these levels.

The striking omission is semiconductors. These have outperformed the hard to beat S&P500 by a factor of 3(!) over the last decade. You need to own ASML, TSMC and then a pick of the chip designers, NVDA, AMD etc.

Good luck and great work so far.
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@Betternotbigger Thanks for the kind words, I do own some semi's in my main portfolio, notably NVDA is a top 10 position for me, however I must admit that I am underinvested in the sector. I had a buy lined up for ASML back in mid 2020 but decided on FUN instead, both have done well since but I would like to increase my semi exposure long term.
Universal Huckleberry profile picture
There were a great many bargains in mid 2020, but maybe none more so than FUN! Interesting choice for someone with the portfolio in this article.
Interesting portfolio.
Given you have eight noted themes, how do you pick a stock in each theme? I think there are about 1500 players in Space, and in Cybersecurity, for example, not all public yet. How does your handful get selected?
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@Dartz I try to look for companies with unique and defensible technologies or business models, in space tech it currently is very difficult to invest in anything pure play however momentus does have a novel technology that could create significant value, but man is it early days for the sector. Cybersecurity is also difficult due to the sheer size of the market and the players involved, clearly I am currently underinvested in the sector so I am making it a focus area for the portfolio.
SuperPac profile picture
Interesting approach. I admire you for your robust risk appetite manifesting itself in your growth portfolio selection of equity assets.
Hello again,Confound!
My bet is your 2015 SAFE portfolio is up >250%
and the other explosive one, much much more!
..uhm not able to come up with a STAT
Predictions... part of investing fun!
Love it love it!
I am exactly the same aggressively in positions and thinking, altho you possess more analytical skills!
Yet my HI risk IRA with annual RMDistribuitons, keep on doubling! ...because of the hi risk hi growth hi demand disruptive positions etc... will read EVERYTHING you write, and study and perhaps follow!

Comment: Rebalancing...NEVER sell; winners!

Q. would you say "we" approach-wise are <1% of investors' population?

Comment ole timer here, b 1938, but totally immersed and inspired by the MKT
Ron 54 profile picture
@nikolaum In your 80’s and investing like a 25 year old, my hat’s off to you, Sir.
Hi Roady you hafta discount the sometimes non-fiduciary (il)logic re the fixed defined ages-and-stages of investing"; who benefits? eh?

Investing philosophy is a constant, and proceeds in a continuum... goes to the kids and their kids and so forth;
but thank you Roady, and remember me in your ole age! the point of view, the attitude, has worked so far! CAN SLIM guided me!
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@nikolaum Thank you for the kind words! I hope I am able to keep your spirit once I am at your age, cheers and thanks for reading!!
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
Interesting article. And your Safe Portfolio stocks are?....
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@SleepyInSeattle I will likely write an article on them next but think NSRGY, GIS, MMM, XOM, JNJ, T, ARE, STAG, D, SO, BRK.B, C, WFC, MKL, PM, RHHBY etc.
Do you mind writing a similar article focused on your Safe Portfolio i.e.
"The Anatomy Of My Safe Portfolio" Thanks
@Confoundedinterest thanks for the interesting article. What are your current thoughts on ENPH? At what price would you buy this stock? Thanks
@Great-Z We bought ENPH for our Energy transition fund just last Friday. We prefer it to SEDG on account of its superior technology.
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@Great-Z I love ENPH and have made quite a bit on the stock, I did sell a large chunk on the huge run up over the last few months as I think it is a bit ahead of itself but plan to always keep a chunk in my portfolio and will add on weakness.
I do something similar but have three portfolios, risk, large cap stable, dividend
Interesting times however when looking at dividend and large cap over past 1.5 years some of them look like growth :)
I did the same 60/40 but mine is growth vs safe dividends - your portfolio is not very diverse and should include more healthcare, financials and energy
Confoundedinterest profile picture
@DavidJL615 I do have a well diversified portfolio with my "safe" account with many financials, health care and energy names.
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