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Silver To $300

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Peter Krauth


  • In the 1970s' bull market, silver was up 3,700%. Today, the fundamental and technical picture could not be more bullish.
  • Global silver demand is forecast to nearly double supply growth this year, thanks to investment and industrial drivers.
  • Silver remains historically cheap on a nominal and inflation adjusted basis and has much, much higher to run.

Silver bar, ingots and coins on financial report. Growth of silver on stock market concept.
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I know this might sound ridiculous to some, but I think silver could reach $300. No, I haven't lost my mind. After all, it's a metal that's known for massive rallies.

You see, when silver

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Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in precious metals, mining and energy stocks. He is editor of two newsletters to help investors profit from metal market opportunities: Silver Stock Investor, www.silverstockinvestor.com and Gold Resource Investor, www.goldresourceinvestor.com. In those letters Peter writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies for coverage. Peter has contributed numerous articles to Kitco.com, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, Streetwise Reports, Investing.com, TalkMarkets and Barchart, and he holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University.

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long PSLV, SIL, SILJ. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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Comments (68)

WaveRider007 profile picture
Finally the resistance is fading. Just flying through air pockets now.
WaveRider007 profile picture
Price deceleration? Stabilizing? Still shaking the tree, patience.
@WaveRider007, like WPM, SILJ, PAAS, HL here - I own each.
WaveRider007 profile picture
Time to load up here.
WaveRider007 profile picture
The problem is the dollar peg and its status as global reserve currency. China and Russia are moving investment from treasury dollars as they increase Euro reserves and begin avoiding SWIFT and using SPFS and CIPS. This time China will not strengthen the dollar and that is the problem that physical commodities will be implemented more as reserves. The global treasury market of the US is being suffocated. If someone's foot is in the door, you cut off the toes first.
ShullBit profile picture
What about Platin ?

"What about Platin ?"

Platinum is probably the platinum group metal with the least near term appreciation potential. Palladium, rhodium, iridium, anf ruthenium, are much more interesting. The best way to play all of these, including platinum, is with the largest platinum miner, SBSW. SBSW shares are currently trading at under 4 times 2021 expected earnings. SBSW has more cash than debt, and pays high dividends. They are also repurchasing up to 5% of the shares outstanding.

I think it is a fundamental error to refer to the 1980 bull market as it was highly manipulated. The 50 USD say exactly nothing in my opinion. Nevertheless, I believe silver will rise enourmously. However, kind regards from Germany.

"I think it is a fundamental error to refer to the 1980 bull market as it was highly manipulated. "

LOL! The silver price has been highly manipulated for over 100 years.
@6228371 Sorry, every market is sometimes manipulated in some way, but no market is continuously manipulated in one direction. You are only repeating some nonsense conspiracy theories you heard anywhere. Regards!
while nowadays it seems be very unrealistic that silver will more than double or tripple from now....if the train runs.....look at Dogecoin! I dont want to favour such an "surreal" imaginary unuseful item be priced a few thousand times higher than what it should be......a real precious metal....(look Rhodium) can be climbing higher and higher.....in a short timeframe.....until silver mines catch up with supply......to get a new silver mine online can take years....
for myself.....silver is beside platinum the best metal to accumulate at home....taxless.....hidden.....
almoni profile picture
@Wallstreet_wolf You may be right - time will tell.
but platinum disappoints year after year.
not growing.
say it will grow it is a question of when. ???
@almoni When is always the question. The answer is...when the market manipulation of metals...or a particular metal is broken. Palladium broke free several years back and rhodium "futures" are not traded on the crimex...so naturally those two PMGs have valid price discovery mechanisms...unlike gold, silver, and platinum.
almoni profile picture
1- I am not interested in futures, they do not exist for me
metals to me a coin or bullion
Banks sell rhodium coins and bullion - you can google it

Unfortunately, I do not understand your opinion on gold and silver - are you buying or selling?
I trade а chart - the price includes everything as we know.
we are not numismatists and we need like a shark new and new deals,
not lengthy articles and arguments that are so frequent here on the site

so I like short trade views rather than vague articles -
After investing in silver over ten years, I'm more of the now is a good time to trade silver for gold, and wow we are down to the 60's again! Maybe the copper mining cycle will ramp up and silver will be plentiful. Even physical demand in India finally outpaced the U.S. a few years ago when silver was cheap, but they are very smart about acquiring more gold and just trade it for gold later. Silver languished at 15-20 for years, falling as low as 13 last April. Some of the guys were trading their silver for platinum when it was under 1000.
@lyingtoourselves well Silver has still a long way to go.....even longer the way for platinum......gold can go for 2400$.....at 8 times more available on earth silver can catch up to 300....platinum very rare and mostly only found in SA....if there is a boom it can become so rare.....priceless...5000$---even 50.000$ per oz.....
Cognoscente profile picture
Nothing is impossible. That is why I allocated part of my portfolio into the PM.
But keep in mind that PM prices are closely correlated with real yields, rather than inflation levels.
@mluogang Indeed. This is why it's important to recognize that the fed/treasury will not...cannot allow yields to rise. To do so would allow the debt market to implode. This will not happen unless and until everything else has already been sacrificed...IE equity markets and the dollar itself.

We're looking at an environment where the fed is forced to inflate and unable to take the steps necessary to arrest said inflation due to debt levels. Never has there been such a bullish environment for precious metals.
j-dub profile picture
The morning gold hits $10,000 an ounce is the exact same morning many of us won't want to wake up to.
I don't really have a dog in this fight, and the tendency of precious metal investors to see hyperinflation around every corner is kind of ridiculous -- but it's possible to go too far in the other direction too. My understanding is that in 1980 the inflation-adjusted price of gold was over $20,000/ounce, which didn't lead to the world ending. In a time when something like Dogecoin has any price at all, I wouldn't look on $10,000/ounce for gold as absurd.
PennyPlanSupporter profile picture
@Nick007 in today's dollars, the highest ever price of gold was a bit over $2,500 per ounce (1980).
j-dub profile picture
@Nick007 If the dollar is historically worth about half of itself every 20 years than a 1980 high of $800 would put that at a current inflation adjusted price of $3200.
squashy profile picture
If you brought back people like the Hunt Brothers who tried to corner the market in silver with disastrous effect after silver plunged from $49 to $10 an ounce, then perhaps it could get as high as $300 an ounce, for a month or so
almoni profile picture
you are right - it makes me sad and funny to realize that I have seen the price of silver $8

Today I would build a huge ladder and sell every three dollars, reducing the position .
But history knows no subjunctive mood
The author forgot mentioning that the silver spike from 6$ to $49 in 1979-1980 was due to a market manipulation attempt. It was a failed attempt in the end, thus silver plunged all the way back to $10.
almoni profile picture
It was not an attempt, but a manipulation. the attempt succeeded.
PalmDesertRat profile picture
it would be useful to know what is happening with the cost of producing silver. that's what sets the bottom
@PalmDesertRat Technically speaking, there is no definitive production cost of silver as silver is a by-product of gold and copper mining. This also means that copper and gold prices do affect silver supply.
Jim Wallingford profile picture
I won't say never, but it won't hit $300 in my lifetime unless we enter a Zimbabwe style inflation cycle. The $50 print of 40 years ago suggests it could top $100 today if "animal spirits" multiply.
Your time frame for this move?
John Manfreda profile picture
I think Silver will go to $1K, the question is when, not if. Three hundred dollar Silver will take a long time to develop.
edaskew profile picture
I'm a silver bull as well, but I don't see the gold/silver ratio ever getting to 15 again. Sure, there are industrial demands for metals, but, regardless, the demand that drives silver, and gold, is investment demand. That demand is always going to be higher for gold. Lots of reasons for that. For one, VAT. Overseas, gold is treated as a currency, and you can walk into a bank and buy gold. No VAT is owed. Silver doesn't have that status. You have to pay VAT on silver transactions. Also, there's the portability issue. A 1 kg gold bar is a very small thing, not bigger than a cellphone. You can slip it into your pocket and walk around with it, no one the wiser. Today that little bar has a value of $58,100. The same value in silver weighs 148 lbs. I can tell you as someone who had to move that amount of silver during the pandemic, in a somewhat urgent situation, there was no way to do it and not have a lot of people see me and realize I had something very heavy and valuable. I felt very exposed at the time. So, for these reasons gold is worth far more than it's relative scarcity over silver.
@edaskew retail investor is tiny most silver is used for industry not investment
edaskew profile picture
@thomashogan640 Why does silver go up when gold goes up?
almoni profile picture
I understand you, but I want to make it clear that they also take VAT for gold.
\physical metal .\

in Europe, for example, there are no transactions without VAT unfortunately.
Peter, I see something strange on your nice picture at the beginning. How can some piece of silver of 1000g be 10 times bigger as another piece of silver of 1 kilo?
@Alex62 somebody's computer generated picture should have the bigger bar labeled as 100 oz
@Alex62 Ah Americans. They don't know 1 kilo = 1000g. The metric system is viewed as some kind of sorcery by some of them. When it's totally the other way around.
If I had a nickel for all of these wild 😛 price forecasts , then I wouldn't need to be holding this physical Silver since the 1990s !!!
PennyPlanSupporter profile picture
Silver will hit $300 but only when a cheeseburger costs $40.
@DeepValueLover That still makes silver a buy, right?
@fanopack Nay, stack up on cheeseburgers ;)
PennyPlanSupporter profile picture
@fanopack ...or McDonald's $MCD
Sure would like to think your right. I`m sitting on 50 oz`s as i type this. I know a coin dealer who`s sitting on 5, one hundred oz bars as of last week. Maybe...
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