Lockheed Martin: A Great Business At A Fair Price


  • At current price level of ~$385, investment in Lockheed Martin represents an opportunity with large upside up to ~70% in 3 years but little downside.
  • The stock price decline over the past few months has been largely unwarranted and created an entry opportunity for a great business at a fair price.
  • The current uncertainties in the US government military budgeting and COVID interruptions are only temporary and do not impact the moat or the secular trend of the business.
  • The F-35 program is a main cause, though not the only one, for the optimism and it alone could fuel LMT’s growth for many years to come.
F-35 approaching sound barrier
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The investment thesis

At current price level of ~$385, investment in Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) represents an opportunity with large upside up to ~70% in 3 years but little downside. The stock price has declined over the past few months from a peak

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