IPOs to Watch this Week: VMWare and Cosan Limited

Includes: CZZ, VMW
by: Tate Dwinnell

There are two outstanding IPO's coming to market this week, led by VMware (NYSE:VMW) which could be one of the hottest IPO's of the year. No slouch is Cosan Limited (NYSE:CZZ), a Brazilian sugarcane producer which provides perhaps the best way to play the ethanol boom.

  • VMWare (VMW): VMware develops software that creates and manages virtual machines — computer functions spread across multiple systems that act as one. Companies use VMware's software to more efficiently integrate and manage server, storage, and networking functions, thereby lowering the operating costs of their computing resources. VMware also provides consulting, support, and training services. The company has marketing relationships with computer hardware vendors including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM. Founded in 1998, VMware was acquired by EMC for about $625 million in cash in 2004. Trading is set to begin on Tuesday.
  • Cosan Limited (CZZ): One of the largest growers and processors of sugarcane in the world, Cosan turns its raw material into refined sugar and ethanol. Operating primarily out of Brazil's south central state of Sao Paulo, the company runs 17 mills, two refineries, two port facilities and numerous warehouses. In addition to its ethanol and sugar products, the company is exploring electricity generation operations using sugarcane by-products. Although Cosan was formed in 2000 and has grown primarily through the acquisition of existing sugar mills, the company can trace its roots back to a single sugar mill established in 1936.. Trading is set to begin on Thursday.