BIT: Beat The Fed With This High-Yielding CEF


  • BIT invests in a number of securitized bonds, CLOs, and corporate bonds in order to generate income for its investors.
  • The portfolio is incredibly well diversified and should likely be reasonably safe despite a good portion of it being below investment-grade.
  • The fund boasts a substantially higher yield than ETF options due to its focus on high-yield and the use of leverage.
  • BIT is easily able to cover the distributions that it pays ou,t so it should be able to provide a steady source of reliable income.
  • The fund is trading at a premium and looks a bit expensive compared to its historical normal level.
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For an extended period of time, one of the biggest problems that has been facing retirees is an inability to generate income off of the assets in their portfolios. This problem is caused by the policies that

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