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Politics And The Markets 8/02/21

Aug. 02, 2021 12:00 AM ET558 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (558)

Memes depicting the vaccine as the work of Satan or as a plot by pharma to enrich themselves on the backs of women and children ARE HOSPITALIZING AND KILLING believers in those memes.
DoubleD44 profile picture
Watching right-wingers hope for American Olympians to lose and celebrating when they do is another reminder of how fraudulent and conditional the right’s ‘patriotism’ really is.
@DoubleD44 you are more perceptive they are lacking many of those skills
D it is true whom much is given
Namron Damron profile picture
@DoubleD44 watch The Making of a Tyrant and you will understand it better..... but you probably do already
John never liked me and I don’t care he is a good soldier does his job and has courage
You liberals trash 🗑 have to destroy that it intimidate you
John Wilson has been a valuable contributor for decades you critics Ann degraders of him come here to degrade him do nothing but free ride and destroy
Namron Damron profile picture
@al roman he's an expert at spinning conspiracy theories..... a master.
@Namron Damron his boss is a good friend of mine i have no opinion.
They nyc
“Only one person likes you I am liberal scum and so much better than you ! “
You lost a long time ago that train left the station
I had an Israeli soldier decent sincere tell me he always likes children
He said he always was kind to Palestinian children but the adult things he said he knew he lost them forever, that is universal truth
Why most animals don’t trust mankind
I am glad John had never converted to you Marxist you would have a power leader that you fakes lack
techy46 profile picture
@Namron Damron

Damn, I have to agree with Nancy Pelosi?

"1. Nancy Pelosi argues that Biden cannot forgive student loan debt through executive action

While President Biden waits for the results of a legal review about his authority to cancel student loan debt through executive action, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she doesn’t believe it’s possible.

According to Pelosi, the president can “postpone, delay but not forgive” student loans. While many Democrats have pushed Biden to use his executive authority to cancel debt, Pelosi stated that it would take an act of Congress.

In the same interview, Pelosi also raised concerns over the ethics of mass forgiveness, claiming that it wouldn’t be fair for families without a child in college to have their taxes increased as a result of mass forgiveness. Canceling this debt “has to be viewed in a fair way where we have something that gives opportunity - that’s the big word, opportunity - to all of America’s families,” she said."
@techy46 To say nothing about those who did the right thing and PAID OFF their student loans. Talk about moral hazards.
ITGuyATL99 profile picture
I have been waiting for someone to make this comment. People like me who worked my way thru college are being penalized because I took PERSONAL responsibility to pay MY debts. To hell with these woken liberal ass hats. I worked damn hard to pay my way thru school. And yes, I am a little bit irritated these woken "leaders" think forgiving college debt is a good idea.....
@ITGuyATL99 I agree for the most part but I think any debt accrued by borrowers, due to slick sales personnel who promised a lot but could not deliver, should at least have the onerous interest rates reduced to current market numbers.
We had a kind little wsp home and these violent Marxist moved in and took over
Who is the older brother Gog or Magog !?
From Russia With Love profile picture
I love Amerika. In Amerika you can always find party.
In Soviet Union, Party always find you.

Is old Soviet joke. Uproarious and comical, no?
@From Russia With Love join American military
Are you gd in Russia gd it !
Tell the truth navalny
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@Rombo @John Wilson
The Arizona sham recount with the clown show company doing it continues...

Maricopa County defies latest subpoena request from Arizona state Senate seeking to expand 2020 ballot review

Maricopa County and Dominion Voting Systems are rebuffing the latest subpoenas from Arizona's GOP-led Senate for election materials related to the so-called audit of 2020 election ballots.

In a defiant letter sent Monday in response to the state Senate's request, county Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers wrote: "If you haven't figured out the election in Maricopa County was free, fair and accurate yet, I'm sure you never will. The reason you haven't finished your 'audit' is because you hired people who have no experience and little understanding of how professional elections are run."

"The Board has real work to do and little time to entertain this adventure in never-never land. Please finish whatever it is that you are doing and release whatever it is you are going to release," he added. "There was no fraud, there wasn't an injection of ballots from Asia nor was there a satellite that beamed votes into our election equipment."

The letter concluded with a pointed: "Release your report and be prepared to defend any accusations of misdeeds in court. It's time to move on."

Fueled by former President Donald Trump's claims about widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Arizona state Senate Republicans demanded an election audit of the results in Maricopa County that kicked off in April. The audit was conducted by the Florida-based company Cyber Ninjas, which has no experience auditing elections and whose chief executive officer promoted Trump's conspiracy theories about the election on social media.
John Wilson profile picture
@GreenEggs&Ham You are losing your touch. Only one person liked your election fraud denial piece.

It sounds now like you are trying to convince yourself that fraud did not happen and you are losing the fight. You can keep calling it a clown show but that will not help as you will be faced with incontrovertible forensic proof with real numbers. It will not be possible to refute it. The coming months are going to be catastrophic for you. Your worst dreams are to come true. Same for DD.

People in their gut know their was blatant fraud. The clown show is Joe and Kamala.

"Biden will go down in history as our greatest president after Lincoln." GE&H
@GreenEggs&Ham John is incredibly powerful dude.
From Russia With Love profile picture
@al roman You are right. Is great honor to read illuminating commentary by legendary powerful dude. He is inspiration for many.
Scootrd profile picture
Trump's tax returns are heading for Congress. Better late than never.

Former President Donald Trump spent the entirety of his presidency safeguarding copies of his tax returns. Last week, the Justice Department finally gave the all-clear for House committees to receive copies of those returns from the IRS.

The Treasury Department told a federal judge Friday it intended to comply with the House Ways and Means Committee’s request for the documents, in light of the Justice Department’s new opinion, but would give Mr. Trump a reasonable opportunity to raise objections. If the committee receives the records, it could release at least some of them to the public.

The judge asked the parties to lay out a time frame for written arguments by Wednesday. It could take months before the judge ultimately decides whether the Treasury Department must hand over the returns to Congress. That ruling could then be appealed.
@Scootrd "If the committee receives the records, it could release at least some of them to the public."

Individual income tax returns are not public information. They are private and any unauthorized disclosure of the returns or the information contained within are prohibited by law.

For example, if a tax return is required for a court case, the judge and lawyers will be able to view your current and past tax records. If an individual or business owes back taxes to the government, IRS agents and auditors will have access to tax information that will help them figure out how much you owe, not Congress critters. That said, the tax returns do not become public. They are only used in the court. Same applies to the Congress.
Scootrd profile picture

Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen - "If the committee receives Trump's tax returns, it can examine the documents in a closed session. It could then vote to release a report to the full House, making some or all of the documents public".

The law that allows certain congressional committees to request tax returns from the IRS also requires that those returns remain confidential.

There’s a key exception to that point — the Ways and Means and the Senate Finance committees both have the power to transmit the returns they receive to the full House and the Senate. At that point, all bets are off and there’s not much Trump can do about it.

Take it up with office of legal council and the reporter covering the story.
@Scootrd I don't have to take it up with anyone. I quoted the law, she didn't.

Adding that bit about the full House getting the tax returns doesn't change the law forbidding public release.

Also, it makes no sense that the committee has to examine the returns in a closed session, not open to the public, yet they can then release the returns to the full House.

Could some Democratic staffer on the Ways and Means Committee leak those returns. "I know my colleagues will be calling every staffer they know to try to make it happen." From your corrupt MSN reporter, admitting outright that the fake media has no respect for the law.

BTW, further checking shows that part about the Ways and Means Committee being allowed to release the tax returns to the full House is not supported anywhere, including the MSN links to Chairman Neal's 7/25/2019 memo.


Reverse Colonialism - turnabout as “fair play” - ancestral Europeans colonized their spaces. Now it’s time to turn the tables. The borders are open, millions flood in from everywhere. End of American and Western Civilization is the explicit goal. This is a Revolution - call it Marxist, Democratic Socialist, Anti-colonialist, Diversity/Equity/Inclusionist, Social Justiciary or whatever term you prefer. But it’s a Revolution no matter what you call it. And it’s illegal and anti-Constitutional. Does anyone care?

techy46 profile picture

Not ne, I'm not going to be here, they can have it all.
@techy46 we fight for it not too happen but it will
techy46 profile picture

Who's going to colonize Mars?
DoubleD44 profile picture
Fox News Fired Judge Andrew Napolitano
JGC67 profile picture

I'm not sure that I ever heard Judge N be correct on much of anything. But, he does have that mafia style John Gotti like hair. I guess that's something.
@DoubleD44 No one should be surprised. Fox is trying to keep their last three viewers.
ITGuyATL99 profile picture
Thank god Fox News is not at the CNN armpit level...but they are getting much closer. Until they hit joke level (MSNBC), its still entertaining to watch.
DoubleD44 profile picture
McDonald's makes masks mandatory for all customers, staff

@DoubleD44 - but then staffers are faced with having to deal with the unruly customers. 75% of airline unruly passengers are these same inconsiderate/ignorant anti-maskers. Our society has a real issue dealing with this "don't tell me what to do" element that felt empowered by DJT.
DoubleD44 profile picture
@Tomorrow's Politics I guess it will be...No Mask...No Big Mac Super Sized for you....
Pinguino Investments profile picture
@DoubleD44 The Trumplings had to give up listening to Taylor Swift, were forced to boycott Goodyear and Harley Davidson, were pressured by Ivanka into buying Goya beans (even though they never eat them), and now they won't be able to eat McDonald's burgers and fries?

Oh, the humanity!
DoubleD44 profile picture
Stock returns in the past decade:

Tesla: +12,874%
Nvidia: +5,361%
AMD: +3,923%
Adobe: +2,186%
Amazon: +1,473%
Netflix: +1,300%
Domino’s Pizza: +1,960%
Mastercard: +1,154%
Visa: +1,048%
Microsoft: +963%
Apple: +948%
Home Depot: +897%
Nike: +693%
Salesforce: +573%
Disney: +375%
DoubleD44 profile picture
From 1995 to 2020, data shows that contemporary art prices outperformed S&P 500 returns by 174% according to Citi.
@DoubleD44 My returns over the past ten years: -7.8% per year with dividends.

(OK, I'm kidding, but hey: probably! (lol))
DoubleD44 profile picture
@daustin97222 Just think if we had all bought Tesla
Buyandhold 2012 profile picture
The police in Southington, Connecticut are looking for a man who chased people with an axe in a parking lot and then hit a car with an axe.

He should have had a V-8 instead.

Or bought a high quality dividend growth stock.
Dividend Ambassador profile picture
@Buyandhold 2012 Man o Man, Buy and Hold, you gotta get up to Nova Scotia in the summers. CT is turning into Dante’s Inferno.
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