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Politics And The Markets 8/12/21

Aug. 12, 2021 12:00 AM ET788 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (788)

Dick Cod profile picture
Have Joe and Kamala resigned yet....and welcomed Fat Elvis and Melania back to the White House? Pillow-defective said it would happen this morning, and it's almost noon here in normal territory....
Entropy4Free profile picture

Do you have a super memory or do you take notes?

You are the last contributor here on S.A. who's memory I would challenge or question. I'm not that foolish. I imagine being only 31 years old helps.
Montanasteve profile picture

No notes, no ties, no meetings, no bosses, no proofreading, no long pants, no lying scumbags.

Not sure what this is in reference to, but yeah, being 31 might help! Although I certainly don't think I've ever had a super memory. If I have, I can't remember when.

Are you really moving to Florida, and do you have a fishing report for us?
Ben Gee profile picture
@Entropy4Free When I was 31, I used to say that: If I can put something on paper, I can put it in my brain.
That was 48 years ago.
Now, I know the meaning of: I am not half the man I use to be.
@Montanasteve I want to go tarpon fishing. I don't know why I haven't done that yet. It sounds like an absolute blast (catch and release, of course).
You and I both really know what’s going on
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@al roman It's not what you know that counts but what you can prove.
@Divi-It-Up no one does not exist anymore that’s the game and that’s where someone never got it
@Divi-It-Up I don’t care to prove nothing to nobody except my own survival
Blood 🩸 bath
DD if you win it is what it is
Kev have them do it again
kev they kicked so hard there was no more opinion all unleavened real time part how i got bear and other situations.
techy46 profile picture

If 2nd shot mid April, effective until at least Oct, 2021.

"Moderna says COVID-19 shot retains antibody levels for six months against variants"

Entropy4Free profile picture

Arizona's drought situation is improving, but at the same time -
Phoenix, AZ is the fastest growing city in America (U.S. Census).

You were correct about the $WFC breaking through resistance.
Great call.
@techy46 I lost I don’t care , BS !
techy46 profile picture

Thanks, yes, its been raining lots, Phoenix is fastest growing large city.
kev half the request was just delivered no problem let back up know.
Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's revolutionary tax cuts. Reagan dropped the income tax rate from 70% to 28%. He also was a minimal regulator - including the de-control of oil prices. Working with Fed Chair Paul Volcker, their combined economic policy was basically low taxes and a steady, strong, reliable king dollar.

Tax cuts rejuvenated the economy. King dollar vanquished inflation. The theoretical roots of this new paradigm traced back to what became known as the Laffer-Mundell hypothesis. From that, of course, came the Laffer Curve (AKA: Lower tax rates generated higher tax revenues through faster economic growth and less tax avoidance). If all of this sounds like the direct opposite of Biden policies, you would be right.

According to Art Laffer and Steve Moore, the economy grew at a 7.3% annual rate from 1981 to 1989. Tax revenues almost doubled. The share of taxes paid by the richest one percent rose from 19% to 26% under Reagan and later on grew to 40%. The stock market stood at roughly 1,000 and it rose 12-fold under Reagan.

Basically, Reagan's tax cuts launched a 3 decade-long prosperity cycle from late 1982 through 2007—a 25-year period, the economy grew at 3.4% at an annual rate.

It wasn't until the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 that the cycle was broken and that, by the way, was caused by regulatory financial and monetary mistakes. Reagan's low tax regime actually remained in place and even after the recovery weakening over-regulation by President Obama.
crademan profile picture
@PIRockford "According to Art Laffer and Steve Moore, the economy grew at a 7.3% annual rate from 1981 to 1989. Tax revenues almost doubled."

History often differs from our myths.

"The Reagan tax cut was huge. The top rate fell from 70 percent to 50 percent. The tax cut didn’t pay for itself. According to later Treasury estimates, it reduced federal revenues by about 9 percent in the first couple of years. In fact, most of the top Reagan administration officials didn’t think the tax cut would pay for itself. They were counting on spending cuts to avoid blowing up the deficit. But they never materialized...

As projections for the deficit worsened, it became clear that the 1981 tax cut was too big. So with Reagan’s signature, Congress undid a good chunk of the 1981 tax cut by raising taxes a lot in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1987. George H.W. Bush signed another tax increase in 1990 and Bill Clinton did the same in 1993. One lesson from that history: When tax cuts are really too big to be sustainable, they’re often followed by tax increases." www.brookings.edu/...
Scootrd profile picture
The person behind hacking the dominion voting machines identified -

One ringy-dingy..Two ringy- dingy
techy46 profile picture

Accenture too?
Pravda is working James Garner pretty hard today. Hope they are paying him overtime.
@FDT7595 I can't figure him out.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@daustin97222 Thats what the mute button is for.
my kind don't care about that they will still be white eyed and foaming
Kev symantec and fox again.
While the climate change freaks are all in a frenzy over the heat on both coasts here in the US, the weather has a way of balancing itself around the world.

Snow has fallen in Western Australia for the second time in two weeks, as temperatures tanked across the Aussie state. As reported by abc.net.au, much of the southern half of the state froze through below average temperatures, with maxima in single figures in some parts of the Great Southern. www.abc.net.au/...

Turning attention to nearby New Zealand, two additional cold waves are forecast to sweep both islands beginning Thursday, Aug 12. These fronts are arriving hot on the heels of the nation's recent cold and rare snow events.

According to weatherwatch.co.nz, "colder sou’westers" will prevail over the coming days, which will lead to heavy snow - especially this weekend as the second and colder of the two fronts engulfs the nation.

The South African Weather Services (SAWS) has said yet more snow and intense cold are expected to pass through the country Thursday through Sunday.

SA forecaster Wayne Venter said "very cold, snowy, wet, and windy conditions should be expected in the Eastern Cape". Some record-challenging totals could be on the cards. SAWS have issued a cold weather advisory for the Western and Northern Cape, too. Last month, South Africa busted at least 19 all-time low temperature records. Never before in recorded history had the southern tip of African been so cold. And winter is far from over.

This blast of intense cold is being kicked-up from the Antarctic continent, which, as of Aug 11, is sitting some -3.9C below the 1979-2000 average. This is roughly where it has been all season, and, as a result, the Antarctic ice sheet (which is home to 90% of earth’s freshwater) has been growing substantially all year to levels comfortably above the 1979-1990 average.

I don’t recall seeing this dataset in the IPCC's latest doomsday propaganda pamphlet.
techy46 profile picture

It was 120F in Sicily yetserday, Athens burnt last week.
@techy46 Like I said, weather has a way of balancing things around the world.

After this weekend, a fresh round of Polar air looks set to descend into Western Europe, with the UK, France, Germany, and Spain, as well as Portugal, suffering yet more anomalous summer chills.
techy46 profile picture

Maybe climate cahnge will set off the next Ice Age?

I don't think humanity should give up coal, wood and oil so quick?
kev like the old school would be saying gd right now.
some one blocked the log in so im on record.
DoubleD44 profile picture
US’s white population declines for first time ever, 2020 census finds..

@DoubleD44 i think thats higher than a foreman you know the execs say hello 👋
@DoubleD44 I'm standing in the driveway of a rental of ours, just finished taking out 50 feet of old ugly arborvitae hedge. Last trailer load this morning. Neighbor over there I've known for 10 years or so. He's black, I'm white, I told him I would cover the hedge removal and cleanup even though it is a split problem.

He looks at me this morning, as I'm filling the trailer. It's heading up to 102 degrees in the sun and I am sweating profusely, (again, he knows me well) and he said with a half smile "white guys can't take too much sun". :)
@daustin97222 be proud of who and what you are
Don't start..
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