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Regeneron: Rapid Growth Seems To Be On A Pause

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  • Regeneron has developed some truly life changing treatment options and has exposure to some undertreated spaces.
  • The stock has run up quite a bit on their stellar performances in the past.
  • The R&D pipeline doesn't look as promising as it did in the past implying that growth may be in for a pause in the quarters to come.

Multi ethnic research team studying DNA mutations. Female doctor in foreground
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Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN) is a leading-edge biotech and pharmaceutical company that focuses on cytokines and tyrosine kinase receptors at the cellular level. If you think the name Regeneron sounds familiar, the company has been making headlines over the

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Comments (21)

Price Holland profile picture
Strange article. Regeneron is firing on all cillinders
Q2-21 revenue increased with 167% and EPS with 260% YoY. What kind of growth are you looking for?

My advice if you can still edit your article: Control Find 'Regeneron' and 'REGN', Replace by 'Chesapeake Energy' and 'CHK'
applyberry profile picture
Your article was dead wrongo. This stock is heading way north on huge beats 700 plus within a few weeks
BM Cashflow Detective profile picture
Nothing gets us better on our way than a short break.

$REGN is very poor value based on its 5y PEG ratio 3.09.

But that in no way disturbs my satisfaction with my Regeneron stocks. Breaks to which breaks are due. In this case it is most certainly the case.
Sharepro profile picture
@BM Cashflow Detective How come that the PEG ratio is this poor now. Your previous comments indicated better value.
BM Cashflow Detective profile picture

Obviously, the share price has risen faster than analysts' estimates. That seems to have worsened the valuation of the PEG ratio. In the long term, however, the overall good outlook should not change. Current purchases seem to confirm that too.

However, the current 3y P/OFC/G ratio are much better with 2.27. Certainly not optimal either, but better.

I will continue to hold $REGN for the long term.

Regeneron's year-on-year change in revenues and earnings are better than the median among its peer group and the company's level of capital investment seems appropriate to support the company's growth.

No reason to change anything in my basic conviction. Stocks are a long-term investment and in this sense, long-term really means long-term. In this respect, long-term patience in the truest sense of the word is also required. I would say.
I do not understand why Wall Street and writers continue to under estimate this company. This is truly a great stock for investors who are willing to do the work wise investors do.
Puche profile picture
02 Aug. 2021
For those investors that may be new to REGN, I highly recommend you focus on REGN's deep and broad oncology pipeline! Not just Libtayo that is already doing exceptional well picking up new indications and growing its revenues but the real early stage and mid-stage oncology pipeline!!! IMO REGN is going to be known as a leading oncology player in the next 10-years++. I plan to be a shareholder at that point as long as Leonard and George are running the company!!! Two exceptional individuals focused on the right stuff!!!!!!

My two cents. Slow and steady! Good luck to all!
Puche profile picture
02 Aug. 2021
Having been a long term investor in REGN (more than 15+ years), I was excited when I saw your article on REGN. I was eager to read what you had to especially considering the headline. As a SA member, we all know the headline can be misleading so I wanted to see for myself what you view was. When I read this line near the beginning of your article, "The R&D pipeline doesn't look as promising as it did in the past implying that growth may be in for a pause in the quarters to come" I had to admit I stopped and didn't read anything further.

To think that REGN's pipeline DOESN'T look at promising as it did in the past IMO is an investor that either doesn't know REGN's pipeline and research group or someone that is simply trying to get a laugh out of investors.

The SA community knows well what my views on REGN are. No need to reiterate them here other to say I continued to believe REGN made a multi-year low in late September 2019 and now is in a multi-year upward trend. This upward trend is driven primarily because the pipeline is actually the deepest and strongest its been in the history of the company. I've been following the company in depth since the early 2000s!!!! More importantly, REGN owns a much bigger piece of its pipeline than it has in the past. The SNY relationship is still active but much less of an impact on the R&D side than in years past.

Of course this is just my two cents. No issue with you having a different view or believing something else.

Slow and steady! Good luck to you!
@Puche Thanks for your two cents; I've got two more!
We are millions waiting with bated breath for High Dose Eylea!
The author confesses to being "obsessed" - perhaps he has lost sight of Eylea?
05 Aug. 2021
@Puche Well said! These analysts continue to prove they know nothing about REGN business.
Puche profile picture
05 Aug. 2021
@mogall thanks for the call out. Much appreciated.

The analyst have been chasing behind the REGN story since way back in 2009 and before. Leonard never embraced the Street and focused on building on unbelievable R&D power house with his partner, George (a total rock star!!!). His commitment to following the science and building a "great" company has served him and his shareholders very well. Having been a shareholder for more than 15+ years and counting, I'm more than willing to continue to enjoy the incredible ride!!!!

What makes me even more excited that over the next 10 years not only will REGN become an oncology mammoth but its going to keep a lot more of the profits for themselves. They no longer need a large cap pharma to finance the pipeline like they did years ago with Sanofi and Bayer.

All just my two cents. Slow and steady! Good luck to you!
02 Aug. 2021
Check Sanofi presentation.
02 Aug. 2021
Q21 697M
Q3 725M
Q4 773M
Q1 793M
Q2 947M
Et20 profile picture
Dupixent is the biggest revenue driver not Libtayo.

Their antibody cocktail against Covid is the treatment of choice having been approved in Europe, Japan and just recently as a post-exposure prophylaxis
IncomeBent Investments profile picture
@Et20 I'm looking for growth going forward. Libtayo is promising because it could propel Regeneron to being a category leader in oncology as the FDA expands treatment. That is easily the most promising option IMHO
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