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Hyliion Is Powered By RNG Momentum

Aug. 03, 2021 11:17 AM ETHyliion Holdings Corp. (HYLN)CLNE35 Comments
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  • Hyliion's Hypertruck ERX is a practical solution that will be available soon.
  • The infrastructure of CNG/RNG is continuing to expand as logistics companies need to address their carbon footprints.
  • If RNG can become the dominant “clean fuel” for the trucking industry, there will be a barrier to entry for electric trucks.

Blue and white semi-truck speeding on a single lane road USA
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Hyliion (NYSE:HYLN) is a company I’ve written about before and one that I’ve been very bullish on. The stock has lost nearly half its value since my last recommendation. This was quite the sting on

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Nine to 5 by day. Hobbyist stock trader by night. I got an MBA and a CFA ... so that should count for something. I only care about my own greedy interests and I love feeding trolls. Not your financial advisor. Information for entertainment purposes only. Diamond hands are forever.

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Comments (35)

I so want to believe in this company and I have put my money where my mouth is, but they haven't done shit except delays and silence.
And the stock has been bitch slapped into the pipe dream bin.
Were all under water here and these fools better do something soon to turn the tide.
I don't need another CLNE type investment!
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Tesla’s current supercharger network is no different from a semi charger network from the point of view of the grid. A model 3 charges at a peak rate of 250kw on V3 supercharger; an electric semi would have a peak rate around 2 MW. A 40 plug V3 supercharger station is no different from a 5 plug semi charger. The CA grid supports thousands of Tesla vehicles charging at supercharger everyday. It can fully support an initial deployment of Tesla semis
@doubleE Will they get a range of over 1,000 miles per charge like Hyliion will? Don’t think so. Can it charge in 8 minutes like Hyliion will? Don’t think so. Why use Tesla for trucks when they don’t specialize in trucks. Hyliion ONLY does trucks. It’s like buying progresso soup instead of eating homemade.
@eaglenation5 Cummins is launching a 15L natural gas engine. Most shippers are going to buy trucks with that engine.
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@WildWarriorNutrition - NOT TRUE.
Paul Rosa, Senior Vice President of Procurement and Fleet Planning at Penske Truck Leasing With electric vehicles getting increased attention — and because CNG trucks would not pass zero-emissions regulations without an exemption — Rosa said that if a fleet answers "no" to the above, he might steer them away from the option. "CNG isn't zero emissions.

Penske Has one of the largest truck fleets in the world!
Don't invest in manufacturing startups in the US. The cost and the quality of the workers are becoming a big problem.
@Gerry_Che Agreed. Why work when you can stay home and collect unemployment plus a bonus. In terms of education we push college for everyone, and as a result, we have few qualified machinists, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. I can't even find good people to fix my appliances.
I'd love to see Hyliion put a big fat dent in the big headed EV market. They just surprised on Q2 earnings. RNG + electric just feels right in taking Musk down a a notch. Perhaps a CLNE/HYLN merger in the future.
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Great insights
Load up Long on these Dips, great Buy prices now, by year end - $ 20+, 40-60 range in 2022 if we can get Pandemic in check in 2022 and get back more jobs.
I completely agree with this article and I have more invested in HYLN than anything else. Then I saw you are bullish on WKHS, admittedly with lots of warnings. Being at all bullish on WKHS seems crazy to me.
Here on the left coast in California we have an electrical grid that is already overloaded. So even if tesla came up with a 100% electric class 8 truck that kicked ass it is going to take a lot of infrastructure to our grid in this state to power those trucks even if they were available. I just can't see why a lot investors don't see that hyliion will be a game changer once these orders for their erx truck get filled. I get the important question is ... "if they get them filled" but that's a risk I'm willing to take because Hyliion has enough funds and partnerships to do it and if investors understood how different class 8 trucks are to cars (and pretty much all other vehicles) and how much electricity is needed to power a class 8 truck compared to a car then this stock would be at least double from where it is now. I bought before the run up to 50 bucks and at one time hyln was my most profitable position in the market. But I'm not worried about the SP right now. This company will do fine once we see orders being filled. Get in now is my advice.
@Ben Wallace I'm a truck driver and echo your sentiments exactly. This is why I loaded up on 6,000 shares at $9.90.
Anyone have any thoughts on Lion Electric (LEV)?
Hyliion is a game changer, but I like WPRT and CLNE as better plays. Both are profitable and all hyliion trucks will have wprt components and likely will fuel at CLNE stations as mentioned above.
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@mikeyd2006 - Can you post a link confirming that Hyliion will be using Westport equipment or CLNE fuels?
@Jack.Bolander do the DD for confirmation. HINT: Momentum Fuel Technologies
Jack.Bolander profile picture
@stonksa172 - Nope. That has nothing to do with either Westport or CLNE.
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V.K. - Do you have any info on how many orders Hyliion have in total for their e-semis? I was writing with Matt Bohlsen about Hyliion and we were both looking for an update as I don't recall see any hard orders (paid)
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@DhunterChapy So no orders to date?
@DhunterChapy who would pay a binding offer before ever driving the product? No one - all such orders would have performance guarantees. They have 1500 pre-orders for the ERX from 3 different companies thus far; but remember the test ERX’s just came out last month and are now in the hands of the Hypertruck Council.
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Total RNG production is LESS THAN 1 Percent of the total Methane (Natural Gas) production.

When RNG production doubles, RNG will still be less than 1% of total methane production.

Furthermore, most RNG is injected into the Natural Gas pipeline grid, where it is co-mingled with Fossil Based Natural Gas. This means that vehicles using CNG still produce harmful, toxic emissions.
@Jack.Bolander come on Jack. We gotta start somewhere.
CNG is still the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet.
RNG is in it's infancy.
Injecting it into any other gas is going to make it cleaner.
Now that we have an emerging market for RNG in long haul trucking and a real solution to our Methane problem we will see exponential growth in RNG production which will eventually change the numbers.
I'm all in on any new cleaner fuel sources especially if their being sourced from a major pollutant like Methane.
We solve 2 problems at once and create the cleanest most carbon negative fuel on the planet.
Long CLNE and HYLN. Two companies that have great promise and potential both environmentally and financially.
Now if we could just get a management change at CLNE!
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@benfam3 - What is the dirtiest fossil fuel? COAL!

Stop wasting time and money replacing diesel.

Use RNG to displace COAL.

No need for stupid stations.
@Jack.Bolander but fossil based natural gas also far better than diesel or petrol
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