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SA Interview: Value Investing With The Investment Doctor

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  • The Investment Doctor is an individual investor focused on mispricings in European equities with an emphasis on FCF analysis.
  • Why the focus on free cash flow, the importance of using a watch list of stocks and opportunities for companies where the dividend could be reinstated are topics discussed.
  • The Investment Doctor shares a long thesis on Rana Gruber.

Feature interview

The Investment Doctor is an individual investor focused on mispricings in European equities with an emphasis on FCF analysis. I'm a long-term investor, with a specific focus on fundamentally undervalued ideas with the potential to yield double digit returns in my Seeking Alpha Marketplace service. Predominantly focusing on Europe, but sector-agnostic and with some side-steps to a few non-European smallcaps. We discussed the upside (and downside) to investing in family-controlled companies, under the radar ideas to benefit from well-known trends and while most mispricings have disappeared as a result of the pandemic, there are a few that remain in the small cap space.

Seeking Alpha: Walk us through your investment decision making process. What area of the market do you focus on and what strategies do you employ?

The Investment Doctor: My investment focus is mainly centered about a free cash flow profile of a company. While most investors seem to be focusing on the net income and thus earnings per share, I’m more interested in the real cash flowing in and out of a company as hard dollars are the lifeline of any enterprise.

I’m relatively sector-agnostic: I mainly try to look at what makes sense from an economical and financial point of view but I obviously stay away (or at least don’t give too much weight) to sectors I don’t have a good understanding of, like pure biotech companies with a binary outcome.

I try to keep my investment strategy quite simple as well. I either buy the stock (or bonds) outright, or I deploy an option writing strategy. In some cases it makes sense to write a put option which could be either in the money or out of the money depending on the desired entry price and how keen I am to actually enter into a position. While working with

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Comments (5)

Walt Hudson profile picture
Great read, thank you!
Very thoughtful and interesting interview, thanks to SA and the Doc. I also recommend to read and re-read the Doc’s cash flow tutorial.
Robert Morie profile picture
I find your commentary very thoughtful and on target. Your value focus is clearly true and for that portion of a portfolio a great participant. While I don't look much at individual European names, i like your style. I have one question. How much time do you spend looking at potential future cash flows of companies? The optionality of revenue/profits and cash flow, (hopefully in good time "free") might lead you to other interesting names. I note an absence of any technology sector stocks. Good hunting!
The Investment Doctor profile picture
@Robert Morie

Hi Robert, Apologies for this late answer as I didn't get a notification there were comments on this SA interview!
While I dare to dabble into growth stories myself, I think a distinction has to be made between whatever 'risk money' I invest in those higher growth names versus the types of companies I feel comfortably enough to talk about and to discuss in greater depth. So while I sometimes feel comfortable enough to invest some of my own money in those names, I'm not always sure it's a good idea to bring it up as 'an idea' to readers if I lack sufficient knowledge about a certain subject.
The Doctor is in. Thanks much.
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