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Rose 96 Stock Portfolio Review: Value Up 16% YTD And Dividend Yield 4.16%

Aug. 05, 2021 11:17 AM ETAU, DAC, INVZ, JNJ, T190 Comments


  • The full 96 stock portfolio is shown by sectors, Rose cost/share, %portfolio value and %income.
  • July dividend income from 24 paying companies was up 14.8% from July 2020 and is shown by date received, yearly dividend, and current yield.
  • July transactions include 19 separate add ons, 5 sales, 4 trims, and 2 new buys which are shown by date, price, yearly dividend, and yield.
  • Goals for the portfolio for defensive sector income continue and the results shown in chart form.
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Rose Portfolio of 96 Stocks

Listing the portfolio by the 11 most common sectors seems logical with the hope of revealing its quite wide diversification. I admit to adding and adjusting some sectors to suit my needs and also have added

This article was written by

RoseNose profile picture

Rosenose is a retired healthcare professional and she has been managing her own investments for nearly 2 decades. She writes about stocks with growing dividends targeting a yield of 4+%.

She is a contributing author to the investing group Macro Trading Factory where she manages the Rose's Income Garden portfolio - a diversified portfolio with 80 stocks from all 11 sectors which targets rising safe income and capital maintenance. The service also has the Funds Macro Portfolio managed by the Macro Teller which aims to outperform the SPY market on a risk-adjusted basis. Both portfolios are easy to follow and have a focus on quality investments, risk management, and diversification. Learn more.

Analyst’s Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of ABBV either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

I own all 96 stocks listed by sectors. This is pure and simple my own investing portfolio managed by myself: Rose. It is not meant as suggestions for anyone to follow, but offered as information only.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (190)

ctryban profile picture
Hi Rose, I wondered if you could share the website address for WoF? I can't seem to locate this service.
Best to you and have a lovely Labor Day weekend!
RoseNose profile picture
@ctryban : Happy to help:
Look for The Fortune Teller. His service is called WoF or Wheel of Fortune.

RoseNose profile picture
Happy September everyone !
Working on my update:
Portfolio value is up 0.8% for the month....
Total PV is up 16.8% for the year...
surprising with gold being depressed and oil too.

Dividends up :
11.15% from Feb 2021 (Q1 month #2)
30.5% from May 2021 (Q2 month #2)
8.83% from August (last month).
The big increases come from:
- getting PTMN payment on the 31st, I was expecting it in Sept... no complaint
- New payments from : OHI, OTRKP
- and getting the only 2x /yr VOD payment.
There was a horrible dividend cut from HMLP to 1c and only 1 raise... more information to come in the article.
I am reworking the Transaction chart and I probably won't publish anything until after this long holiday weekend.
I did sell 3 stocks completely , which have been removed on the profile page.
Add ons and trims were numerous.... hope to have it all updated soon and in a new format.
Have a delightful happy healthy weekend.
Rose :))
TRigell profile picture
@RoseNose I loved the old format but excited to see the new format!
RoseNose profile picture
@TRigell : Format of the article will continue, just the transaction chart will be changed a bit. ...let me know what type of information should really be included...not sure dates are needed,... most, I think just want prices paid and what dividend yield could be at the buy price, price sold at or profit made... etc... but I could be wrong.. happens ..lol
Thanks :)) Rose
TRigell profile picture
@RoseNose I think you are right…we like to read the cost,sold price, etc. I also like to see the buy below or add on cost you’re considering. Have a great long weekend. Happy September with some cooler weather!
I am late in reading this months update. Thanks again for the detailed analysis.

I bought OHI recently as well, it dropped more after my purchase. Covid worries I guess. Hoping for a rebound.

Looking forward to next months update.
RoseNose profile picture
Anyone holding the BDC: Portman $PTMN , they are doing a 1:10 reverse split today and the shares will have 10x value which was $2.40 now will be~24.00: but we will own 1/10th the # of shares:
and dividend should be 10x more... hopefully.
@RoseNose The reverse splits are done to make the companies stock be acceptable to the exchanges and funds-- I believe it is done in weakness and poor mgmt. A split is for better reasons ie growth and increased attraction to the stock buying public.
RoseNose profile picture
@rado403 : Agree, as some brokers were handling $PTMN on pink sheets with it being under $10 value. I got mine with no problem at TDAm, but know others were having problems....so the split does not bother me in this case. It is my riskiest BDC,but hope it gets attention now with the higher price, its, like you say, all about optics.
RetiredLawyer813 profile picture
Hi Rose. I followed you into OTRKP. How are you dealing with the 42% drop last week? I am thinking about buying more. The 13.8% yield probably won't last. Then again, it might.
RoseNose profile picture
@RetiredLawyer813 : I am in dismay at how poorly it is being treated, but then I suppose it did have some risk to start with. Nothing mentioned yet as to the preferred distribution being suspended as yet. I can not recommend adding more as yet.... its one to watch and hope about. Good Luck to us all that hold it.
@RetiredLawyer813 I did some research on the CEO, not liking what I read.
RoseNose profile picture
@painterman : Someone just sent me a PM about the CEO. He's selling his shares, not sure about the preferred. Very strange happenings. Glad to see the preferred up today, my fingers are crossed and so are my other body parts that can do the same... lol Good Luck to us all that have it.
RoseNose profile picture
To all:
September is notoriously a bad market month and coupling that with the Biden presidency crumbling, inflation and The Fed announcing less bond buying...
this market is for sure headed lower... could see some green days, but not real huge, before the real trouble starts.
Many pieces for that are falling in place.
The one new commodity is Bitcoin/cryptocurrency and many are fleeing there... beware, it has no backing, and unfortunately similar to the US $.
For now, the US $ is safe, but it is concerning.
This is just a word of warning and only my current belief. I can be wrong, but just wanted to share my current thinking:
I am thinking of trimming almost everything I can that seems over valued .... this is very hard for me to do, but I am and will. Today I sold out of CAH as it seems to be stalling and will not outperform for just too many years. It is in the taxable and actually has very low cap gains, so a good one to unleash.
Stocks in the Roth will be the ones I will trim the most, HD, GPC and I have already sold SJM this month. Not sure about MCD, but I am considering it too!
I will hold and hug quality dividend paying stocks....especially those that are already sitting at low valuations.
I can say, I should do it soon and hopefully can do it, but will give each and every stock a long look before trimming.
I will keep most real estate REITs, HY BDCs, (which may get some declines, as many have weathered March 2020 lows ). They live off of spreads and those can and should continue to be wide.
I am holding income stocks and value stocks and of course, the defensive holdings like utilities.... VERY important to me.
We should be able to buy back quite a lot when the real bottom happens... so having CASH is very wise for the end of this year.

Beware of those growth stocks....and for now China is one scary place to be investing... JIMHO.
I do know China is a force to be watching, but there are other places to put my $.

Good Luck and God Bless you all and America we need that help.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. The markets have lost a lot of money during the last several sessions. There may be two reasons:

1. COVID is getting worse. This hurts recovery stocks, like hotels, airlines and so forth. It also hurts energy and materials because it suggests lower demand going forward.

2. The Fed finally noticed the high CPI numbers. So it suggests tapering. That is probably a good thing. Yet it also suggests a potential "recession" going forward.

Moreover higher interest rates will provide investors an alternative to gold. So gold is falling in value now. But the silver lining in that is the hope that inflation will be lower than had been expected.

Like you, I am thinking about building up cash because of uncertainty. Market prices make little sense to me.

Example: the market cap of Facebook is $1 trillion, while GM has a market cap of$70.8 billion.

I compared the various autos two years ago and bought a Buick. I'm happy with that car which takes me to Starbucks each day with no problem. I also have a facebook account which seems worthless because nobody my age actually has a facebook account. So the market prices of these companies have little relationship to their value in any platonic sense. I try not to take market prices all that seriously. I just diversify and hope.
Malagascape profile picture
@jdlgsm I think Covid, not mentioned above, is very clearly a factor in the market jitters, as you note. Developments in Afghanistan have only added to the angst.
RoseNose profile picture
@jdlgsm : Covid is here to stay, so is investing, traveling and shopping. Folks must and will learn to deal with it. Sorry about that.
The incompetent withdrawal of troops before civilians is a tell all about Biden policy and his lack of empathy is shocking. God help us all !
LDA profile picture
12 Aug. 2021
Rose, I always enjoy reading about the investments you hold in your portfolio. You're the classic example of someone who is conservative, diversified, and done an admirable job of investing money and building wealth.
I always check to see which investments you and I hold in common. I'm a little surprised to learn that this number currently consists of only 5 stocks: Pepsico, Master Card, Visa, McDonald's, and Union Pacific.
While I'm happy to see that some of your holdings have appreciated nicely, I note many have shown modest increases while more than a few, including some Blue Chip companies, can justifiably be categorized as laggards. I'm betting that over the L-O-N-G term you'll decide to sell some of your laggards, even if they have an attractive dividend yield.
I typically have approximately 40 stocks, ETFs, and REITS in my portfolio. My experience has been that only about 25% of what I've purchased over the years have proven to be BIG WINNERS. These, I'm happy to say, generally account for 45% or more of the value of my portfolio. They consist of my L-O-N-G term holds. I'm talking about Apple, Nike, UPS, Starbucks, Cintas, Amazon, Master Card, Visa, Extra Space Storage, ProLogis, and Union Pacific.
As a retiree, I'm especially interested in owning market leaders. They tend to be mostly growth companies. While I prefer owning companies that pay dividends I've never let them or the size of their yields become a deciding factor. I enjoy doing my homework and follow more investments than I own - a system which has kept me well informed about both up and coming companies as well as many traditional companies.
Rose, I like to think of myself as a qualified risk taker but am by no means someone who sees himself as a gambler. I'm focused, not greedy, and I have no interest in chasing the latest high flyers.
Going forward I hope to pick some new WINNERS. In that regard, I'm looking forward to learning more about what you own with a particular emphasis on consumer, consumer discretionary, and technology companies.
Happy investing!
RoseNose profile picture
@LDA : Thank you for sharing your investing. Income is the goal now and pure growth stocks don't appeal to me very much. So that is probably the real difference between you and me.... Good Luck and Best investing :)) Rose
Also I was happy to see you sold you East Asian ETFs They are not like U,S. funds, Too many variables can affect their performance, Therefore they are a lot more risky
I cannot understand the attraction of owning gold and silver mining stocks. They do not have great earnings and they follow the performance of gold and silver which has been poor. Apparently they are no longer good inflation hedges because it looks like they have been replaced by Crytpto for that role.
RoseNose profile picture
@Roscoe Karns - I know material stocks are cyclical and will hold to what I currently own.
Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated. Rose :))
@clem kiddlehopper Red Skeleton fan?!
RoseNose profile picture
@rado403 : Red was a good laugh.
Jim the Retired CPA profile picture
@RoseNose Good morning. I can't locate ISBC above?
RoseNose profile picture
@Jim the Retired CPA : You are correct.
I did not include it in my portfolio total as I knew it would be a short term holding. To everyone else WoF does lots of interesting options, so I will explain what Jim refers to:

This was a Buy and write option play at the WoF on Investor's Bankcorp. As per the TA, We were to buy ISBC in August for $12.50/sh and sell $12.50 calls that were to end in June, just to cover the shares purchased. I can't quite recall when we did the roll moving it to Sept. It was called in early this past Friday before the Aug Monday ex-dividend date. The dividend is 14c.
The good news is that the premium was $99 the first time in Jun and with the roll to Sept, I got an additional $16 net as well as 2 dividend payments of 14c/share. This does mean I recieved ~ $13.94 /share while it was selling for 14.34. I made ~$1.44 per share in 6 months or ~ 25%.
Jim, I may have written the cost price received wrong in the chat so I will go fix that now... Thanks for making me take a second look.
Regardless, I am pleased with having done some profitable and interesting options at WoF with you and many others. :)) Rose
Stock cyclist profile picture
Appreciate your hard work writing these articles and explaining your thoughts as to what you did and why. Great return YTD!
Trims: I hold 3 of your trims JNJ GIS T. No reason for me to trim at this time. I understand why you trimmed. JNJ and T are only 1% each and GIS is less than 1% of my positions. May add to GIS on further dip(bought before div freeze-div starting to rise again).
Sells: I never held any of your sells.
Add-on’s: I hold 4 of your adds ABBV BMY NYCB VTRS. Added twice to ABBV, once to BMY years ago. ABBV is getting cheap and BMY is starting to break out. NYCB for me is a hold, VTRS as a spin-off could be added.
Your other adds that look interesting to me: AMGN and MPW. You may recall last month I started a position in HTA and after that most interesting conference call late last week the price held in. Stay tuned for further news. As of now my add-on price is still under 27.
Look forward to your next update.
RoseNose profile picture
@Stock cyclist : Boy, I really like your interesting stock newsletter there! I must agree with your moves and find HTA also interesting...and its healthcare. VTRS is cheap to fair value right now, but will rise in time.
Yep, if GIS goes cheap again < = $50, I might consider it, but it needs to show it can keep or raise the dividend better. Thanks for reading and sharing. Rose :))
Thanks Rose. I appreciate reviewing your portfolio
disclosed in detail. You have done an Excellente job
With disciplined acquisition cost basis. Noticed you added OHI.
My orig. cost basis 4 yrs ago was$27ish and sold after 2 yrs
on Trapper of Value guidance at $34.50 after being exhausted with operator issues. I am considering adding OHI back under $35 and also have partial position in SBRA at 7.5% divys. I got hit with initial diminutive position like in HMLP like you, am hoping some entity with cash will rescue with refinancing or buyout. Also have KNOP. I have more positions in multiple MLPs, RDS.B, BP, CVX. I also had BPYU at lower cost basis and were sad to see divys disappear, I sold my BPYU shares and did well redeploying assets, although your $18.90. O version proceeds was well done. Also our portfolios differ in my having multiple mortgage REITS and only RC in the BDC area, converted from ANH acquisition. Always enjoyed your prior comments on multiple author’s threads. Thanks from Baja Oklahoma.
Dividend Digging Armadillo
RoseNose profile picture
@Dividend Digging Armadillo : Interesting moves with all your investing and I also took a rest from OHI and only got back in recently. Don't mind it going a bit lower, but it can stop any time now. I left KNOP perhaps too soon, but as HMLP shows, no one ever knows with shippers. I also hope HMLP can pull itself together and fix the debt problems. Not impressed with SBRA nor VTR. I expect to be trimming VTR in a few weeks when my option calls are complete. With owning plenty OHI, I am looking more to the medical office types : MPW, etc. I have trouble making up my mind with them, so it takes me awhile to decide.
Thanks for reading and the nice comment. Rose :))
Thanks for your comments.
I have small partial positions in both MPW and DOC initiated 3-4 years ago. I always favored MPW over DOC, MPW 60%+ and DOC up 20%+ but never added to either position. SBRA up slightly with the 7.5%+ divy,
hold for stable yield.

Have a full position in T, Discovery has better management on content side, but haven’t added to position, maybe below $26.50. Continued best in your investing endeavors and your monthly updates. Thanks again!
RoseNose profile picture
@Dividend Digging Armadillo : MPW does look to be promising, maybe I will add if it hits $20 exactly or lower. I missed that a while back and it certainly can happen again. I hope you are right about T and I am thinking I will hold to get the 2 newco. Thanks again, I enjoyed you sharing.
smurf profile picture
Great work, Rose.

Everytime I see your updates, I think of the old herding cats TV commercial.

RoseNose profile picture
@smurf : LOL, so funny, thanks :)) Rose
Over the top too diversified. I don’t get why people think they need so many investments. It’s a practice in mediocrity.
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
@socalifjimmy You diversify and keep one stock at 1 to 5% position so if one sinks, the boat will stay afloat. ---- I have over 150 equities and 4 mutual funds in different portfolios - this yearly return about 30% (bought stuff during pandemic) ~7% yield, no options, plenty of cefs and etfs.
---- I still need to add a bunch I want, but are overvalued.
---- I trim the top when anything goes over my allotted position or becomes grossly overvalued.
---- I keep my winner core positions.
Rose's portfolio and system work just fine.
@SleepyInSeattle I completely disagree. No need to have more than 30. You should just buy an index fund. You’d do far better.
RoseNose profile picture
@SleepyInSeattle : Thanks for sharing your investing, I like it. I also appreciate the comment about my system, it actually is close to yours, but I am probably more conservative with the core holdings. Rose :))
hawkrnc_19 profile picture
I have been an investor for more decades than I care to admit.Love everything about investing as well as benchmarking how others invest. Your posts are a delight.Thank you.
RoseNose profile picture
@hawkrnc_19 : Thank you and your comment is appreciated and may I say delightful too! Rose :))

No Realty Income in your portfolio?
RoseNose profile picture
@Reit Investor : That's right, I decided to get NNN in its place. No special reason other than perhaps yield at the time, NNN was cheaper. I watch O and have sold a Dec Put with a $70 strike. I got paid $6.21 for it. That is ~2.4x more than O pays for a dividend... Now, I might just get the shares, its still close, but in the mean time I walked away with $621. If I get the shares and that was the idea, I pay $63.79 (after putting the prem towards that price). I call that a win- win in all regards... Best, Rose:))
RoseNose profile picture
I did have to tie up $7000 in the cash secured put, I I figured I earn ~18% + on that cash with that premium for the 229 days length of the option.
aida2003 profile picture
Rose, can you point to the source to support your statement "triple A rated JNJ is considering a split-off of its talc unit to protect the parent company from possible bankruptcy."
Did it really say to bankrupt the company itself? That's a very serious goal of plaintiffs.
I read somewhere that opioid scandals have been settled finally and I'm guessing JNJ will be on the hook for a few billions of dollars. Perhaps now they'll be tackling the talc mess...? Though in the litigation, I think the gameplan is to protract the process as long as possible.
RoseNose profile picture
@aida2003 : Just go on the internet and there are many articles: Here is one:
They wanted to litigate them all, but the supreme court refused to hear the latest judgement of 2+ B and it fell back to lower court and they are stuck with paying it to about 22 women... so many others jumped on the $ train and now they have 30k or more trying to get $... its a mess.
George Fisher profile picture

This is what a few did back in the asbestos days of 1970s - 1990s. The liability exposure is the major reason I do not own nor can recommend JNJ. I have some first hand experience with crazed media hysteria back in the formaldehyde off-gassing days and was involved with "encapsulated" asbestos in roofing products in the late 70, early 80s. To me, not worth the risk. My healthcare exposure is covered by UNH, BMY, OGN, CVS, BAX
Excellent! TY! Hoegh was a huge bummer for me- been dripping for 5 years ... What I have able to find out -- apartnership is crumbling-- so BOD's pulled in their horns saving 43 cents a share.. Lawyers might do well- Plus NEWT- a successful BDC announced that wanted to become a Bank holding company..... stock drops over 25%-As you wrote UGH... I am staying-- I hope that the insiders did not chose to unload last month.... Equifax just by accident unloaded insider shares the time before they got hacked.... Still repositioning and reducing less than stellar improvements and none dividend-paying companies-- Interesting how Buffet likes dividend payers but his stocks do not pay dividends... Also working on getting the uneven dividend results-- Monthly-- corrected-- adding on good companies..
Peeled some AXON up near 200- WRAP got to 9.00--SSTI the shot spotter company grew than stayed in a high range.... Taiwan semi- I still think China with Number XI-- is going to take over in 4 -5 years... sounds like what Hitler did to Austria and the CZECH republic -- added some to the miners for inflation concerns--- Hope Congress --- sigh-- never mind.. Number two son working to get his Coca-Cola freed from the grips of computer share- not a good
outfit for customer service--- lies and half truths-- twice they promised to call me in 48 hrs nope.
RoseNose profile picture
@rado403 : Yikes, you sure do have your investing hands full. I still have 75% of my HMLP, glad its not a huge amt. Now, I am trying to figure out what to do with TWO. I am waiting on the dividend announcement. Its my only mREIT and will not have others ever again, I think.
I eventually got all my shares evicted from computer share by allowing my broker to go get them. I had the proper paper work done and it worked well. Best to you and thanks as always for your support. Rose :))
@RoseNose The advice of having a broker get involved is a good one!
Brunodamato profile picture
Hi RoseNose.... I just subscribed to 1 year. How does this operate? Is there a separate website to log into, emails, etc. How will I receive notifications of buy and sell and where do I get the initial allocation of the 96 stocks? Bruno
RoseNose profile picture
@Brunodamato : All you need to do to follow me is click follow off to the left of the article. Not sure how many they let you follow for any subscription. But if you join a service all those articles are free for those. I don't have a service, but just write once each month to keep folks up to date. I also post my stocks under my profile by sectors by highest portfolio value on down. I try to update there as I make changes and have not provided on time alerts for every move I make. SA will send you emails for those you follow when an article is written.... and then if you pick categories you have interest in they will send a general email about those....beyond that, not quite sure what you mean about buy and sell trading alerts, but many services only give buy under prices or price targets. WoF will offer trading alerts, and so does iREIT Alpha. Hope that helps. Rose :))
Bucknfl profile picture
🌹 I always enjoy your articles. Do you tend to trim your winners or let them run?
RoseNose profile picture
@Bucknfl : I like to keep winners especially if they are core holdings. I admit REGN most likely will get trimmed or sold eventually when it hits my PT. ...and I do have speculations that will not be hold forever types....So, it depends. Thanks for reading and the ? Have a great weekend. Rose:))
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