Evaluating CEFs: NAV Erosion Is A Bit Of A Concern For BIT


  • The 8% yield of BIT looks very attractive if the distribution can be maintained.
  • I continue my series digging into CEFs beyond the yield with a look at BIT.
  • NAV has been on a slow decline since the fund's inception.
  • I think BIT's distribution is just a bit larger than it can support.
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Investment Thesis

This article will take a look at BlackRock Multi-Sector Income Trust (NYSE:BIT). BlackRock is a great manager of Closed-End Funds and I have liked several of their funds. So I turned to BIT expecting to like it too. With

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I have been a software engineer developing applications in various fields for over 30 years. I began investing in mutual funds for my 401(k) back in 1988.I started investing outside of my retirement account a little over 17 years ago. I used to follow a value oriented strategy, but after I saw how that worked less well than I liked during the financial crisis, I began to switch over to a more income based approach.

I had always thought that dividends were important but didn't have a systematic way to evaluate stocks that paid them until I found SA and DGI. Starting around 2010, I have switched my portfolio to a DGI strategy.
One of my most profitable picks turned out to be Freddie Mac, which I originally chose because I liked the dividend and because I once worked there. When it first ran into problems I increased my holdings because it still looked like a good value to me. I eventually managed to buy several thousand shares at a cost of $0.50 (I knew that was a good value) and eventually exited the stock at a price that was $5 a share above my average share cost.
My biggest miss was when I sold out my 100 shares of Apple shortly after Steve Jobs returned but before he had done much to improve the companies outlook. You can see my holdings here :


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