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Politics And The Markets 10/01/21

Oct. 01, 2021 12:00 AM ET432 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (432)

The unstable narcissist is suing to force Twitter to reinstate his account. This is the same Donald child who said he prefers being off Twitter, bragged about starting his own platform, and said he prefers his "elegant" press releases, which don't waste as much time as "boring" tech networks and where he didn't "have to be so careful with every word".

Has there ever been a bigger loser?
crademan profile picture
@genomegk What if he put up a million dollar "get out of Twitter jail" bond and promises to follow Twitter's rules or forfeit his bond?

Here's a list of behaviors that Twitter deems abusive: help.twitter.com/...
@crademan Trump was banned because he is a dangerous sociopath. His behavior since the banning shows nothing has changed.
crademan profile picture
@genomegk To me, posting a behavior bond is a good way for a person who has previously broken the rules to be able to get a suspension lifted.
Who is running the country, surely not Joe Biden.

“Did Biden Get Caught Saying 'I Don't Know What I'm Signing' Before Signing Executive Order?”


This is why Joe isn’t allowed to answer questions, his brain is out to lunch.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@AbolishtheFed Add that to "I’m not supposed to take any questions but go ahead".

Who said he wasn't supposed to?

Isn't he the President?

Guys don’t go cobalt
Why is it that some on this board are running away from those they likely thought were pretty cool a year ago? Statements like, "Never heard of Alex Jones" or "Who are the Oath Keepers"? suddenly pop up here. Unless these participants on this Politics and the Market site have lived under rocks, with only classical music and their stock market sites as their entertainment, they are dissembling with every word they type about lack of awareness of these threats to America. They would probably claim they never heard of Sidney Powell or Lin Wood also but their eyes would begin to dart around like Paul Gosar's of whom they would claim they knew not.
@tewright2012 There was also an outfit called the "Promise Keepers".
@tewright2012 I know Antifa and BLM are terrorists that work for the democrat party.
@tewright2012 I would not know. I muted their asses long ago.
Lmt blew up Vlads 🧊 bergs to prove Joe note a useless gout ridden career Washington bureaucrat and he’s not those icebergs know..
🍀 Sikorsky didn’t get involved with that baby stuff
D give um hell
DD when svr rapes us we beg for it
DoubleD44 profile picture
@al roman Be Nice
@DoubleD44 well they are joe gave them the list they felt sorry for us off color
@DoubleD44 yes 👏 ma’am
DoubleD44 profile picture
Virus update:
• U.S. COVID-19 deaths pass 700,000.
• California to require vaccines for schoolchildren.
• Antibody tests for COVID-19 remain popular in Russia.
• American, other airlines to require employee vaccinations.

@DoubleD44 m.youtube.com/...
America become like old Britain no body can pass the physical for service so we have to use sco member to fight for us
Good morning sub human sister
DoubleD44 profile picture
@al roman i knock out sub humans 🤜
@DoubleD44 I better get this retarded security situation fixed without calling them
Joe gave Vladimir the list and Vladimir felt sorry for him like Achilles and Priam
DoubleD44 profile picture
Republicans and their two Buddies

DoubleD44 profile picture
Lin Wood says that the planes that hit the twin towers and the Pentagon on 9/11 were fake CGI.

How does a dumbass like this become a lawyer?
MyPrivilegeIsShowing profile picture
@DoubleD44 or a member of the US Congress?

DoubleD44 profile picture
@MyPrivilegeIsShowing She's an idiot what can I say
@DoubleD44 sarge you should be issued a club and two big brother assistance with one
Henry Miles profile picture
Rudy would fit right in with the rightwingers here: www.msn.com/... You might reach out and invite him to 'join our conversation'.
@Henry Miles Great link. As we have found out, Facebook is simply propaganda. Zuckerberg should be jailed for election interference.

“Governor DeSantis directed Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee to investigate Facebook for alleged election interference, following a bombshell report that the tech giant put its thumb on the scale of numerous state and local races by exempting elite users from Facebook’s own rules.”


What we have learned is there in nothing a democrat says that is true, all will lie, all the time.
@crichardt13 he’s going to be your next president. Get over it.

You forget, Senile Joe Biden let Covid Delta in the country. He is responsible for it all.

You can capitalize all you want, but Biden is the guilty party.

And no Florida does not have a higher death rate than NY or many other states during this pandemic. Stop making stuff up.
Another day without Joe Biden answering questions. This is getting comical.
DoubleD44 profile picture
@AbolishtheFed You are comical (well not really)
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@AbolishtheFed I Don’t need to watch a senile geriatric patient, in a suit, read from a teleprompter.

People like @DoubleD44 are happier with their head in the sand and cannot bring themselves to criticize what they voted for, only who they voted against.
@AbolishtheFed What a breath of fresh air from the FREAKING EX-LIAR-in-DECEIT!!!...time for ya'll American Taliban Party members to change the channel...bless your hearts.
Henry Miles profile picture
The loser just can't help himself from using the wrong prop: www.msn.com/... Oh, but did you see that he no longer has any use for Sidney Powell; damaged goods: www.msn.com/...
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@Henry Miles We all know that you spend a lot of time criticizing who you voted against; do you have any criticism of what you voted for or are your glasses too deep of a rose 🌹 color?

Asking for a freind.
Henry Miles profile picture

Yes, but I always always give them a chance as I did your failed idol. (You might consider employing a little more creativity in your snarky remarks.)
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@Henry Miles I will take being a little snarky over being presumptuous.
If this is what’s going on in cyber space we’re going to get our asses kicked
DoubleD44 profile picture
@al roman Space Force, you should be a commander
@DoubleD44 this is retarded
It took hours to get security back on this device
AAPL does have better sense than the other
@DoubleD44 those brothers have no respect ✊🏾 for us
They can have any one they pick out and want
Easy crack
David Crosetti profile picture
When a brain is affected by dementia it has diminished capabilities to process information. A person with dementia is likely to be overwhelmed by everyday activities, things that prior to the onset of dementia may have even been pleasurable.

A luncheon with friends and family, replacing the gas tank on the barbeque,
baking a German-chocolate cake, packing for a weekend outing, using a list to shop for groceries at the supermarket: all kinds of activities, even ones considered routine before dementia, may be stressful and frustrating now.

In addition to the increased sense of frustration generated by daily activities, there is also a decrease in resilience for long hours spent awake. A brain affected by dementia gets tired earlier and processing information becomes even more challenging at the end of the day. Many people show signs of sundowning as a result.

You will never hear a person with dementia say “I’m getting a little frustrated so I’m going for a little walk on the beach to clear my mind.” This does not happen. Instead, when frustrated, a person with dementia may get angry, agitated,
or cry, or pace around the home and rummage through drawers and cabinets.


Think of all the times that Biden avoids taking questions from the media. Think of all the times he cannot stay "on message" and instead tells the media that "they (not sure who they are) will be angry with him for taking questions. Think about how Biden snaps at people who challenge him.

Remember Biden getting into an argument on the campaign trail with a voter who asked about Hunter and the Ukraine?


How about when Biden told an autoworker that "he was full of shit?"


How about all the times he got angry with people who questioned him and suggested that they vote for someone else? Rather than answer the questions?


Biden cannot remain focused. He gets angry easily. He likes to go to bed early and does not deal well with stress or frustration. It is becoming more clear, every day, that Uncle Joe is only half the man he used to be. And that wasn't a complete half when he was in his prime. Now, he's barely a shell of his former self.
DoubleD44 profile picture
@David Crosetti Im sorry to hear you have Dementia as you repeat the same thing over and over
@DoubleD44 Well said.
David Crosetti profile picture
Have you ever noticed how much Joe Biden loves ice cream? He goes out of his way to eat it and his staff always makes sure that ice cream is available to him.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, it turns out that ice cream is therapy for those with dementia. Who would have thought that?

Yes, ice cream. It takes all of your worries away. It is soothing and delicious, and
personable: everyone has a favorite flavor! Ice cream brings people with dementia to happier, warmer times when the treat was shared with friends and loved ones at special, joyous occasions.

Ice cream has the power to immediately elicit soothing feelings at the very first taste of a single spoon-full. It erases all the negative feelings related to the frustration and continues to stimulate pleasure receptors in the brain with every new scoop.

And dementia (here is the best part!) allows one to fully enjoy the treat, with no concerns for calories, weight gain or dietary needs, completely guilt free! For people with dementia, ice cream is far more effective and safe than Prozac, or any other “happy” drug on the market!

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, find out what flavor is their absolute favorite and NEVER RUN OUT OF ICE CREAM! If you have dietary concerns, use brands that observe your dietary needs. There are plenty of diabetic friendly brands available. Ice cream can also be found in low fat, low cal, sugar free and lactose free varieties. Whatever kind or flavor you use,
always have plenty of it handy always.

Ice cream is an essential part of your dementia care tool-kit, like a Swiss army knife that’s invaluable for many occasions. The holidays are here. With family and friends gathering for the celebrations, there may be an increased risk for dementia patients to become overwhelmed. Remember to stay calm, control
the environment, provide reassurance and, don’t forget, plenty of ice cream.



More to follow on this interesting topic.
Henry Miles profile picture
@David Crosetti

Are you still on this kick?
DoubleD44 profile picture
@David Crosetti Hurry up Darwin. The intelligent want our world back
@David Crosetti So,ice cream is not allowed in the American Taliban Party handbook...what explains the McDonalds and Coke in the previous DISGRACED OBESE TRAITOR INFESTATION???
We’re going to get a good build done
i think they did a fake out on that looking at this stuff or thats what they learned during the experience, do another cell and be reliable best celluar system ever whats wrong with you.
Kev pretty good ?
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