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Electric Vehicles Give Dr. Copper A Facelift

Oct. 01, 2021 9:30 AM ETFQVLF, SCCO, COPX, FM:CA8 Comments
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William Blair


  • China has been building public charging stations at a very fast pace, with Chinese public charging stations growing 55% year-over-year in 2020.
  • An EV contains three to five times more copper than a conventional vehicle.
  • Mining is perceived to have negative environmental consequences.

Electric Car Charging At Power Station

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Demand drivers stemming from electric vehicles (EVs), as we previously explained, could impact the utilization of several metals and the emerging markets (EMS) from which they are sourced - and EV infrastructure is a secondary demand driver.

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Comments (8)

Jim Wallingford profile picture
Capstone Mining (CSFFF, CS.to) is an interesting play on copper with 6 month production of 91 million lbs. Strong first half cash flow, positive net income. Yes, you're correct, I own this.
Good article but it would be a lot more complete if the author included copper usage in solar panels and wind turbines. The latter use many tons each, especially large offshore machines, and there are plans to build dozens of offshore farms in China, Europe and U.S. east coast.
TheOldHand profile picture
@Energex Offshore turbines need considerable copper and plans abound to build them.
Excellent commentary.
Avery Coleman profile picture
Great article. Kind of sparse environmental impact section.
Agbug profile picture
Agree completely. EV's and the related chargers and wiring necessary to get the power to them will ensure copper demand going forward. Yes, there are substitutes, but at some point in the electrical path there will be copper.

Rio's issues with the AZ mine approval exemplify how difficult sourcing of supply can be. Have a small position in $COPX as single mining companies are such a difficult horse to choose.
@Agbug agreed
TheOldHand profile picture
sourcing of supply, always an important factor to consider. Sometimes "jobs, jobs, jobs" is a winning argument, other times "money to the government". But it is always necessary to "keep the locals happy" if you want production to proceed smothly.
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