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Nvidia Vs. Apple: How To Analyze These Two Stocks

Oct. 01, 2021 12:10 PM ETApple Inc. (AAPL), NVDAAMD, INTC35 Comments


  • Apple is the most prominent company of the technology bellwethers. It boasts a highly strategic services segment ecosystem.
  • Nvidia is one of the leading semiconductor stocks for 2021. It has greatly enhanced its software suite to protect its hardware leadership.
  • We help readers to think about how to go about analyzing these two behemoths in this article.
  • We will also show our readers why we think one of them is at a buy point now.
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Investment Thesis

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are top-rated stocks with retail investors. In addition, they have often been regarded as bellwether stocks by many large investors. Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently celebrated his tenth year in charge. Under his competent

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Comments (35)

Advanced_Tech profile picture
Both are great companies and definitely a Buy.
Mike Bruzzone profile picture
NEW SLIDES are up at GPU TODAY 22 slide set NOW with 183 weeks of by grade SKU supply wave data.


See what's going on under the covers.

Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing
Hudson Investments profile picture
If ARM acquisition is approved NVDA accelerates it’s plan to have an untouchable software stack.
Apple is looking towards a great Xmas season.
06 Oct. 2021
@ArnieW Upward price targets will accelerate if ARM acquisition goes through.
Hudson Investments profile picture
@264 Allowing the ARM acquisition would be music to my ears.
mayao floydmany profile picture
Graphic card maker. For gamer 500billion company in2030
productivityLeaps profile picture
@mayao floydmany I think you'll be well-served to dig a little deeper when researching NVDA

suffice to say, it's revenues are a heck of a lot more than from gaming ... GLTY
05 Oct. 2021
NVDA price target raised by Keybanc to 260.00 this morning.
grxbstrd profile picture
@264 thanks. Its been an interesting trend over the past quarters, a slew of upgrades foreshadow a great ER. Let's see if it continues.
Hudson Investments profile picture
@264 rich but realistic
AAPL is a one-trick pony. Steve Jobs changed the world for good. Tim Cook is only keeping the lights on. No major breakthrough product in the last decade…
NVDA’s GPUs are the future due to machine learning, AI, Autonomous vehicles, Edge computing etc. long NVDA.
Got into AAPL at 35$ and holding it though…they are cash rich and can buy anyone out…not sure if they figured out who though..Tim needs to retire.
Longbow Archer profile picture
"AAPL is a one-trick pony."

Yes and that one trick is the global consumer market for software and devices.
Seekingbuddah profile picture
@Sleepless@FED that one trick is a solid ecosystem of hardware, software, and services unparalleled to any other corporation on planet earth….I’m good with that one trick!

You are looking into the rear view mirror. Investing & capital gains are all about the future & incremental growth.
AAPL is no longer growing…they need an out of the box thinker…not Cook for Pete’s sake
I made a significant investment in Nvidia
4 1/2 years ago. Not because of their leadership and dominance in graphic cards. I invested because of their track record / leadership and execution year after year.
A very fine-tuned organization that executes to near perfection crediting the founder Jensen Huang
I researched and studied many companies for the future of Artificial Intelligence the 4th industrial Revolution.
After my research I only felt comfortable with one company NVIDIA.
I have not sold single share whether it's tanked or the stock going sideways.
I'm retired my career was in Hardware software systems and peripherals.
Every year August and September are not kind to Nvidia. Every year in mid-October to early November Nvidia has their GTC technology conference with major introductions for the year in Hardware, Software platforms Artificial Intelligence software stacks for Data Centers, HPC and the Cloud.
This year GTC 2022 runs from November 8th through the 11th later than usual.


Nvidia has been a me too company.

Nvidia has always been the Pioneer in new markets / new categories since 1999 when they released the world's first graphic card.

This is when their stock pops after their major announcements.
The second pop occurs with Q3 financials release late November.

I've been an investor for four and a half years. Their products of GPUs, DPUs, Bluefield NICs, Hardware, CUDA Software and software stacks has created a moat that has continuing to grow.
I am more comfortable with my ownership of Nvidia stock now than I was at any time in the last four and a half years.
Currently they have over 2.75 million developers all over the world.
Their Inception program for startups currently has over 8,500 early stage companies developing products and software in robotics autonomous driving medical smart cities 5G networks high performance computing and other broad new markets.
Nvidia announced a new Inception program in the UK. Currently 2000+ European startups have entered this program in the first year.
grxbstrd profile picture
@SirLiberte great summary, thanks for posting
@SirLiberte Thanks for the great summary.

I looked at 2018, 2019 and 2020 for the August/September dip and October recovery, and did not see the pattern you portrayed. In 2018, A/S were gains and October was a dip. In 2019, all three months were gains, and in 2020, A/S were gains and a small dip in October.
There is no discernible pattern that repeated in the past 3 years during those 3-4 months.

Nevertheless, I agree with you general post. I especially liked the “I am more comfortable with my Nvidia ownership now than I was any time in the last four and a half years.”
@SirLiberte can’t agree with you more! Nvidia is the world’s best company with the world’s best the founder Jensen huang!
SEC Investigator2 profile picture
How many know Apple could have bought nVidia back in 2015 for pennies. I wrote about this years ago. Another reason why Cook should have been fired years ago!!!!!
Legacy Legends, LLC profile picture
Both very solid! NVDA long!
NVDA keeps acquiring and I continue to acquire NVDA. Electronic Arts brings five additional games to NVIDIA GeForce NOW
My typical answer to these "problems" remains the same and has worked this time--Covered calls. I just bought back my latest set of covered calls on AAPL today and on NVDA yesterday at Avery nice profit. Now I'm waiting for the next once up to sell more covered calls. Good Luck to the longs!
@doc47: If you like that game and have sufficient cash as a buffer, you can also do the same sort of thing with such companies, selling OTM puts out a month or two. I've been doing that on such companies for awhile, as I like keeping a large cash horde over time (helps me sleep at night, and provides opportunities when the market plunges, as it will from time to time).

And if you're long a stock like AAPL, being long both an OTM call and put for month X is pretty sweet re the likely income. One option will expire worthless (or you can roll it when it's cheap enough).

Another nice thing about that is you don't have to wait around and hope the stock goes the direction you want in the timeframe you want.

The main thing is being willing to commit to owning some stock or losing some stock if the market goes bonkers one way or the other. You can't have both sweet option income and never get in trouble on a given position. But if your overall timeframe is several to many years, that works itself out in any company that grows profits decently over time.
alchemist11 profile picture
Most SA auth's feel AAPL and NVDA are expensive. I thought APPL's breakout above 150 would propel it higher, but nada. NVDA is floundering but too many fears are driving the market right now. Some are cheering INTL but they are a couple of gens behind in chip technology and I just don't see them catching up.
JR Research profile picture
@alchemist11 It's a good shakeout nonetheless for AAPL investors to add shares.
@alchemist11 its a good time to start accumulating nvda and aapl. they are "expensive" for a reason...they are the present and the future. they are not near death pigs
@JR Research: I was pretty happy selling a Nov. 135 put for 4 bucks near last week's lows when AAPL got below 139, as I recall. Volatile stocks offer opportunities for the patient and committed.
I’m waiting for the market to settle down. Then I’ll buy more of each
Thx for your article
Have a great weekend
alchemist11 profile picture
@stackre Yea, invest now and lose $. Too volatile right now!
@alchemist11: Is it really "safer" to buy AAPL net 155 or so when the market is nice and "settled" than try to buy it more like 130 when the market was plummeting and quite unsettled?

If one has an investment timeframe overall, buy low and sell high seems to work more easily when you get in at better prices.

I would argue that over an investment timeframe, buying a rock solid company like AAPL (or selling an OTM put and being paid well to possibly buy it lower) is FAR safer than waiting for low volatility along with high prices.
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