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Rising Rates Will Help Oil

Oct. 01, 2021 2:24 PM ETDBE, RJN, JJE, JJETF, USO, DBO, USL, BNO, OIL, OILK, USOI, OLOXF, OILX4 Comments
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Todd Sullivan


  • Algorithms set to trade on price-trends do not act uniformly. Some shorted oil briefly in response to the growth stock correction but this was a short-lived event.
  • We may see a tighter relationship between $WTI and rising rates. Those who short $WTI to protect growth portfolios may jump on the rising $WTI trend as inflation becomes more an issue of concern.
  • How the physical world works and how individuals find common cause is lost to them leaving them anxious, paranoid and wanting to both control and destroy that which makes them anxious.

Increasing Oil Price Financial Concept

IvelinRadkov/iStock via Getty Images

The daily rate chart shows that rate surge causes correction in issues with extreme pricing with WTI rising to mid-$70s. Algorithms set to trade on price-trends do not act uniformly. Some shorted oil briefly in response to

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Todd Sullivan is a Massachusetts-based value investor and Co-Founder and General Partner in Rand Strategic Partners. He looks for investments he believes are selling for a discount to their intrinsic value given their current situation and future prospects. He holds them until that value is realized or the fundamentals change in a way that no longer supports his original thesis. His blog features his various ideas and general commentary and he updates readers on their progress in a timely fashion. His commentary has been seen in the online versions of the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, CNN Money, Business Week, Crain's NY and others. He has also appeared on Fox Business News and is a RealMoney.com contributor. He has twice presented at Bill Ackman's Harbor investment Conference and is a regular presenter at the Manual of Ideas "Best Ideas" conferences. Visit his sites: ValuePlays (http://valueplays.net/) , Rand Strategic Partners (http://randstrategicpartners.com)

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Comments (4)

Nature favors diversity and abhors uniformity, I.e. there’s a reason the universe has more elements than just hydrogen and our planet has more species than just one. The lesson is that we should use all forms of available energy, including coal and nuclear, in proportion to our ability to do so safely and economically.
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You don't want to be called crazy so I will call you delusional. "Res ipsa loquitur"
cenc profile picture
o.k., since this mostly a rant article, I will bite.

As Greta has recently observed about World leader's actions on climate change so far, it is nothing but, "bla, bla, bla".

and so far, she is more right about the hydrocarbon market than any oil analysis, CEO, or all the politicians in the World put together.

net zero, eletric scooters, egg beaters, solar tanning beds, etc, are all just political red herrings to greenwash doing nothing.

Oil and gas will be around for a very long time to come. Even if they did what they said they were going to do, it would mean nothing. holding global temps to 1.5 degrees, by 2030, 2050, 2100, based on a fuzzy magic 2009 number, would mean exactly ZERO impact. That ship sailed back around the end of WWII, when most of the world still had not industrialized.

This is adapt or die time, and we will need every last molecule of hydrocarbons to adapt as there simple is no other energy source up to the task.

The alternative, mother nature takes over. She knows how to reduce carbon fast. She reduces carbon based life forms first, that generate all the other carbon.

LONG fang, cop, oih, mur, mor, este.
shaner1 profile picture
Great Stuff Todd!
A great quote I found.

“Hydropower depends entirely on nature. Solar and wind depend entirely on nature. Those who believe that the impact of climate change is imminent and we will have more natural disasters than ever, why do they want to be more & more dependent on nature?”
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