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Double-Digit Dividends: 3 Bullish And 3 Bearish Ideas

Oct. 01, 2021 3:09 PM ETCYD, DECPF, FCNE, IMPUF, IMPUY, RC, SBSW, SBYSF, ZMPLF30 Comments


  • I’ve launched a new series focused on long and short opportunities in the double-digit dividend yield market, and today, I’m trying out a new format.
  • I present to you a total of six bullish and bearish ideas in the elevator pitch model.
  • The bullish ideas include Ready Capital, Diversified Energy, and China Yuchai International.
  • The bearish ones include Sibanye-Stillwater, Impala Platinum, and Four Corners.

Bull and Bear on stock market prices

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Welcome to a new edition of my series of articles focused on companies with dividend yields in the double digits. I've always liked high-yield dividend opportunities and my first ever SA article was about a

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Comments (30)

02 Apr. 2022
I always felt like Zimbabwe is ahead of the world in terms of trying reparations and learning how bad an idea that is. but SA has yet to go through that, despite all Mandela's changes there is still a huge disparity. So in as much as Zimbo is troubled, I actually see it as the long term best investment since it has the lessons that SA and even USA have yet to experience.
""I always felt like Zimbabwe is ahead of the world in terms of trying reparations and learning how bad an idea that is. but SA has yet to go through that, . . "

Complete nonsense, in my opinion. And no parallel with South Africa.

Zimbabwe was run in dictatorial fashion by Mugabe. And following the fashion of dictators, Mugabe had no concern for the people and was only interested in himself and in maintaining power. Mugabe ran Zimbabwe down economically for 30 years. Previously agriculturally productive, Zimbabwe had to start importing corn to feed the people during Mugabe's reign. Inflation also raged. About 15 years ago, I traveled to the Victoria Falls with my daughter. We stayed at the marvelous old British colonial style Victoria Falls Hotel on the Zimbabwe side. One evening we decided on a full dinner in the main dining room. The bill came to 4 million Zimbabwe dollars. Translated at the then current exchange rate, that was equivalent to $64 (US) for the 2 of us!

South Africa chose democracy in 1994 with Mandela. It is still a democracy with free elections. Yes, incompetency and corruption were rife in the government when Zuma was president (he went to jail when he refused to appear in court to face corruption charges). The situation has improved under the current president, Ramaphosa.
Gold Panda profile picture
@charliezap Improved? Nope, that butcher Cyril is just better at stealing discretely IMO. Eg not building swimming pools and claiming it's for fire safety. South Africa looks like a kleptocracy at the moment, I wonder if things would improve if the DA ever got into power. Not that there's any chance of that happening


I find it weird that a country can be so terribly mismanaged and the people keep voting the same party into power.
Gold Panda profile picture
@charliezap What exactly has Ramaphosa fixed so far? How is unemployment? How is education? How is crime? Cyril is a joke, just like the entire ANC

"South Africa's unemployment rate rose to a new record high of 35.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021 from 34.9% in the third quarter "

"4.4 million adults in South Africa are still illiterate"

"In 2021 trust in police dropped to an all-time low of 27%."
Small performance update ( 13.02..2022)
Ready Capital, Diversified Energy, and China Yuchai International ( bulish trades) are by +/-0%
as well as
Four Corners

Sibanye-Stillwater, Impala Platinum (bearish) are by +32 to 38%

In fact @iggir was very precisied with his forcast.
Pappel profile picture
What you missed in your analysis is that SSW is not a pure PGM play. They produce gold and invest in lithium and recycling. Additional they may go into Uranium.
@Pappel - The first two illustrations that Gold Panda posted under the SBSW discussions are right from their investor presentation and clearly indicate the breakdown by precious metal. It should be pretty clear to anyone reading these slides that SBSW is diversified. At this time Lithium is not a factor in their operating results. With that said, I think the writer should have been a but more specific about the metals within PGM as Paladium and Rhodium contributed a much greater % of profits and have seen a greater decrease in their spot price. (I believe the writer has discussed this in their prior articles.)

Gold Panda profile picture
@Pappel "First, Impala has a stronger focus on PGMs, especially rhodium. Sibanye-Stillwater owns 51% of gold tailings retreatment specialist DRDGOLD (NYSE:DRD) and recently revealed it's buying half of the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project in Nevada for $490 million."

Try to read the whole thing
iggir profile picture
02 Oct. 2021
Funny case when I totally disagree and believe the bearish companies here are bullish in fact and vice versa. It is the time to watch on commodities and buy the dip especially in impala and sbsw with high divs and clear future. And to avoid all chinese and growth shares
Slade_01 profile picture
I suspect that at some point SBSW will be a great opportunity so it is on my watch list.
Gold Panda profile picture
@911Slade most definitely, but timing is everything. In the past two years alone, it went from $10 to $4, then to $20, and then to $12. That's commodities for ya ;)
Gold Panda profile picture
@911Slade if you like PGMs, also keep an eye on Impala, Anglo American, Norilsk, Northam, RBPlat, and Sylvania. The best mine in the whole damn world is Mogalakwena while Marikana sucks

@Gold Panda
Marikana is the "Crown Jewel" with high Rhodium content, the addition of the K4 shafts coming on stream over the next few years.
POC processing distorts it's AISC versus pure mining.
Instigator928 profile picture
I am enjoying your double digit series. Thanks!
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