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Politics And The Markets 10/03/21

Oct. 03, 2021 12:00 AM ET249 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (249)

DigDeep profile picture
For anyone interested, Dr Richard Fleming explains what's happening with the fake vaccines. Go to ~ 1 hr 20 minute mark

GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@DigDeep LOL LOL Not surprised at all you dug deep for this clown/criminal.
And a vid from info wars no less. Wow.

A convicted felon wants people to enroll in a COVID-19 clinical trial. What could go wrong?

Fleming — whose now-deleted Twitter profile said he was an “PhD, MD, JD AND NOW Actor-Singer!!!” — first came to our attention in 2018 when concerns about a different clinical trial he purported to run led to a retraction of one of his papers. That study was republished in a journal that has been labeled predatory, and then, as Elisabeth Bik has noted, republished yet again.

As one Twitter user wondered, we’re curious how Fleming is organizing and funding the study, given that his organization, the Camelot Foundation, appears to be defunct. And as Nick DeVito, studying at Oxford, put it:


Just more proof that internet anti-vaxxers are dangerous, evil and do the work of the devil.
DigDeep profile picture
@GreenEggs&Ham who's evil....could it be Fauci?


What are the acceptable amounts of short term deaths and injuries.
Long term deaths and injuries aren't known yet.....let's just vax away, right?
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@DigDeep COVID is over, time to move on to whatever the next conspiracy theorists are focused on these days. Anti vax is so yesterday.
New York City… may I never, ever have to go back, it is a No-Go zone.

“This ‘Man of Steal’ leads NYC’s record-shattering shoplifting surge with 46 arrests“

But the real-life, allegedly violent bandit has no moniker — just a rap sheet 74 offenses long, dating back to 2015, according to police sources.

The King of Queens Thieves has been arrested 57 times this year alone, including in a vicious stabbing, police sources told The Post.“


Democrats ruin everything they touch.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@AbolishtheFed You probably can't vote from jail or prison; maybe that is why some jurisdictions don't want to keep violent people behind bars?
@AbolishtheFed California has a BETTER overall crime rate than Florida,and Alaska the WORST!!!...everything the American Taliban/QGOP touches turns to CRAP!!!
@crichardt13 California allows theft up to $950 without any repercussions. Their crime is through the roof, it’s just it isn’t considered crime.

“Coordinated crime sprees forcing retailers to close stores, limit hours
California raised threshold for felony from $450 to $950 in stolen goods”


Leftie morons can’t run a state.
John Wilson profile picture
Denver Policeman Crippled After Mandatory Pfizer Shot

Got Pfizer first shot 8/22. That week body aches and pain in legs. Next week became paralyzed. Could not walk less than two weeks after shot.
Age 34; He was healthy, a runner. Got the shot, got paralyzed.

His lawyer is representing others from the Denver police dept that also have covid vaccine injuries. This is not an isolated or "one-off" case.
Henry Miles profile picture
@John Wilson

Odd, MS Bing is reporting that some of the results for the search on this story have been removed: help.bing.microsoft.com/... Also, a direct search on Fox produces no results for this story. Finally, this guy's lawyer, Randy Corporan, is some kind of Republican operative and talk host known to spread conspiracy theories: www.coloradopolitics.com/... John, please research all this and get back to us. Thank you.
Jack T Bonds profile picture
@Henry Miles Yep, there is nothing in any of the vaccines that could cause paralysis. Maybe he and his lawyer are trying to scam Pfizer.
@Henry Miles Well, he got emotional on Fox. "Can't" walk is really "having trouble walking", and he says he couldn't fell his feet after the shot.

The lawyer has a bunch of clients in a similar situation, so there's a push to the story. Guy said his doctor did not diagnose a relationship to the vax, but "likely".
In case anyone forgot… TRUMP 2024
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@AbolishtheFed There is too much work right now distracting away from Obfuscation Joe.

The left ignores every criticism of the Commander in Chief.

Nothing to say when you know how bad he is.

They seem to follow his lead by not acknowledging the herd of elephants in the room.
@AbolishtheFed LOL...never happens and if the jackhole does run,LANDSLIDE BLUE LIKE NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!!...I sort of hope the jackhole does run...LOL
"Kash Patel tells @MariaBartiromo he expects indictments in the next six months on folks like Fusion GPS, Simpson, Page, Strzok, and others at the top. He noted they could also be seeking bigger fish like Andy McCabe and James Comey." twitter.com/...
Jack T Bonds profile picture
@PIRockford Patel doesn't work for DOJ and his words are merely partisan speculation.

"Patel has widely been described as a 'Trump loyalist'. As aide to Devin Nunes, Patel played a key role in helping Republicans attempt to discredit the investigations into Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election." en.wikipedia.org/...
Cases like this seem to be common these days:

Black student is revealed to have written N-word graffiti that called for death of black people and led to walk-out at Missouri high school

A black student scrawled racist graffiti featuring the N-word that led to walk-outs at Parkway Central High School in Missouri, school officials said Tuesday
'HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE,' 'N*****' and other racist phrases were 'all over the stalls, on the ground [and] on the mirrors' in school bathrooms
More than 1,000 students walked out the day after the September 23 incident, passing around a megaphone to share experiences of campus discrimination
'I am sick and tired of people getting racially profiled,' said Catherine Arlena Lopez-Reyes into a bullhorn. 'I just want to say to the school, do better'
'The student responsible is not white,' wrote Superintendent Keith Marty. 'This does not diminish the hurt it caused or impact it has had on our community'
The culprit admitted to the act after the school launched an investigation - they now face 'severe disciplinary consequences' and a 'referral to law enforcement'
Regardless of the new development, the superintendent wrote, 'more work is needed to ensure our school... [is] safe for each student regardless of their race'
'I want to tell the thousands of students who participated [in the walk-outs]: I am proud of you for supporting one another and we heard you loud and clear'


After the black student admitted to having scrawled the graffiti at both schools, the superintendent wrote to parents again, telling them this and saying that he was nevertheless “proud” of the students who protested, for “proactively [leading] walkouts.” He declared: “We remain hurt by the actions of the student, as it does not represent the values of our community.”

It was as if a newspaper in 1938 responded to the hysteria that followed Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast by assuring readers that the risk of an invasion by space aliens was very real, and that the people who panicked were entirely reasonable. If any Parkway Schools official had any spine and could see things clearly amid the prevailing fog of Leftist misinformation and disinformation, he or she would have told parents and students that the incident showed one thing above all: that victimhood is currency today, and the more one has of it, the richer one is. But actual racist incidents are so few and far between that they must be fabricated. The official could have concluded with an appeal to unity and calm, and invited skepticism regarding claims of racism, while pledging to do everything possible against any actual outbreaks of it.

But for that, we would need someone with courage, and such people are getting scarcer by the day.
John Wilson profile picture
@PIRockford "A black student scrawled racist graffiti featuring the N-word that led to walk-outs at Parkway Central High School in Missouri, school officials said Tuesday

Christopher (Great White Supremacist Hunter) Wray, I am sure sent teams of FBI agents to investigate this alleged white supremacist potential case.

There you go: This is what CRT leads to.
@PIRockford this whole racism thing is over. Nobody cares, their is no such thing as racism anymore. All anyone cares about is who goes to work and who doesn’t. That’s all that matters.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@AbolishtheFed I'm prejudice against the lazy and useless.
"Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border are at a 21-year high"


"Most encounters that have occurred in recent months have resulted in expulsion, not apprehension, under a public health order known as Title 42. President Donald Trump’s administration invoked Title 42 in March 2020, arguing that it would slow the domestic spread of the coronavirus by expelling migrants rather than holding them in close quarters in U.S. immigration facilities. Between April 2020 and the end of the Trump administration, more than 80% of monthly migrant encounters at the southwestern border resulted in expulsion rather than apprehension.

(A bar chart showing that a declining share of migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border have resulted in expulsion)

Expulsions have become less common – and apprehensions more common – in the first months of President Joe Biden’s administration. In July, 47% of migrant encounters resulted in expulsion, down from 83% in January, when Biden took office. During the same period, the share of migrant encounters that resulted in apprehension rose from 17% to 53%."
relospecialist profile picture
The John Durham investigation into the origins of the collusion between Russia and the Trump 2016 campaign keeps kicking over cans of buried evidence by the former administration.

Michael Sussmann is facing a SINGLE false statements count in connection with a conversation he had with then-FBI general counsel Jim Baker on Sept. 19, 2016.

Under the Sussmann 'can' is the truth about the Trump Organization computer links to the Russian based Alfa Bank and Putin.

Let the trial begin. Trump was colluding with at a minimum Russian sources for campaign money and support.
@relospecialist Hillary and Putin colluded to come up with a fake dossier on trump. Case closed.

TRUMP 2024
Jack T Bonds profile picture
@AbolishtheFed If the case is closed, you must have some evidence.

Didn't Trump say he was going "lock her up" once he was elected? Did he just forget to do that?
relospecialist profile picture
This will hurt for the usual suspects.

Lt Col Scheller, in a military prison without charge after defying orders to stop posting on social media, yells back at Trump.
‘Your whole family knows nothing about US or our sacrifices. I could never work with you,’

Mr Scheller says of the Trumps’ support, FU.

Jailed marine Stuart Scheller has demanded the Trumps stop helping in his case, saying he would “rather sit in jail” than receive help from the former president.

“President Trump. I was told by everyone to kiss the ring because of your following and power. I refuse. While I respect your foreign policy positions, I hate how you divided the country. I don’t need or want your help,” Mr Scheller wrote on Facebook on the weekend.

Meanwhile supporters of Trump have helped raise more than $1.82m. All of which Trump gets a cut from. Lest we forget Trump has legally protected his rights to using his name in fundraising or for any other commercial use.

@relospecialist over Two million dollars raised for him thanks to TRUMP.



Red Wave started.

TRUMP 2024
crademan profile picture
@relospecialist Lt. Col. Scheller may have mental health issues related to posting on the Internet which he told family he would stop using, but has not been able to refrain from doing. Do you supposed he is confined in a military brig to protect him from doing something rash?

"He promised in a follow-up video that he would resign his commission and refuse any benefits.

That video raised concerns because in it, Scheller invited his followers to help him “bring the whole (expletive) system down.” In a later post, he said they’d do so “in a constitutional manner.”

Earlier this month, he posted video and text messages about plans to prefer a dozen charges of dereliction of duty against the head of U.S. Central Command, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie.

Critics have questioned his methods and his mental health, while supporters have praised him as courageous for sacrificing his military career and retirement for his principles.

His Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts have gained tens of thousands of followers, and his posts routinely get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

At one point, he said friends, family and legal advisers had told him to stop posting and he even went back on his own promise to take a break from social media.

He was detained Monday after violating the Marine Corps’ order to stop, his father Stu Scheller Sr., said in a LinkedIn comment co-signed with his wife Cathy.

Their son’s command “seems to be concerned” about him, but lacks “the tools to support him,” the parents said. They added that “incarceration appears to be their only solution.” www.stripes.com/...
Henry Miles profile picture
California oil spill -- We have the filthy fuel fraternity to thank: www.reuters.com/...
@Henry Miles California should outlaw all fossil fuels! What is that dumbass leftie Gavin Newsom doing? Why does he let fossil fuels be brought into California.

Newsom is more worried about getting enough gel in his hair to worry about the health and safety of California and it’s inhabitants.

Democrats ruin everything they touch.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@Henry Miles I'm glad to know that you are not a part of the problem.
Henry Miles profile picture
Don't you just love Omarosa? - She's always smiling and wearing a pious little cross; a role-model for all of us: www.msn.com/...
Buyandhold 2012 profile picture
@Henry Miles

"Don't you just love Omarosa?"

Of course.

But then again I'm a fan of horror movies.

I loved Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, Frankenstein and Dracula.
Henry Miles profile picture
@Buyandhold 2012

"What if — and hear me out here — we stopped letting two corporate Democrats singlehandedly block every single progressive policy we elected Democrats to pass?" twitter.com/...

When John McCain would break with the GOP he was a maverick, or voting his conscious.

When Democrats break with the DNC they’re sell outs, corporatists, or roadblocks.

As long as you side with the left you’re good. Claws come out when reps actually do their jobs. twitter.com/...

It’s not “two Democrats” obstructing “progressives.” Its fifty-two Senators acting according to Senate rules and the constitution blocking a minority of “progressives” from seizing power.
David Crosetti profile picture

The guys on the left can't stand the idea that someone could possibly have an opinion that is different than their own.

It's because most people on the left have the intellectual capacity of a thimble. To understand that, just look at "being triggered," "free speech zones", attributing racism to everything and anything, needing to make everything Trump's fault, thinking that if they are offended that they can have end games to satisfy them (think Confederate statues, Confederate flags, the American flag, and straight white people).

Arguing with them is fun, but it's an activity with no end. It's hard to convince a rock of anything.
The “f**k Joe Biden” chants “seems to be happening all over. It’s amusing to see Democrats respond by demanding respect for the office, and the separation of politics and sport. Too late guys. Enjoy the new rules you made.

That face you make when conservatives start doing all the things you did to Trump: pjmedia.com/...
David Crosetti profile picture

The best one yet was at Talladega for the NASCAR race. The host was interviewing the winner on the track and the crowd began with "F**k Joe Biden."

The driver looked at the crowd for a moment and a grin appeared on his face as the host said, "They're saying "let's go, Brandon!" as a chant to the driver, who was named "Brandon."

Let's go, Brandon. Indeed.
The wealthy have a larger carbon footprint than their well-off neighbors, multiple studies have confirmed.

According to new research, published Thursday in the journal Nature Energy, they also have a greater ability to enact change.

For the new study, scientists identified five ways in which wealthy, well-connected people disproportionately impact global greenhouse gas emissions.

Because those with higher socioeconomic status bear a greater responsibility for warming trends and have a greater potential to precipitate progress, the authors of the new study insist it's imperative that governments and policy makers find ways to motivate behavioral changes among society's upper echelons.

At the next Davos conference, perhaps Green activists can wreck all the private jets lined up at the airport. To set an example.
Cargo ships anchored off NY and LA face 4-Week wait to berth and trains in Chicago are backed up 25 miles with global supply chain on the brink of collapse: Americans face shortages of cars, shoes and exercise gear as holiday season looms: www.dailymail.co.uk/...
In 1960, Science published a paper by Heinz von Foerster predicting that on Friday, 13 November 2026, the "human population will approach infinity if it grows as it has grown in the last two millennia." Just a few years after this preposterous doomsday alarm, the annual growth of global population peaked at about 2.1 percent and immediately began to decline. By 2020 the growth rate stood at just a bit more than 1 percent, the result of the steadily declining total fertility rate (TFR), the number of children born to a woman during her reproductive period.

In preindustrial societies this rate stood commonly at 5 or higher; during the United States' baby-boom years (1945–1964) its rate peaked at about 3.2. The replacement rate in developed countries is roughly 2.1 children per woman. Some affluent nations have had below-replacement TFRs for several decades (Germany since 1970, Italy since 1976), but this fertility retreat has now deepened to such an extent that substantial population declines by 2050 are now inescapable in at least a quarter of the world's nations.

Ten thousand years ago there were perhaps just 5 million people on Earth—too few, it would have seemed, to become the dominant species. Now we are closing in on 8 billion, and the total may peak at more than 10 billion. We may start losing that global primacy sooner than we think, leaving more room for bacteria, birds, and bears.
David Crosetti profile picture

As Buzz Lightyear said, "To infinity and beyond."
Georgia State Rep. Donna McLeod (D) told an interviewer a statue of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is even more offensive for her than one of a Confederate general. Thomas was an appointee of George Bush Sr. during his presidency and served the United States Supreme Court bench for over three decades.

"I'd rather them keep a Confederate monument than a statue of Clarence Thomas. That's how much I don't like the idea," McLeod told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Despite McLeod's comments, a proposal has been formally introduced to honor Thomas's career and accomplishments with a statue. State Sens. Ben Watson, Brian Strickland and Jason Anavitarte, among others, introduced the motion considered by the wider legislative body.

Besides serving as a Supreme Court Justice, he championed his conservative stances on issues and his legal opinions that intend to preserve the spirit and letter of the US Constitution.

Americans left of center have repeatedly campaigned against him over the decades. He recently had a bio-documentary made about him that Amazon unceremoniously removed.

The Left cannot tolerate a successful independent black man- that is unacceptable. Why is the Left such a cesspit of racism? It's a hallmark of so-called progressive America that only Blacks are allowed to make such toxic comments. And nobody can criticize them because they're of the anointed race.
David Crosetti profile picture

I believe that in Donna's family tree, there were a few bad apples that owned Negroes for entertainment. The reason for her offense of a Clarence Thomas statue is rooted in her own racism toward the "black man."

Democrats don't like their Negroes leaving the plantation these days anymore than they did back in the 1850's.
The senior leaders at Gannett’s flagship newspaper, USA TODAY, have surrendered their objectivity, independence and impartiality to an anti-gun group that wants to strip law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights.

After Joe Biden’s ATF nominee, David Chipman, was rejected by the Senate, these editors allowed their newspaper to be used by Chipman’s supporters – who are working in their own newsroom – to rewrite the narrative of Chipman’s aborted confirmation, and the editors are not letting their highly touted journalism ethics get in the way.

For USA TODAY, this is nothing new. It’s all part of an incestuous partnership the newspaper has with the Trace – the propaganda arm of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun empire.

The Trace describes itself as the “only newsroom dedicated to reporting on gun violence.” It has slick digital packages that are chockfull of stories, photos and videos, so it’s easy to confuse the Trace with an actual news website. But a news site it is not. The Trace supplies propaganda for Bloomberg’s other anti-gun groups, which include Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, as well as any members of the media willing to cut and paste their stories.

The Trace advocates for more restrictive gun laws, but their message is a lot slicker than the handmade signs carried by Demanding Moms and Everytown supporters. Reporters at the Trace are activists, not journalists. They advocate for more gun control. That’s their job.

"The problem for USA TODAY is that by allowing Bloomberg’s activists to participate in the reporting and editing process, their work product can no longer be called news. It is propaganda – anti-gun rights propaganda.

Trump wants Pulitzers awarded for Russia collusion reporting revoked:

relospecialist profile picture

Amazing you would post that comment.

It shows Trump is not being censored without social media access.
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