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Politics And The Markets 10/05/21

Oct. 05, 2021 12:00 AM ET533 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (533)

Bin there dun that profile picture
We're going down again tomorrow.
Welcome to Bear Market 2021.
Jack T Bonds profile picture
@Bin there dun that My portfolio is up today. Helps to have investments in renewable energy stocks.

Why do you post comments on a page from a week ago?
Bin there dun that profile picture
If *I* had been president, the minute I was aware that Covid had come from China, I would have prohibited ALL FLIGHTS FROM CHINA from ever being allowed to disembark in the USA.
F the consequences.
THAT was Trump's biggest mistake: allowing flights from China to arrive in the USA.
Next, I would have nuked Beijing.
F with us and we will F U UP!
"Peace, love, dove," MY ASS!
But, traitor Milley was ready to tip off our mortal enemies.
What a f'd up mess we have for a country, thanks to the DNC.
Even FDR would have agreed with me.
FDR, a staunch Democrat.
HE knew what to do when the US was sneak-attacked.
From Russia With Love profile picture
@Bin there dun that Nuclear war between America and China will be good for rest of planet.

President Putin will lead world out of shadow and into light.
Bin there dun that profile picture
@From Russia With Love
We could stand to lose more of the population.
China could stand to lose A LOT MORE OF THE POPULATION.
In the spirit of Jonathan Swift's, "A Modest Proposal", I even suggest that every person over 65 y.o. should off themselves.
Take the burden off Medicare and SS.
People these days are living too long.
Bad for the environment.
If Stalin couldn't do it, why do you think Putin can?
Henry Miles profile picture
@From Russia With Love

Some very flattering front-page press today on Dmitry Muratov's Nobel Peace Prize. You and your comrades should be very proud; congratulations!
Doesn’t Biden have more pressing matters then flying to Chicago to tout his vaccine mandate?
I guess anything to keep him from causing more real harm is a good thing…
Biden’s failure in Afghanistan has repercussions…

“The CIA sent a top-secret cable warning agents that too many informants were getting killed or turned into double agents, report says”


I’m guessing it was General Benedict Milley that ratted out the CIA to the Chinese. He is americas worst traitor in decades.
From Russia With Love profile picture
@AbolishtheFed CIA is amateur and obsolete and should be disbanded, like NATO. Everyone know about these deficiencies before Milley is in charge of military.

Is funny. Visit my cubicle and I will showing you list of American spies and informants in Russia. We will have many laugh!
Do Senators Hawley and Cotton think it appropriate for parents to threaten teachers and administrators and board members verbally and/or physically? The asinine comments from these two would seem to indicate that they do. I know they claim the DoJ should not be involved but unless state and local courts are going to slap down these parents with fines and jail then someone has to do so. This is not a matter of parental free speech rights.
@tewright2012 what was said? I hadn’t heard anything threatening at all. Snowflakes are always ready to cry about something I guess.
John Wilson profile picture
@tewright2012 How is being outspoken at a school board meeting a Federal offense that the FBI needs to investigate?
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@John Wilson

Men charged after allegedly threatening principal with zip ties over COVID-19 protocol


Big tough men... the principal was a woman.
It would appear that Mitch blinked just a little bit.
@tewright2012 it’s called being reasonable and giving the other side some time. That’s something the dirty democrats don’t do.
julesvern333 profile picture
What a terrible idea! Resist this Tyra oval BS!
I see SA gave us a pressure release valve with this forum to bitch about the absolute insanity we are all witnessing right now.

Who is ready to vaccinate some infants? Selfish infants are the reason we can’t go back to normal.

Put a needle in them and fire their vaccine passport up, we’re doing this!
DigDeep profile picture
Biden admin failing (on purpose it seems) to understand the health consequences of the alpha strain targeted mRNA vaccine. Hospitals are filling up with the fully vaccinated. Fauci's attempt to take over our immune systems with chemicals, biologics and dna/rna altering clot shots - marches on. Gullible watchers of the bought and paid for MSM are at risk.

@DigDeep Bullpucky. The hospitals are still having overloads from those not vaccinated and young people who have not received a vaccination though there are some with breakthrough illnesses.
Henry Miles profile picture

So, she's not going to speculate but you're just fine playing the blame and shame game with Biden, Fauci, et al. as your targets. Did I get that right?; I don't want to misrepresent your judgments.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
childrenshealthdefense is a conspiracy theory pseudo science website that puts out anti vaccine information with little facts and often complete flat out lies.

Children's Health Defense is an American activist group mainly known for anti-vaccine activities and has been identified as one of the main sources of misinformation on vaccines

In step with the QAnon movement, their Instagram promotes the "Great Reset" theory and identifies "Big Pharma" as part of "the real deep state

It targets the most gullible and unintelligent of society to get clicks for selling ads.

Despite its messaging impeding the government's efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, Children's Health Defense received $145,400 in federally backed small business loans through the Paycheck Protection Program from JPMorgan Chase in 2020.

A study found Children's Health Defense was one of major buyers of anti-vaccine Facebook advertising in December 2018 and February 2019

It is a website where conspiracy theorists look for new fodder to spread across the internet.

childrenshealthdefense is doing the work of the devil.

Yesterday our anti-vaxxer posted a youtube vid form of all places Infowars given by a known criminal.

Todays source??-->

Kim has more recently been in the business of spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness. Really sad to see someone with real prospects for being a legitimate journalist go down the rabbit hole of being willing to say anything to milk the conspiracy theorist contingent of American society. In this case of COVID-19, real people will die because of her misinformation videos (the woman who lives in the apartment across the hall from me refused to get vaccinated because of Kim’s demonstrably false claims in her YouTube videos about COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness).

As I wrote, these websites target the fringe of society. Those who are easily duped and can't think for themselves. They prefer to be fed a constant barrage of conspiracy theories.
They clearly need help.
own_account profile picture
Recent studies show that if you get vaccinated for covid a meteor will hit you. Count me out!!!
Biden's America:

"Leftist activists can come to your house with bullhorns. Film you in the bathroom. Loot your business. Burn police stations. The FBI does nothing.

But if conservative parents raise their voices at a school board meeting, they’re hunted down as terrorists."

The law is dead. twitter.com/...
@PIRockford they did more than you think
They got to get on top of the wash out
It will come out of the laundry 🧺
techy46 profile picture
@Namron Damron

The Social Democrats better find someone better then Biden/Harris.

"Haley is expected to offer her own personal experience, and will say she hasn’t "just seen the American story," but has "lived the American story."

"Take it from me, the first female and first minority governor of South Carolina… America is not a racist country," Haley is expected to say. "As a Brown girl, growing up in a small Southern town, I saw the promise of America unfold before me."

"As governor of South Carolina, I saw our state move beyond hate and violence, and unite to take down a flag that did not belong at our state Capitol," Haley will say, referring to her signing a law in 2015 that removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol. The move came after Dylann Roof murdered nine members of a historically Black church in Charleston.

Shifting to her work in the Trump administration as ambassador to the United Nations, Haley is set to say that she saw "that America is still the standard."

"Where we lead, the world follows," Haley is expected to say. "When we speak, the world listens."

Divi-It-Up profile picture
@techy46 Biden; impaired by age.
@techy46 your a good productive student brother Techy
@techy46 And she removed the Confederate flag from the statehouse. Thus she is disqualified as at least 20% of Republicans still have it on the walls of their dens. Yeah, yeah, I am being sarcastic. But she would most certainly be better than Trump.
Biden Administration Reverses Trump Ban: Abortion Back On The Menu At Taxpayer Clinics

President Joe Biden’s administration reversed former President Donald Trump’s ban on taxpayer-funded abortions this week.

“Our nation’s family planning clinics play a critical role in delivering health care, and today more than ever, we are making clear that access to quality family planning care includes accurate information and referrals — based on a patient’s needs and direction,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, who has a radical pro-abortionist track record, said in a statement.

Under Trump, any facilities that kill babies in the womb were not entitled to direct Title X federal funding, and taxpayer-funded services such as pregnancy tests, birth control, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases had to be “physically and financially separate from facilities that perform abortions.”

The 2019 policy also stopped centers from referring people directly to clinics to get an abortion. Planned Parenthood chose to leave the program because of it.

The administration threatened to scale back the Trump policy earlier this year when Biden wrote a memo claiming that the ban put “women’s health at risk by making it harder for women to receive complete medical information.” Beginning Nov. 8 under Biden’s new rule, however, taxpayers will be funding facilities that proudly abort unborn babies.

The change is framed by officials such as the assistant secretary for health, Dr. Rachel Levine, as a way to “provide quality family planning services to more clients,” but pro-life activists say it is detrimental.

“Abortion is the destruction of innocent human life, not ‘family planning,’” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser in a statement. “The strong majority of Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion on demand. The Protect Life Rule respected their will, as well as the plain statutory language of Title X – yet from day one, Joe Biden and his administration have worked to pay back the abortion lobby that spent millions to elect them.”
techy46 profile picture

Could abortion be the fuse that lights the next Civil War?
@techy46 if steel was building cargo container there be no civil war
More like silent spring
Don not Joe not Vlad not Xi not I’m in charge here now !
Bikers for Biden
Kill Jack d stocks and and Don you thieves m.youtube.com/...
Destructive idiot thieves
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Donald Trump's Plan to Use $3.6 Billion for Border Wall

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday advised a lower court to reconsider earlier decisions that blocked an estimated $3.6 billion from being used for construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall championed by former President Donald Trump.

After taking office in January, President Joe Biden has sought to halt funding for the border wall construction that was pushed by his predecessor. The Biden administration had argued that the Supreme Court did not need to weigh in on the border wall funding case because the project was closed down by the new administration.

But the Court's Monday ruling called for a reassessment of the case, given the new circumstances under which the project is being considered and with a different administration in the White House.

The Supreme Court returned the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit "with instructions to direct the District Court to vacate its judgments," the Supreme Court wrote in its Monday order.

"The District Court should consider what further proceedings are necessary and appropriate in light of the changed circumstances in this case," the Supreme Court added. The Court did not provide an explanation for its decision beyond mentioning the change in circumstances under which the case has been considered.

IMO, only an injunction was issued and stayed by the District Court, and the stay was later reversed by the Appeals Court thereby halting construction, so the SCOTUS is telling the District Court to vacate its judgements as to the injunction, not the merits of the case which would seem moot now since Biden has stopped all construction. So this Newsweek headline seems a bit overstated as a Trump win, sorry to say.
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