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Politics And The Markets 10/21/21

Oct. 21, 2021 12:00 AM ET669 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (669)

captainfancypants profile picture
So funny to read all the hate the left still harbors for Trump. I want to see him run and win again in 2024 just to watch them melt down again.
C. King Alpha Flunkie profile picture
@captainfancypants Do you also enjoy reading all the hate that the right and center harbor for Trump?

I am enjoying the huge meltdown by the Trumpistas. I have no doubt the Democrats would love to see Bunker Boy run again.
captainfancypants profile picture
Even the arduous Trump supporter recognizes his dishonesty, but WE are willing to overlook it if he does a good job. The standard politician is also extremely dishonest but does not have the bluster of Trump so Trump is an easy target. A strong percentage of voters simply despise politicians and rightfully so. I find it comical how people ‘like’ a particular politician. They don’t care about anything or anybody, they just want votes.
C. King Alpha Flunkie profile picture
@captainfancypants "Even the arduous Trump supporter recognizes his dishonesty"

None of the Trump supporters on these boards recognize it. Where are you seeing it?

By the way, "arduous" means "demanding great effort or labor; difficult," as in "an arduous task." How can a Trump supporter be "arduous"?
Entropy4Free profile picture

"Even the arduous Trump supporter recognizes his dishonesty, but WE are willing to overlook it if he does a good job."

What you consider a "good job" is another's train wreck.

"The standard politician is also extremely dishonest but does not have the bluster of Trump so Trump is an easy target."

Translation: All politicians are the same so get behind the strong authoritarian dictator, because they are the boldest con men, and that's what I'm looking for to lead me.

Well then Captain, put on your fancy pants and do the dictator Trumpy dance and attempt to piss away my Republic. It's not going to happen on my watch.

"A strong percentage of voters simply despise politicians and rightfully so. I find it comical how people ‘like’ a particular politician. They don’t care about anything or anybody, they just want votes.

You're wrong again.
See: en.wikipedia.org/...


even better:


Katie Porter for President in 2024

I love Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) because she truly cares about U.S.

Your blanket statements about all politicians being corrupt is what I find entertaining. Easy for you to say, but impossible for you to prove, because it's simply not true.

My conclusion:
You admit Trump is absolutely corrupt. You like him and his policies so much that you don't care about corruption, even if it means The United States of America turns into the new Russia (USSR) circa 1917

Authoritarianism is the principle of blind submission to authority, as opposed to individual freedom of thought and action. In government, authoritarianism denotes any political system that concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally responsible to the body of the people.

I'd love to read your take on what I wrote. I'll be waiting with bated breath.
captainfancypants profile picture
@Entropy4Free Whenever an outsider gains control, the people holding the reigns go nuts as you saw. The left extorted this country into voting for a senile old man. Burning buildings, knocking down statues and civil unrest all with the cooperation of the MSM demonstrates the left’s thirst for power. They are the worst that this country has to offer.
I guess all the racist police killings stopped as we don’t hear much about that anymore....oh yeah, it’s not an election year.
DoubleD44 profile picture
Trump's executive privilege claim in Capitol riot case gets Nov. 4 hearing

Namron Damron profile picture
@DoubleD44 will be interesting.
@DoubleD44 @Namron Damron

We can be confident of the outcome. The judge (Tanya Chutkan) was appointed by Obama. She has ruled several times against the Trump DOJ in the past.

She will rule against Trump's "executive privilege" claim. Trump will have to appeal, and I wish him luck (he'll need it).

(for the right-wingers on here: Hon. Chutkan was assigned the case randomly)
DoubleD44 profile picture
Former FBI agent of 21 years: These are the 8 biggest "warning signs" that reveal a dishonest person..

Pinguino Investments profile picture
@DoubleD44 "Debating tactics are just a string of tricks that can be shockingly ineffective in manipulating people. Some of the worst include: Attacking people instead of ideas, using insinuation and innuendo, playing on fears, being sarcastic and dismissive, scapegoating, changing the subject and labeling people."

Exactly the tactics used by the Trumplings on these very pages. Fortunately, as the agent points out, they are "shockingly ineffective."
C. King Alpha Flunkie profile picture
At least three of them give indications that they have been trained in those tactics. But given how ineffective they are, it's a wonder that they think they have any skills of persuasion whatsoever.

It's like their instructions say, "When in doubt, call the other side 'Hitler,' belittle them as much as possible, give them a nasty nickname, or just change the subject and write 'Trump/DeSantis 2024!'." LOL.
@Pinguino Investments Spoken as a true Leftist - accuse the other side of what you are guilty of. Happens time after time after time!
It may not have actually been PT Barnum who said a sucker is born every minute but, were it he and he lived today, it would be a "sucker born every second" as evidenced by the Trump Social Media SPAC.
techy46 profile picture

Oh, when the ad com bubble bursts it's going to be real ugly.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@techy46 The ads will only slow down if anything. They will never go away.
techy46 profile picture

Disagree, we now have technology to filter all internet content locally.

Somebody, somewhere is working on an AD Blocker plus to defend us.

They have no right to test what's on my devices to determine my apps.

I should have the right to control all content displaying on my devices.
Scootrd profile picture
Right-wing radio host Rick Wiles says Covid vaccines hatch eggs that grow into synthetic parasites within body.

“They’re putting eggs in people’s bodies. If you didn’t see yesterday’s TruNews, you need to watch it. It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body. This is like sci-fi nightmare, and it’s happening in front of us.”

Wow... Just Wow.. This is the stuff folks like Abolish and Blue get their news.
John Wilson profile picture
@Scootrd The use the word "eggs" but that is because they don't know what else to call it. More than one doctor or scientist has observed this.
Here is an article that has more info.
I would say, not alive, but appears to be some sort of nano-bot.

All I am saying is I would research it further and not just dismiss it.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@John Wilson "
All I am saying is I would research it further and not just dismiss it."

Yes, we are all quite certain you will research it further. It is right up your alley of pursuit.
Like your take on the Nashville bombing among other things.

Maybe your source Alex Jones will have some good information on it.

Btw, from JW's link and of course no surprise...

"I do not speak French, but the Second Video below has English subtitles and it came from Conspiracy Café BlogSpot that describes the Thing as an Aluminum Life-form."

Yup, "Conspiracy Café BlogSpot"

nuff said
Pinguino Investments profile picture
@John Wilson thinks vaccines contain nanobots/synthetic parasites. That has got to be one of the wackiest comments ever. Don’t you see the conspiracy theory peddlers are making things up to dissuade the ignorant and gullible from being vaccinated? This is tin foil hat stuff. You’d have to be a loony to even suggest researching it further.
David Crosetti profile picture
Members of the audience at CNN’s Thursday town hall could be heard laughing when President Joe Biden appeared to lose his train of thought.

Biden was giving an answer to moderator Anderson Cooper about the Democrats’ plan to expand Medicare – making it so that the program would cover dental, vision and hearing – and he pivoted mid-sentence, apparently trying to reel himself back in.

WATCH: dailycaller.com/...
“One of the other things that Democrats are looking to do is to expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing as well,” Cooper began, asking whether those three items would survive the negotiations going on within the Democratic Party.

“That’s a reach. And the reason why it’s a reach, it’s not – I think it’s a good idea,” Biden replied, saying that he supported the idea but Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin opposed it. “As is I think Senator Sinema –”

“Opposed to all of them?” Cooper asked.

“Opposed to all three. Because they don’t want – he says he doesn’t want to further burden Medicare so that – because it will run out of its ability to maintain itself in the next number of years. There’s ways to fix that. But he’s not interested in that part either,” Biden continued, pausing briefly to defend Manchin.

“But look, Joe’s not a bad guy. He’s a friend. And he’s always at the end of the day come around and voted. But here’s the point. We’re in a situation now where if you are in a circumstance that you’re not able to provide – let me cut to the chase. I’m taking too long,” Biden said, seeming to lose his train of thought as he tried to get back to the topic at hand and prompting laughs from the audience.
The evening was a fun time for everyone but Biden.
Henry Miles profile picture
@David Crosetti

President Biden was/is rolling with it; you can't. (You must have lost your train of thought multiple times to buy all those houses, cars, planes, and whatnot.)
@David Crosetti Its amazing me to anyone at a site dedicated to fruits of capitalism supports Biden. The infrastructure bill is a left wing mess of wasteful utopian spending and all Biden cares about is pushing through something he can have for his name and his legacy. He could care less about a functioning economy. He more than willing to raise taxes at time when inflation is increasing which will only make American business less competitive. Yet all people seem to care about is whatever woke nonsense about race or sex makes them feel like a good person. Altruism, particularly cheap altruism, is the bane of our society.
Henry Miles profile picture

You're confusing 'feeling like a good person' with being a good person; common mistake of rightwingers. (Incidentally, it's okay to be a socially sensitive capitalist; I'm one:)
Henry Miles profile picture
CDC approved the Moderna booster today including for those of us over 65. Just completed scheduling my appointment with Walgreens for Sunday. All forms completed and filed online; the whole process took 10 minutes!
@Henry Miles Great to hear, Henry. I’m not old enough for a booster but I wish I was. I’m undertaking a long haul flight in January and I’d like to be sure of my protection levels. Maybe they’ll lower the age by then (I live in Europe).
Scootrd profile picture
While watching Den/Cle game thought I would take a few minute to compile a list for Bannon of common prison slang to help him get acclimated day one after intake.

All Day: A life sentence, as in “I’m doin' all day.”
Bug Juice: Intoxicants or depressant drugs.
Kite: A letter.
Peels: The orange jumpsuit he will be wearing
Jacket: An inmate’s information file or rap sheet
Taking it to the hoop or packing the rabbit: To hide contraband in one’s rectum
Beef: A criminal charge
Bum Beef: A false accusation/charge
Ride Leg: To be friendly with or suck up to staff in order to get favors.
Cell Warrior: An inmate that runs their mouth when locked in their cell, but cowardly when in the yard.

This one will be of most importance for pudgy Little Stevie -
RIDE WITH: To do favors for a fellow convict, often including sexual ones, in exchange for protection.

Sure hope you end up riding with a big angry black dude. To pass the time maybe you can build a wall and have the guards pay for it.
Entropy4Free profile picture

Oh man.

Damn baby.
@Scootrd you have somehow managed to make a racist post against someone you probably think is racist. congrats on this acheivement.
Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted to Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) that he was not aware of the violent assault mounted October 14 by Left-wing extremists against the Department of Interior headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

AG Garland Says He’s “Not Aware” Zuckerberg Poured Over $400 Million To Interfere In The 2020 Presidential Election And Takeover Polling Places

AG Garland said he’s “not familiar” with the Loudoun County sexual assault scandal.

AG Merrick Garland Admits Federal War On Parents Sprang From School Boards Letter, Not Evidence.

This is the guy we kept off the Supreme Court. Thank God!
In the fake media narrative, those resisting the vaccine mandates are all Trump-supporting snake handlers from Appalachia, or something like that. But real life, as happens so often, doesn’t track the fake media narrative.

In fact, much of the resistance comes from people like airline pilots, health professionals and air-traffic controllers, none of whom can fit the stereotype of uneducated rubes.

But perhaps the most interesting and determined resistance to vaccine mandates comes from those who are usually tasked with enforcing government mandates: police. Across the country, officers are refusing the shot and daring their bosses to make them take it.
President Biden and the Democrats are hoping to pass their huge “infrastructure” bill and are doing their best to cause another panic about climate change in the process to scare up public support. The media’s also helping out with the attempt to cause great concern about what climate change might bring, and here’s the DCist’s contribution:

"Imagine seeing the Lincoln Memorial surrounded by churning Potomac waters, or only being able to access the Pentagon by boat.

This is what D.C. might look like if the world continues its current greenhouse gas emission levels:" dcist.com/... twitter.com/...
— DCist (@DCist) October 21, 2021

Can we get all of DC submerged? Because I’m all for that.
Yesterday’s Netflix walkout was overshadowed a bit by a counter-protester who showed up with a sign that read “Jokes are funny.” That counter-protester is a comedian named Vito Gesualdi who makes videos and has a podcast. While he was there supporting Dave Chappelle’s right to make jokes, Vito was photographed by an Associated Press photographer named Damian Dovarganes. The shot Dovarganes got of him is really pretty great, but the caption that went along with it is another matter. It read, “Comedian and videographer Vito Gesualdi screams profanities as he engages with peaceful protesters begging him to leave…” Vito took issue with that description last night.

This afternoon, it was pointed out that it’s possible to identify the exact moment when this photo was taken and because we can do that, we can also tell that the caption is absolutely false.

The caption isn’t even the only lie being told about this moment. There’s a tweet from Variety which makes Vito the aggressor.

In case you missed it yesterday, here’s the video of Vito Gesualdi from the moment both of these photos were taken. The AP is literally reporting he was screaming profanities when he a) didn’t use a single one and b) the woman holding the tambourine in front of him is shouting “Repent motherf***er!” over and over. How do you manage to get it this wrong? https://youtu.be/y9h6F6bJRVs

Wait, I’m remembering something...an image from a public confrontation that gets taken out of context...the media runs with the false narrative that suits them. Gee, where have I seen this all before? Oh, right.

"CNN's coverage of their Covington Catholic settlement was really...something" https://t.co/L5FpKpQyHe pic.twitter.com/F3ocoHqZrR
— Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw) January 8, 2020

The media hasn’t learned anything it seems. The AP needs to issue a speedy correction and an apology.

Update: Vito just posted the retraction/correction issued by the AP. It reads in part, “Corrects caption to remove reference to Gesualdi using profanities, which he did not do at the moment the image was made. Also removes reference to protesters being peaceful because one protester destroyed his sign.” So the new caption reads (in part):

"Comedian and videographer Vito Gesualdi shouts at people protesting against Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special outside the Netflix building in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles..."

Not mentioned are that Gesualdi’s co-host who was also there had his head shoved into a concrete planter or that the woman holding the tambourine in the photo was shouting “Repent motherf***er!” If profanities were worth mentioning when Vito allegedly said them why aren’t they worth mentioning when they were directed at him? Here’s what an accurate caption would sound like.

"Comedian and videographer Vito Gesualdi says he loves Dave Chappelle as protesters shout profanities at him outside the Netflix building in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles..."

Just one more example of why the AP is fake news.
""I'm not aware of what you're talking about."


Garland claims he has no idea that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg poured over $400 million to interfere in the 2020 presidential election and takeover polling places" twitter.com/...

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) October 21, 2021

Former Supreme Court nominee lies without hesitation.
C. King Alpha Flunkie profile picture
@PIRockford Did Liz Harrington ever complain when Sheldon Adelson, Peter Thiel and the Koch Brothers poured hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections? And did she call that "interference"?

Just checking to see if she is a neutral, non-partisan commentator.
John Wilson profile picture
He needs to be shamed out of office. No one is that stupid. He is selectively protecting the woke and progressive agenda and weaponizing the DoJ against public school parents. They have become the Gestapo.
C. King Alpha Flunkie profile picture
@John Wilson The DOJ hasn't been weaponized against public school parents. The Gestapo? You have a tendency to go off the deep end.
A recent poll from the University of New Hampshire found that 45% of likely Democrat voters in their first-in-the-nation 2024 primary would like to see President Joe Biden be challenged, showing the first signs of dissatisfaction within the state.

The granite state poll found that only 29% would prefer to see Biden run unopposed in the primary, with an additional 26% who said they either “don’t know” or are “not sure.”

Within the state, only 34% are favorable of the president, with a majority (53%) finding Biden unfavorable, 13% were neutral on the question.

The latest Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center was taken between October 14 and 18. There were 1,061 respondents who answered the question, which has a margin of +/- three percentage points. For the likely Democrat voters, the questions had 427 respondents with a margin of plus or minus 4.7 percentage points.
Education advocacy group Parents Defending Education (PDE) filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Wellesley Public Schools (WPS) in Massachusetts, alleging the school district participates in racial segregation and suppression of First Amendment rights.

At issue under the allegations of racial segregation are WPS’s “‘affinity group’ meetings that are open to some students, but closed to others, based solely on the races and ethnicities of the students involved.” The lawsuit notes that “A racial affinity group is commonly defined as ‘a group of people sharing a common race who gather with the intention of finding connection, support, and inspiration.'” However, these groups also “by definition, exclude individuals of certain racial groups,” according to the filing.

This sort of advocacy for racial segregation has become more commonplace with the recent push for Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools. According to the lawsuit, “WPS administrators and teachers repeatedly instructed that the affinity group meeting was not for white students.”

PDE also alleges First Amendment violations against WPS.

“WPS has displayed a similar disregard for students’ First Amendment rights,” the lawsuit says. “WPS has adopted a policy in which it punishes student speech that is ‘biased,’ which includes any student speech that is ‘offensive,’ has an ‘impact’ on others, ‘treats another person differently,’ or ‘demonstrates conscious or unconscious bias.'”

At issue here is WPS’s “bias response teams,” which PDE describes as “living up to their Orwellian name” because they “encourage students to monitor their peers’ speech and report incidents of ‘bias’ to school officials.”

As the policing appears to extend to non-school activities, WPS also claims it will notify the Anti-Defamation League and Wellesley Police about bias incidents “when relevant.”

“Nearly seven decades of Supreme Court precedent have made two things clear: Public schools cannot segregate students by race, and students do not abandon their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gate,” the lawsuit declares. “WPS is flouting both of these principles.”
Scootrd profile picture
"I am your voice, I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order". - Donald Trump

Just send me more $$.
Trump - The miracle spring water Peter Popoff of Politics.
Entropy4Free profile picture

Wow...Peter Popoff. I caught about 5 minutes of one of his b.s. Sunday Talks about four years ago at around 5:00 A.M.
The epitome of fools and their $ soon parting company.
crademan profile picture
Cow's milk is the perfect food for an average baby Holstein calf weighing 80 pounds at birth to drink. A nursing calf doubles its weight in two months, triples its weight in 3 months, quadruples its weight in 5 months and quintuples its weight in 6 months. The nursing calf will weigh about 575 - 653 pounds at 10 months when most cows will naturally wean their calves. howmonk.com/...

Fact number 1: Cow's milk is designed by Mother Nature to make calves gain weight rapidly.

Fact number 2: Disease organisms that may be spread via cow's milk include viruses, fungi, parasites, and "The list of bacteria which can be responsible for milk-borne diseases is long and it includes Brucella spp, Campylobacter jejuni,9 Bacillus cereus, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (E. coli O157:H7), Coxiella burnetii, Listeria monocytogenes, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium bovis, Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis, Salmonella spp, Yersinia enterocolitica, and certain strains of Staphylococcus aureus which are capable of producing highly heat-stable toxins." www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/...

It's your body, it's your choice.

Are you familiar with Louis Pasteur? There’s a process he pioneered to make our food safe. It’s called pasteurization. It’s illegal to sell milk in the US that has NOT been pasteurized.

Have you noticed that most recent food recalls have been of plant origin?
crademan profile picture
@FDT7595 "Are you familiar with Louis Pasteur?"
Yes, I know about pasteurization. It has saved many people from food poisoning.

"Have you noticed that most recent food recalls have been of plant origin?"
Yes, both plant and animal foods may be contaminated with disease organisms.

In 2021 outbreaks of food borne illnesses in the US have been traced to:
"Seafood – Salmonella Thompson
Onions – Salmonella Oranienburg
Italian-Style Meats – Salmonella Infections
Cake mix – E. coli O121
Prepackaged Salads – Salmonella Typhimurium
Fully Cooked Chicken – Listeria monocytogenes
Frozen Cooked Shrimp – Salmonella Weltevreden
Raw Frozen Breaded Stuffed Chicken Products – Salmonella Enteritidis
Cashew Brie – Salmonella Duisburg
Ground Turkey – Salmonella Hadar
Queso Fresco – Listeria monocytogenes
Unknown Food Source – E. coli O157:H7"

@crademan Bad meat has always killed far more Americans than terrorism. But cheer up, good meat kills even more.
DoubleD44 profile picture
Brian Laundrie’s parents show up to “help search” and Laundrie’s dad just so happens to wander off trail and find a bag only 20 yards away. This whole thing is shady. Very shady
@DoubleD44 D, like I've mused on here that he went out there to do himself in and they found the backpack and parts of him. Really, it's just like I figured would turn out.

If she wasn't white, young, and photogenic, this would have all happened with no press. At all.

He's sick (and dead, now, of course), and should have just done himself in and left a note! No good reason to kill the girl.
Entropy4Free profile picture
t to the point@daustin97222

Let's just get to the point quick.

Jesus dude, you don't fuck around.

That message is a "straight shooter."
Pun intended.

I'm thinking he's some gators lunch.
@Entropy4Free Well, that's right. He's thinking: "I'm not gonna squirm sitting on Ol' Sparky, so I'll just disappear"
DoubleD44 profile picture
Thousands of parents of missing girls of color will rest easy tonight because thanks to the diligence of law enforcement, the white man accused of murder has been found…
crademan profile picture
@DoubleD44 All of us have seen TV and Internet reports repeated over and over about the recent beautiful young, blonde white girl who went missing this fall.

Can you name a missing old person, a missing ugly young person, a missing mentally ill person, a missing disabled person, or a missing person of color of any age or sex?

"Over 600,000 individuals go missing in the United States every year.[1] Fortunately, many missing children and adults are quickly found, alive and well. However, tens of thousands of individuals remain missing for more than one year – what many agencies consider “cold cases”.

It is estimated that 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered each year, with approximately 1,000 of those bodies remaining unidentified after one year.[2]" https://namus.nij.ojp.gov
@crademan Exactly!! Young, white, pretty. Gets the press. Native American? Old guy like me?
John Wilson profile picture
@DoubleD44 "the white man accused of murder has been found"
Who go arrested?
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