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Politics And The Markets 10/26/21

Oct. 26, 2021 12:00 AM ET341 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (341)

One could easily think that a Hybrid would be a more logical choice.
But is it?
With a Hybrid, there are two liabilities (engine and battery), not just one.

Still, Hybrids have their place if you buy highly reliable ones, and I would not rule them out, and I could buy one.
But if unsure, this puts some in the position of choosing an ICE or Battery as a first choice.
What would I do if a one car family?

Presently, I would still choose the ICE, but if I added a second car, all else equal, it would be a an EV.
As things change, I will change my views, but that is the way it looks to me right now.
Autonomous vehicles are still in the future for wide scale use, as accidents will cause them to progress in fits and starts. It may not be pretty.

They also can be used for nefarious purposes, and that has been considered by very few people.

Will I ever own a an autonomous pure EV vehicle?
It's possible, but not anytime soon.
What is going on here Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs is being threatened along with her family because she’s doing her job about the election results, people should stop acting like they have the actual results when they are not involved and stop listening to a sore loser ex-president DJTrump he does not have the actual results, he can’t swallow his loss and that’s his problem. How dumb are people doing the dirty work for DJTrump he’s not Jesus like some of you believe. DJTrump is flawed and dumb and that’s why he lost the 2020 election, it didn’t take much time to figure out.
crademan profile picture
@born_to_run Arizonans just got back from the Las Vegas QAnon conference where they found out their orders. www.reviewjournal.com/...
@born_to_run Jussie Smollet taught her everything she knows about being threatened.
@born_to_run I hope they find,arrest,try,convict and jail the retrumpliCONS who threaten Hobbs...they are DESPICABLE MORONS!!!
Sinoma is now on board over a 15% corporate tax for corporations making one billion dollars in profit, as she said it’s a “common sense” approach, well why are you playing hard to get, you want attention like a high school prom queen. Those days are over if you didn’t have any intention to be serious over policies get the hell out of politics, but that pension is too good to let go, right?
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The couple of Democrats holding back the Infrastructure bills that would help Terry McAucliffe in Virginia got to stop being dumb and remember how far we have come from losing all democratic norms and institutions. Stop picking your nose over minor details and get these bills passed.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@born_to_run Hitler had help as well.
@born_to_run McAuliffe, like Joe Biden, protects rapists.

“EXCLUSIVE: McAuliffe-Linked Law Firm Fighting Virginia Student Who Said She Was Gang-Raped.”


Democrat politicians have gone to far. Instead of just being pro-weed and welfare, now they are pro-rape and murder.

Democrats ruin everything they touch.
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@Divi-It-Up yup, Trump’s dad helped in Germany
Barack Obama campaigning for Terry McAucliffe by doing video ads. Youngkin closing his campaign by trying to ban a Pulitzer winning book by Toni Morrison, a dog whistle attempt by Youngkin to get Trump supporters. This is starting to sound like a Trumpist campaign.
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I got my booster shot today, mix and match. first two was pfizer then moderna
@DoubleD44 great. I’m thinking about a booster after the first of the year. Had Covid, then got JnJ. Waiting for some more data.
Huma Abedin says she was sexually assaulted by a US senator around 2005 but was able to forget the incident until allegations against Brett Kavanaugh triggered her memory, new memoir reveals. www.dailymail.co.uk/...

Context makes it pretty clear it's a Dem, as it was somebody she had worked with previously in some capacity. Also, she specifically says Hillary wasn't present, so that rules her out.

The fact that there's no name would suggest it's a powerful Dem - one they can't afford to lose to a scandal.

If this really happened it was a Dem because she would have screamed bloody murder at a Republican.

If it never happened then it was a Republican and she will scream bloody murder when most politically convenient.
For those of you speculating long on DWAC should hope that “past performance” isn’t repeated. Otherwise, you’ll be like the students at tRump University who were duped. The difference is they didn’t know their investment was speculation but the rest of you, which there are many more, know it’s speculation.

No whining when it goes the wrong way.
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@Divi-It-Up @Namron Damron

"Democrats unveil corporate minimum tax plan to pay for Biden’s agenda—and it has Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s backing

Three senators—Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), and Angus King (I-Maine)—rolled out the proposal Tuesday as a potential source of revenue for the White House’s multi-trillion-dollar social spending plan. That plan has been the subject of much debate and dissension within the President’s own party in recent months, as centrist senators like Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) have balked at certain spending and tax proposals.

But the corporate minimum tax plan appears to already have found traction among reluctant lawmakers, with Sinema tweeting on Tuesday that it “represents a commonsense step” in negotiations over Biden’s agenda. Warren also tweeted about the proposal, targeting Amazon in particular in noting how it would “stop [corporate] giants from paying $0 in taxes after raking in massive profits.”

In outlining the 15% corporate minimum tax plan, the senators said that it would only apply to companies that publicly report more than $1 billion in annual profits, on average, over a three-year period—with only around 200 total American corporations impacted. They also said that it would preserve business credits for those companies that promote investments in research and development, clean energy, and affordable housing, while also providing some flexibility for corporations to carry forward losses and account for foreign taxes paid."

Namron Damron profile picture
@techy46 it's a complicated shit show. I like simplification.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@Namron Damron Simplification hinders obfuscation.

Is it any wonder why "a bill" needs to be multiple thousands of pages in length?

America will discover that you cannot tax a nation into prosperity AFTER it's too late.

By then, much of the middle class will have surrendered, and joined the have-nots, while the haves will consist of the ultra-rich and ruling elite.

We are systematically reverting to the oppressive shitholes that many of our ancestors sacrificed nearly everything to escape.
techy46 profile picture
@Namron Damron

It's not complicated, it's just the liberals lying about taxes?

Amazon pays no taxes because it reinvest profits (capitalism) in themselves

"There are three main drivers of Amazon's tax breaks:

1) Investment in Research & Development. Amazon invests heavily in research and development and therefore benefits from the tax credit. In 2017, as Recode stated, Amazon topped the list of U.S. companies in R&D spend, at $22.6 billion. The next closest was Alphabet at $16.6 billion. Many of Amazon's innovations have been birthed from this investment.

2) Investment in Property, Plant, and Equipment. Amazon’s investment in property, plant, and equipment also makes it eligible for tax credits. Cities can benefit from Amazon's investment in real estate and job creation (benefits New York City could have enjoyed). Amazon's PPE expenditure has steadily increased over the last five years, netting to approximately $60 billion as of the end of last year.

3) Employee Stock Compensation. A move away from cash compensation to stock-based compensation for employees is the third driver of its tax breaks. Tax deductions increase as the stock increases. While this can certainly create adverse incentives, it is important to assess the benefits it creates relative to the cost. While such a tax policy can introduce misaligned management incentives, it also generates incentives for management to drive the best possible return for investors.

Amazon largely pays no corporate tax precisely because it reinvests those profits into its operations. Under a scenario where Amazon had no corporate tax breaks, it would disincentive the company from reinvesting and thus creating greater opportunity for the businesses and cities in which it operates. "

Raising a pitchfork to fight Amazon's corporate tax breaks is fine if the argument is rooted in strong economic reasoning. The risk is that too often the data is pulled out of context, and inaccurate storylines circling that data gain momentum and undeservedly accelerate. "

"When you're on the same side as the dude who approved beagle pups be locked in cages so their faces can be eaten alive by giant sandflies, with the dogs having had their vocal chords severed so they cannot cry out in pain...

You're probably not on the side of the 'good guys'." twitter.com/...
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A girl in a public school in Virginia was raped in the girls' bathroom by a guy in a dress.

I would not be happy at all if my daughter went to the ladies' room and encountered a guy in a dress.

My mother has done her best to teach my daughter the rules of safety in our modern world.

Never get in an elevator with a man you don't know.

Never go into a parking garage at night unless escorted by a strong man.

Do not dress provocatively. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

If you see a guy in a dress in the ladies' room, leave immediately.
"The person who said “we need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” supported the defunding of that police department, and demonizes law enforcement as a “cancer” on society is now… complaining that police aren’t stopping crime.

Can’t make this up." twitter.com/...
Chart Rider profile picture
@PIRockford the Minneapolis police dept needs to be fired, and reinterviewed if they want their job back. They kill more ppl than the criminals
The governor of Texas on Monday signed a law that bars student athletes from playing on sports teams that do not match the sex listed on their birth certificate. The bill is aimed at restoring rights granted to women under Title IX. Texas House Bill 25 bars most interscholastic athletic teams from letting students compete in competitions “that is designated for the biological sex opposite to the student ’s biological sex as correctly stated on” their official birth certificate.

The bill “protects girl’s safety and their right to equal access to athletic opportunities,” state Rep. Valoree Swanson, one of its authors, said during a House session earlier this month.

The University Interscholastic League in 2016 passed a rule with widespread support requiring students compete on teams designated for their biological sexes as stated on their birth certificates.

The bill codifies the rule while stating that certificates are only valid if they are from “at or near” the time of a student’s birth. Critics claim that the legislation discriminates against students who believe they’re a different sex than their birth sex.

The bill was passed 76–61 in the state House and 19–12 in the state Senate. Abbott, a Republican, did not comment on Monday on the bill, the 10th such piece of legislation passed in the United States.

Last week, he said that the legislature “passed legislation to protect the integrity of Texas high school sports.”
relospecialist profile picture
'The governor of Texas on Monday signed a law that bars student athletes from playing on sports teams that do not match the sex listed on their birth certificate.'

Another bull dookie law for something that is a made up problem.

Transgender youths are already unrecognized in the states school identification system.

As a Texan I remember a time when white schools here didn't play black schools in sports.
Henry Miles profile picture
Including as a few of us on this board have been saying: www.msn.com/... (Materially long nuclear.)
A few dozen weirdos protested at Netflix because of some jokes that made their tummies hurt and it was headline news. Today, hundreds of students in Loudoun County protested the rape of a student and subsequent coverup, and most of the US fake media is all but ignoring it.

Just think of the media as Democrat Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.
It's come to this, lol:

relospecialist profile picture
For our Florida posters:

Miami Herald Pulls No Punches With Stinging Gov. Ron DeSantis Editorial

“We thought things couldn’t get much worse in DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic, but we were wrong,"

“We thought things couldn’t get much worse in DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic, but we were wrong — then we were wrong again,”

DeSantis is plummeting into “anti-vaxx Crazyville".


#Abstain 2020 and 2024
Henry Miles profile picture

It is quite amazing that people on this board still support him,
@Henry Miles

Why are you amazed that people support the Florida governor? He’s just lacks intelligence.

I’m guessing the same people support the former president who tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

I’d suggest they try country before party.
Perhaps Sen. Wyden should look up the Supreme Court case, Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189 (1920), before trying to ram through a tax on unrealized capital gains. supreme.justia.com/...

While this case involved stock dividends, what they said about "income" would seem to be an insurmountable hurdle for the Democrats.

"Income may be defined as the gain derived from capital, from labor, or from both combined, including profit gained through sale or conversion of capital. P. 252 U. S. 207.

Mere growth or increment of value in a capital investment is not income; income is essentially a gain or profit, in itself, of exchangeable value, proceeding from capital, severed from it, and derived or received by the taxpayer for his separate use, benefit, and disposal. Id."

But then again, Democrats don't give a damn when the Constitution gets in the way of their own personal preference to have an illegal wealth tax.
Divi-It-Up profile picture
@PIRockford I always surmised that income would be a prerequisite for income taxes.

But as more people become “woke” the lines of reasonableness become less apparent.

The next thing you know, boys will be allowed to dress-up like girls and then freely victimize the opposite sex in school bathrooms.
Chart Rider profile picture
@PIRockford I guess you don’t know what ‘gain derived from capital’ means.
You guys stuff smell like joes ! Perfume! Omg !
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