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We Believe Zoom Is The Fabric Connecting Global Enterprise Communications And The Future Of Work

Oct. 03, 2021 11:08 AM ETCSCO, GOOG, GOOGL, MSFT, ZM18 Comments


  • Stay-at-home orders forced workers - including key decision-makers - to assess the productivity of remote and hybrid-workforce models.
  • During the pandemic, Zoom transformed into a verb and enjoyed widespread consumer and enterprise adoption.
  • Zoom’s decision to acquire Five9, a leading cloud contact center provider, suggests that it aims to streamline more customer-facing interactions.

Zoom headquarters in Silicon Valley

Sundry Photography/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

By Brett Winton, Director of Research; William Summerlin, Analyst; and Andrew Kim, Analyst Intern.

Given its stance against Zoom’s (ZM) acquisition of Five9 at the current price, we would like to offer Institutional

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Comments (18)

Shangrila Value profile picture
I still don't understand the competition landscape, where there is Google suite with Meet integrated, and the same with MSFT.
@Shangrila Value I’m on VC on average 6hrs a day. I’d rather pay for Zoom than use a free Teams abs so would most of my colleagues
Shangrila Value profile picture
@Respect1One year forward, when Teams product will be better, would it be the same?
@Shangrila Value Are you assuming Zoom will stand still for 1 year?
effiiciency profile picture
Little that is proprietary and can't be replicated by a host competitors. Comfortably "short".
Ark is a joke - a meme investment firm that caught a nice break. Do your own homework.
Thank goodness Five9 voted down the deal. Total distraction for ZM. Build that business out from scratch if it’s worth doing (which I’m not sure it is). Otherwise, keep the partner commissions and move on.
I can’t see Zoom becoming dominant when Teams is bundled into windows for free. Microsoft has way more resources to continually refine and make Teams better by using its cash flow from its other businesses while Zoom has to struggle to keep up. And Teams is a *loss leader* for Microsoft while teleconferencing is Zoom’s bread and butter. Zoom is outmatched.
@Xenogenetic Teams is awful for VC... zoom doesn’t have to struggle to keep up its the other way round
JM Trader profile picture
@Xenogenetic they are all awful for VC except zoom. Also I hate Mixrosoft Technologies all made of stupidity they aren't able to make app that aren't frustrating, for most based on Word 1997 UX that they aren't able to involved
Benjamin Graham Cracker profile picture
OMG, you guys are so hyperbolic. It’s a video chat app. Lol.

Everything at Arkk is upending everything. In reality, the only thing “upending” everything is nat gas shortages. Lol.
Opportunist profile picture
@Benjamin Graham Cracker Amazon is just a bookstore!
FaultyR0M profile picture
@Opportunist Google "survivorship bias", buddy
Benjamin Graham Cracker profile picture
@FaultyR0M I was just commenting on that, but SA didn't let it go through. For every Amazon, there were 500 companies that were crushed. Even Amazon lost 90 percent of its value at when it was at the same point in its life as Zoom. So, if anything, there's a better chance to enter this stock. I'm not that enamored as it's a commodity business and I don't see them "reimagining" how to do business as Amazon did. It wasn't about books with Amazon, it was the novel way in which it operated behind the scenes.
Zoom is 80 billion dollar company. Put that into the context then talk about zoom.

What’s left for an 80 billion company. It’s not Amazon, google or Microsoft. It can still grow but the growth has a limit unlike the FAANG names.
Salmo trutta profile picture
You need bigger screens for ZOOM. And I never liked video conferencing, but at least you didn't have to wear a suit and tie.
donzoab profile picture
ISS has done nothing to help the small investor ever. It’s a front for big business and big brokerage houses. They are old and outdated.
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