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International Business Machines Corporation's (IBM) IBM Investor Briefing 2021 Conference (Transcript)

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International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM) IBM Investor Briefing 2021 Conference October 4, 2021 9:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Patricia Murphy - VP, IR

Arvind Krishna - Chairman and CEO

Paul Cormier - CEO, Red Hat

Tom Rosamilia - SVP, Cloud and Cognitive Software

Mark Foster - SVP, Global Business Services

Kelly Chambliss - SVP, Americas and Strategic Sales, Global Business Services

John Granger - SVP, Hybrid Cloud Services and COO, Global Business Services

Ric Lewis - SVP, Systems

Jim Kavanaugh - SVP and CFO

Conference Call Participants

Patricia Murphy

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to IBM's 2021 Investor Briefing. I'm Patricia Murphy, and I'm here live to kick off the event. It's an exciting time at IBM. We've been focused on our hybrid cloud and AI strategy. The management team has been investing and taking actions to position IBM for the future. And just last week, we took an important step towards one action, the separation of our managed infrastructure services business. But we're not here to talk about Kyndryl, and it's too early to talk about our third quarter or full year performance. What we are here to talk about today is IBM on a go-forward basis.

And so, over the next couple of hours, you're going to hear from several of our senior leaders. Given the environment, some of them are here and some are remote. You're going to hear about how we're addressing the opportunities, our platform-centric approach, and how we're leveraging to integrate the capabilities of IBM to provide value to our clients and to our shareholders.

Our agenda today reflects a simplified management and segment structure, which will become effective just before the spin. Arvind is going to talk about that. And then, Jim will expand on it later. And then, you'll also note that just this morning, we posted

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Comments (4)

RLLH profile picture
05 Oct. 2021
Interesting to me (having been one for years) that IBM is shifting back to the days of assigning people to assist a specific customer. We called them Systems Engineers before Lou Gerstner eliminated them in the 1990's as a cost savings measure. To me that seemed the start of IBM's long descent. Glad to see them coming back.
I don't care about the blah, blah blah any more. Ginni talked good blah blah blah too, but never delivered. So I will wait for results. I did not see any projected numbers to hold management too.
donjamar profile picture
This is preaching to the converted.
I believed in the inherent strentgh of IBM for a long time.
IBM is about 25% of my portfolio
MSFT about 55%; (all under $ 35. cost.)
Have patience and have patience, again
Keep studying the companies as if you own them.
People thought Apple was dead. People thought Microsoft was dead. People think IBM is dead. Apple and Microsoft are doing very very well. Big Blue shall also rise again. The turn-around has begun.
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