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Politics And The Markets 11/27/21

Nov. 27, 2021 12:00 AM ET431 Comments
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This is the go-to destination for political comments on Seeking Alpha.These comments are not regulated with the same rigor as the rest of the site, and this is an 'enter at your own risk' area as discussion can get very heated. If you can't stand the heat...you know what they say...The one guideline we do still require strict adherence to is refraining from personal attacks on fellow commenters. Regardless of which side of the political divide you find yourself, please be courteous and don't direct abuse at other users.

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Comments (431)

GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
Anti vaxxer conspiracy theorists are fknweirdos
Wolverine84 profile picture
@GreenEggs&Ham "Anti vaxxer conspiracy theorists are fknweirdos"
Translated...gets all of his health info from The View.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
@Patrick D'Onofrio You watch the view? OK, got it.
Whatever floats yer boat.
Picture of gas at $5.50 with a caption announcing gas prices and the Biden blues was on Yahoo this morning. Where is gas 5.50? I paid 3.50 yesterday here in WA State. Can someone tell me where it is 5.50? Dallas average is 2.97 and Miami is 3.35 and Boise is 3.69 and Honolulu is 4.27. Even Los Angeles was 80 cents cheaper. Seems to me that the 5.50 was done for clearly political reasons and was not based in fact.
crademan profile picture
@tewright2012 It was around $3.76/gallon when I bought gas last week in Surprise, AZ. Today I could buy gas for $3.59/gallon.
Tech would fit right in
I’m dwarfed
And don’t care
It seems that the Salvation Army is not the only charity leaping on the anti-American, racist, vile, and divisive Critical Race Theory handcart. Goodwill has enthusiastically embraced this evil, hired a “Director of Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion,” and openly brags about its “antiracism” quest on its website and in press releases.

Goodwill Industries is purportedly pressuring its stores to adopt critical race theory-style training as part of the organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

According to former Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania (SWPA) Retail Operations Manager Timothy O’Malley, his region first began discussions on how the company was going to be “different” following the 2020 presidential election.

“They stated that it was gonna be different and we were gonna make it about our community and our places,” he said. “That just turned out not to be true.”

O’Malley, who was employed with Goodwill for more than ten years, says that Goodwill of SWPA began holding “implicit bias training” for store managers in early 2021, which included a required “three to four hour” session led by a “racial equity trainer” in February.

“They started pushing us to recruit employees to be part of it,” he said. Implicit bias training is a common component of critical race theory and has been proven to be scientifically inaccurate to the point that some of the researchers who developed implicit bias tests have now repudiated them as wildly inaccurate and unreliable.

O’Malley also says he attended a “safe space meeting meant for asking questions” that same month, in which he raised “concerns” about the company’s woke policies that stemmed from Goodwill International’s recently fostered DEI initiative.

“I think they just assumed that I’d be on board with this because I foster children of all races and sexualities,” he said. “But I started asking questions about equality of outcome and equality of opportunity and I could tell that they weren’t too thrilled with me about that.”

“You were supposed to be able to offer your ideas, and so I suggested Thomas Sowell as an author to have some diversity of thought, and they told me that that’s not really what the DEI committee is about,” he added.

Goodwill International appears to be behind the push on regional Goodwill offices. The implementation of DEI appears not to be limited to Goodwill of SWPA. According to O’Malley, the company’s national arm, Goodwill Industries International (GII), has been “pushing the regions” to adopt DEI policies.

Regions are also hiring these “Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion” officers.

The materials used include pushing the anti-American 1619 Project, all the usual suspects on the racist “antiracism” reading list, and “Goodwill pledging to ‘only create merchandise’ that represents members of preferred races.”

This constant drumbeat of race would make you think we're in post civil war America and not a nation that elected a black man twice to the US Presidency. Race baiting has become an industry and they have to constantly keep it going even if they have to manufacture it (see Jussie Smollett) and call the FBI to investigate a garage door pull down rope.

There is always going to be racism because it's part of the human condition, but the left wants you to believe the KKK is stronger than ever lynching innocent black folks every week.
@PIRockford I should hook 🪝 you up
danielaqwe profile picture
---The materials used include pushing the anti-American 1619 Project, all the usual suspects on the racist “antiracism” reading list, ---

Here is the definition by the NY Times

It aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.

I guess they really hit a raw nerve here... All the racists are now up in arms calling it anti-American.

There is so much more to America... racism is the worst and the fact that we can talk about it is the best.
@PIRockford The south was built on the backs of black slaves=fact...the vile,evil white slave owners beat and tortured and starved and denied their slaves basic human rights and dignity in the name of racial purity and the Bible.
I agree,that is racism and it is as VILE and IMMORAL as it gets and needs to be taught in every school in America so racist idiots like the KKK or white nationalists don't take this country down the rabbit hole any deeper...put down your shovel,PI, and smell the roses...bless your heart.
How can my buds watch this for hours m.youtube.com/...
@al roman this comes with it m.youtube.com/...


Kev you know these guys ?
Great photo. Speaks for itself.

techy46 profile picture
@al roman

"Here’s what the Black Friday carnage may mean for the stock market’s trade Monday, analysts say

Jefferies research suggests that investors are now expecting that the Federal Reserve, under renominated Chairman Jerome Powell, will hasten the pace of reductions in the central bank’s asset purchases, which will lead to tighter financial conditions that could prove unfavorable to risky assets. Goldman Sachs sees the Fed stepping up tapering to $30 billion a month from a reduction of $15 billion, and estimates three policy interest rate increases in 2022, up from two."

@techy46 Goldman also says that they do not think that the new variant is sufficient reason to make major portfolio changes.

Translation: brace for a face-ripping rally come Monday when carbon-based traders finally take over from the idiot algos.
@techy46 they sent 21H1 just not
techy46 profile picture

No doubt it will be interesting given high inflation and employment.

The market, especially overpriced big tech, is ripe for profit taking.

It's a perfect timing setup with Dec 1st on Weds, US debt next week.

Then the FED meets Dec 14-15 and Biden's $1.75T gasping for air.

What if Omicron's a Delta hoax, big tech doesn't escape, sky's falling.

Oh, tax harvesting and the 30 day wash rule also in play.
A New Video from January 6th Shows Capitol Police Tackling and Beating a Trump Protester Senseless twitter.com/...
techy46 profile picture

Are all US Capitol police obese?
@techy46 I starting thinking prepare for tax season today
Biden asking OPEC to drill more is lunacy after being energy independent. A year ago we had OPEC on the ropes.

The Biden-Harris administration issued a report Friday to increase the price of oil leasing fees on federal lands in the United States by 50% - even while accusing oil companies of artificially increasing prices through illegal and anticompetitive actions.

Despite record-high gasoline prices impacting American families across the country with winter around the corner, the Biden-Harris administration is recommending Congress hike the cost of oil leases on government lands from 12.50% to 18.75%.

An increased royalty rate would be the first rate hike since 1920 and would fulfill President Biden’s campaign promise to global warming activists and the far-left.
@PIRockford they don’t think
@PIRockford it’s like code 695 and dol though they been suspended people spent billions on compliance that’s what they still operate from
relospecialist profile picture
Oh Snap: Pres. Biden released 50 million barrels of oil and only days later the price of crude start dropping.

Behind the scene Pres. Biden has secured energy security for both Europe and American exports.
MyPrivilegeIsShowing profile picture
@relospecialist I call BS. Crude dropped because of Omicron variant.
GreenEggs&Ham profile picture
College football reffing this season has been an abomination.
Now I’m starting to see why the public health propagandists have created the Omicron panic. It’s going to be used as leverage to coerce wealthier countries to pay for vaccination programs in poorer countries.


In addition, it’s going to be exploited by Biden’s Bolsheviks to expropriate the patent rights on the mRNA vaccine technology. Those who wonder where the U.S. Patent system comes from, reread the Constitution.

Biden’s Bolsheviks once again seek to use the pandemic as pretext to confiscate private property. First they expropriated the rights of landlords. Now they steal patents from the “rich” pharmaceutical companies to give to the poor countries.

I’m actually all for vaccinating the willing world, and think we should have done it far sooner. I called for that early in 2021. But don’t be surprised when we pay huge sums only to find out that people don’t want the damn vaccines, and the ones who do can’t get them because of corrupt governments. And it won’t do squat to stop variants from emerging.
crademan profile picture
@TMMD "But don’t be surprised when we pay huge sums only to find out that people don’t want the damn vaccines, and the ones who do can’t get them because of corrupt governments. And it won’t do squat to stop variants from emerging."

Is it time to plan plague parties? www.wqxr.org/...
Dominion now has a long term buy rating
I think the thought they could make up for the lose of the broker
Simulations are accurate that really bothers me
I did go out I went today too apple.news/...
They were really scared after 911
MyPrivilegeIsShowing profile picture
Democrats need private jets to make their crusade against climate change more comfortable.

Fresh off of a post-climate-conference high, MSNBC decided to dedicate a post to all the iconic landmarks around the world that could be lost due to global warming.

These include Easter Island and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

"As global temperature continues to rise, bringing with it a slew of freak effects from flooding and drought to wildfires and heatwaves, many of the world’s most stunning landmarks are under threat. We take a look at the incredible ecosystems, national parks and cherished places hanging in the balance."

Yet there is more evidence that what is occurring is related to solar energy output than SUV’s.

The Sun has likely entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) of sunspot activity. This means that there will be a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to a noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.

This theory better aligns with the record-breaking cold in the Antarctic as well as the early freeze in the Arctic that just stranded 18 ships.

At least 18 ships are stuck in Arctic sea ice off the coast of Russia after an unexpected early freeze took shipping companies by surprise. Some could be stranded for months as they wait for icebreakers to reach them.

In recent years warmer weather triggered by climate change has allowed ships to cross parts of Russia’s northern sea route in November without the help of icebreakers. Ship owners had assumed this month would be no different.

However, ice up to 30cm thick has already formed across most of the Laptev Sea and East Siberian seas, according to the Barents Sea Observer, a Norwegian news site.

The plight of the ships, which are stuck in five different locations, will raise concerns in Moscow, where the Kremlin has invested heavily in the northern sea route as climate change opens up the Europe to Asia shipping passage.

On the other hand, there is new evidence that the Arctic has been warming, not because of carbon dioxide, but because of a process called “Atlantification”.

The new research highlights the connection between the North Atlantic and Arctic between Greenland and Svalbard, a region known was Fram Strait, where warmer, saltier water from the south has been steadily infiltrating northern waters.

“Pinpointing the exact timing of the onset of Atlantification in the Arctic can give us some important clues as to the exact driving mechanisms behind this phenomenon,” study co-lead author Francesco Muschitiello told UPI in an email.

A more precise Arctic warming timeline will also allow scientists to compare the history of climate change in the Arctic to changes in volcanism, solar activity, freshwater, greenhouse gases, aerosols and more.

Clearly “experts” are baffled by climate. Therefore, there should be no rush to impose remedies that likely will not work, yet have the potential to harm people economically, lower the standard of living, and line the pockets of bureaucrats.

@PIRockford let’s reduce carbon anyway
Is that ok ✅
These guys don’t do this without there own research and correlation to regulations apple.news/...
@PIRockford CNN is still called a news network, although it’s an incorrect description. The network decided that a bombshell report that questions anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change and the models that we are currently using to guide policy and funding should be reported on Thanksgiving Day - when people watch football, the first wave of Christmas specials, or stuffing their faces with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other food goodies.

On Wednesday, the journal Science Advances published a new study of Arctic water temperature that has determined that the warming has been occurring decades earlier than the “scientific consensus” had believed.

CNN reports that the study found that “the expansion of warm Atlantic Ocean water flowing into the Arctic, a phenomenon known as ‘Atlantification,’ has caused Arctic water temperature in the region studied to increase by around 2 degrees Celsius since 1900.”

"Fake News Play of the Year:

CNN posts an article that debunks human-caused climate change (or at least the models), so they do it on Thanksgiving so no one notices and give it a misleading framing to conceal it." twitter.com/...
— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) November 25, 2021

CNN also didn’t mention that the Arctic ice sheet extends 25% further than it did last summer, with 1.82 million square miles of ice at its annual low. This year’s post-melting season ice sheet is 40% larger than the record low, which was set in 2012.
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