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How To Turn Facebook Into A 4.2% Yielding Rich Retirement Dream Stock

Nov. 02, 2021 7:30 AM ETMeta Platforms, Inc. (META)MMP, BTI, MO67 Comments


  • The lowest interest rates in history have created challenges for income investors and retirees, who can no longer depend on a 60/40 portfolio to meet their needs.
  • Fortunately adapting a 60/40 into an 80/20 high-yield blue-chip portfolio is a reasonable way to solve your retirement income problems.
  • Facebook is the global king of social media, is 18% undervalued, and analysts expect 17.6% long-term growth and return potential.
  • Combining Facebook with high-yield blue-chips like MMP, BTI, or MO can create 4.2% yield, and 14.7% long-term return potential.
  • A portfolio that's 50% 60/40 and 50% FB + high-yield blue-chips can safely allow for 10% to 12% annual withdrawal rates and isn't likely to run out of money over the next 75 years.
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Interest rates are at their lowest levels in history, creating a significant challenge for income investors.

Price of money

Thanks to numerous secular trends most economists think that ultra-low rates will persist for the foreseeable future. Some even think interest