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Stiffmeister profile picture
In the fall of 2021, as PLBY rocketed past usd 60, I kicked myself for missing a great growth story.

Today the shares I bought at 15 dollar and at 9 dollar, got company from shares bought at 6 dollar.

Although PLBY management have executed nicely and the investment case carries less risk than last fall (IMO), today's trade was borderline nauseating🤢

I do believe, though, that my future self will thank me in the next bullmarket.
GDH2173 profile picture
@Stiffmeister what are you talking about? It never went past 60.
Stiffmeister profile picture
@GDH2173 on the 5th of May last year the intraday high was 63 dollar🙂
My favorite stock
maddaj19 profile picture
Down 50% YTD, I'll cover here. Although I think this falls more because of the macro environment and valuation (PE of 50:1), I don't want to get too greedy.
Capital Fishing profile picture
@maddaj19 Good call squire.
im here for the articles...
So you buying after a 60% drop since the article was published? It seems nothing has changed about this story.
Capital Fishing profile picture
@osu4ever23 If the conditions are right for you as an investor.

PLBY is a 2% position for me, last time I purchased was at $22. Not looking to be a hero, but i’d be a buyer here.

Not a position I want to have take up a large share of my PA though.
Viridian Hawk profile picture
Those NFT avatars are horrendous.

Dream doesn't appear to exist?
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Viridian Hawk agree, NFTs ugly. Not really a big part of the thesis though.

Think we spoke about Dream on Twitter.
I re-read your article because it stuck to me as a great overall piece of writing.
And I agree that Playboy cannot possibly be worth less than $1B (at current prices) for the reasons that you explained.
The one thing that makes me hesitant is the cash on their balance sheet. Given they are and will be unprofitable for who knows how many more quarters, isn't there a risk that they will have to issue more shares?
Thank you!
Capital Fishing profile picture
@vincentabagnale yes. I think its very likely they continue ti dilute the shareholders or raise additional debt here.
Stiffmeister profile picture
Thanks for a thoroug write up. Much apreciated 📈🚀

PLBY is the top pick of Hedgeye retail sector analyst, Brian McGough (their best analyst next to Jay Van Sciver. IMHO).

Mr. McGough has a slight studder. Not much, just a tiny bit. Probably a "legacy-studder" hanging on from childhood I would imagine.

Anyway, when he gets excited the studder becomes more pronounced. Like when he talks of PLBY.🙃

He sees the stock as a x10 within 3-5 years.

I buy it because:
Mr. McGoughs analysis-Kung fu is mighty strong🙏
crtag profile picture
Good article. Just started a position in PLBY, CEO is from PE and has never seen growth opportunity like this....This company will have top line and bottlom line acceleration in early Y2022. If you have the patience this is easily a $100 stock....
Tony Frangieh, CFA profile picture
Thanks for the thorough analysis. I agree with gaining some exposure to this in the speculative portion of your portfolio would be prudent - significant potential upside at moderate risk
NE Philly profile picture
18% of market cap in a month. Market feels differently. The ol’ “in two years” story is a venture guess and buys time to delete the article. Everything they offer has a low barrier to entry.
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Tohickon funnily enough, stock is closer to where i’d buy it than when I wrote the article. I am of the opinion that markets are forward looking. But thanks for your comment.
NE Philly profile picture
@Conor MacNeil add neg 8.57% again today to make more than 1/3 of its cap in a month….
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Tohickon i dont really pay much attention to the short-term voting machine mechanics of the market. If you do, thats your prerogative. I am a LT investor.
Great analysis! Thanks
Udith Fonseka profile picture
What does ''DTC'' mean?
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Udith Fonseka Direct to consumer.
A quick move to 50 by Jancoming soon
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Abysg i’d like to buy more over the next 1-2 years, so lets see.
When are they going to start selling beautiful women NFTs ?
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Nickfunds they experimented with in 6 months ago :) slimesunday drop.
maddaj19 profile picture
Someone is going to have to explain to me why $PLBY is worth anything? Didn't this magazine have a Thai ladyboy on the cover last month and there's no more nudity or decent writing within the magazine, right? So I'm buying woke Maxim with no income, hard pass.
Capital Fishing profile picture
@maddaj19 I'd advise you go read the filings then maybe. You sound misinformed. The magazine is not the central asset anymore... Respectfully.
Shangrila Value profile picture
Really interesting opportunity. Let's see how it unfolds until, let's say, 2025.
Capital Fishing profile picture
@Shangrila Value my thoughts too
astute pathways profile picture
The SIN of all SIN stocks...The True god would never forgive me if i invested in this
Capital Fishing profile picture
@astute pathways there are many worse stocks out there :)
astute pathways profile picture
@Conor MacNeil Yes ...tobacco stocks...i cant do that either...Too much blood on their records
maddaj19 profile picture
@astute pathways You want real sin stock...stick to alcohol, tobacco, and arms dealer. Plenty of names that all make real money.
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