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The Week On Wall Street: Change Is In The Air


  • The Omicron variant is a sideshow to the real issue; the Fed's pivot on inflation and interest rates.
  • Short-term virus concerns are here again, but it's a low probability that this variant by itself kills the recovery.
  • The threat to this bull market is the one I've been mentioning for months - Policy Error.
  • Fear and greed now dominate the roller coaster price action.
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Change ahead sign on the road disappearing into the distance

BrianAJackson/iStock via Getty Images

"Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program." - Milton Friedman

It's always a little difficult to get back into the routine after a long holiday weekend. Coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday and into December

When we watch the DJIA give up a 500 point gain and close 450 points lower in a single day, it is a sure sign emotion is ruling the price action. The roller coaster continues as FEAR and GREED are pulling equities in opposite directions. The Fed further complicates the scene.

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Fear & Greed Trader is an independent financial adviser and professional investor with 35 years of experience in all market conditions. His strategies focus on achieving positive returns and preserving capital during bear and bull markets and he has a documented track record of calling the equity market correctly for the 10+ years.

He is the leader of the investing group The Savvy Investor where he focuses on sharing advice to help investors avoid the pitfalls that wreak havoc on a portfolio during bear markets. Features of the group include: Macro updates 7 days a week, ETF selections, covered call writing strategies, and live chat 24/7. Learn More.

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Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (269)

LTTFTrader profile picture
MBI update: The plunge on 12/1 resulted in a value of 39, which is moderately oversold. The rally on 12/2 resulted in 45; this is a very large jump in one day. I thought this much quick strength might indicate a "dead cat bounce" so looked at the history of such a move. Using daily SPX closes, looking ahead 2 months from the day of such an upturn:

Date, Max DD, Days to Max DD, 2 month result
1948-11-16 -3.34 % 11 1.18 %
1951-05-26 -0.57 % 24 8.35 %
1953-09-15 -0.09 % 4 6.55 %
1966-09-09 -4.05 % 20 7.41 %
1977-10-26 -1.51 % 5 3.08 %
2002-10-01 -8.39 % 6 8.59 %
2007-08-07 -4.74 % 6 5.99 %
2008-01-18 -3.91 % 34 2.10 %
2011-08-15 -8.74 % 34 -0.30 %
2015-08-27 -5.33 % 21 5.12 %
2016-01-22 -4.08 % 14 6.83 %

avg. trade = 4.99 %
avg. max draw down = -4.07 %

10 wins, avg. gain = 5.52 %
1 loss, avg. loss = -0.30 %

Max DD values are measured from the MBI=45 day (12/2, SPX 4577.10). 4.07% below this projects a low of 4390.81. The avg. gain of 4.99 % is measured from the high day, so that projects 4805.50 at 2 months from that day, or early Feb. 2022.

As usual, no guarantees, but these numbers illustrate the market's tendency when establishing a significant low point, to drop to levels that many find uncomfortably low, then to snap back up quickly in a "kickoff" rally.

One caveat is that, historically, the rally does not always continue beyond the 2-month mark, at least in the way most would like. 2022 may well be a challenging year.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

thanks for the info

and i am seeing plenty of signs that 2022 is going to be VERY interesting and the price action in the next month or two will also add some light on the scene

best to you
@LTTFTrader Thanks my friend for sharing such great info
soldiWizard profile picture
I get the sense I’m more bullish than you these days. If spending a few $100B per year helps us bring more women to the workforce in 2 years then that’s long term good.

You can think fed, government , big bro is the generator of growth.. another answer is it’s organic and that’s the side story.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

that could be BUT i haven't changed my positioning much at all.

I see some decent signs , some not so good

i guess my question to anyone looking ahead and forging a plan

is how do they square more spending with the current inflation backdrop?

on the fundamental side that would appear to be an important issue.

on the technical side , I'll follow what the price action reveals.

best of luck
By the way, I gave my to answer to name one positive thing the Democrats have done this year. But it was not posted next to your request but instead far down the list of comments . So you can stop asking the same question over and over.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

your post isn't there and I'll ask until the question is answered.

its not about proving anything about politics .. far from it

it about telling investors what the BACKDROP looks like I don't care WHO is saying what and WHO is doing what,,

its all about the scene now. and if we all have trouble answering that question it SHOULD start to raise other questions

when are the doubters going to wake up and be HONEST with themselves, OR they can ANSWER the question and show what I'm missing

if I have the scene wrong because of all the positives I've missed let's point them out

and Im speaking to 2021 -- not yesteryear thsi is the environment investors are working with today

do u finally get it now?

and while you are at it , I'll ask again --- bring me the name of another author that was bullish in April May/ June 2020 ...

OR get off your high horse with the attempt to diminish what has been a correct assessment of the economy and the marekt since I have been on SA.
Thanks for your weekly summary insight as usual, I do not subscribe to your service and I am wondering if i do, how you go about making your actual calls to get out of the market? How have you done that in the past and will the future call be made in the same way? Thanks.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

please understand those details are reserved for members of the service.

i haven't changed a thing since i used the strategy to get out in 2000
@Fear & Greed Trader My main question is: does a member receive an email that says SELL ALL STOCKS NOW?
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

NO that would be a foolish piece of advice--- should a 30 year old with plenty of time to invest sell everything and try to time the marekt?

when the sell signal is given it will of course be up to the individual and their individual circumstance to proceed accordingly

obviously, when the sell signal comes, exposure to stocks has to be changed and then the positioning to take advantage of the perceived selloff are put into place..
S A is about the only place i can get info on the global economy i don't care for the BBC but that may be a source.
How can you have a reversion to the mean on semiconductors with such a huge demand.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture
@john boy

because nothing goes straight up forever
@Fear & Greed Trader
duh but that reversion wont be for at least 18 months
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture
@john boy

really ?

good luck NVDA is down 11 today and AMD is down 7..

perhaps a start
Thanks for the best "weekly" article on the Market(s) on SA.
What's the biggest risk in the Market today? IMHO, I don't know for others but for me it's participating in the greatest Bull Market and thinking it's over before it is; So I don't. . . . , Inflation? Doesn't inflation ease some of the Macro Long Term Debt issues by devaluing the Dollar a little bit? (Law of Large Numbers; Last I check Trillion(s) is Large) . . , Thanks again F-N-G-T; $HON is looking attractive; can't imagine infrastructure bill not "boosting" $CAT, $DE, $CMI, $CVX (large integrated(s)), $SLB in 2022. Keep your powder Dry.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture
@Hugh Arhue

you are welcome

my powder is dry 😎
One of the main reason for the inflation problem is the severe labor shortage and one of the causes is that the U.S. working age population has been declining.
The country is becoming a nation populated by old people dependent on socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare. If there is going to be a pushback it will be from the young people getting tired of supporting the old people. A solution to the problem would be to allow for more working age legal immigrants. In the current system, only 140,000 green cards are issued each year. However, the Republicans refuse to vote for any reform of the immigration system.
@Fear & Greed Trader -If you disagree then stop complaining about the labor shortage if you cannot offer another viable solution.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

and now every author has to provide a solution? to every problem?

I'm not complaining at all i'm citing facts

LMAO -- 😎😎😎😎😎😎
TonyValdez profile picture
Thank you, Steve. There were short-term concerns for the new variant which is understandable. The S&P 500 is just -3.53% below its all-time high, but lower for other indices (Dow: -5.08%, Nasdaq: -6.05%, and Russell: -11.59%).

I never mix politics and investing but policy errors can cause just as much panic and price movement. I think Mr. Powel has done a good job so far but feel he is trying hard to play defense to certain government policies.

Might be a good time for investors to review "How The Economic Machine Works". It has helped me. (www.youtube.com/...)

Wishing everyone the best!
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

thanks for stopping by and offering your views, but I believe the short-term angst is all about the Fed and Inflation.
@TonyValdez There is more damage done under the surface of S&P and Nasdaq as the mega cap names are making things appear better than they really are. Read that average component of Nasdaq 100 is down around 20% now, for S&P probably around 15%
LTTFTrader profile picture
@clrodrick ,

The numbers you cite (20% & 15%) may be correct, but I believe that the phenomenon of relative weakness in the "average" stocks is more easily studied by looking at cumulative breadth -- which recently has deteriorated to some extent. However, history reveals that breadth can remain relatively weak for quite a long time (several months or even 1-2 years) while major indices continue making new highs. Moreover, once weakness in breadth begins, it can remain weak for a while, but then begin to strengthen, once again reaching new highs. In short, breadth deterioration by itself is not necessarily a reliable harbinger of weakness in the major indices.
diroha profile picture
Really good summary! 440 is the line of demarcation for me, although a break of that is only confirmation of what has been happening to the troops for a while now. There is a fair amount of formulaic and forced selling in the market that will most likely last until near year end. Portfolios constructed differently than the SPY are getting blown up, leading to underperformance and redemptions. And not just among the hedge fund crowd. ARKK will provide a nice list of stocks to buy at the end of this avalanche. They are doing to Kathy Wood what they did to Bill Miller in 2008.
Steve has been warning about policy error potential all year and now we are hip dip in a myriad of them, and this includes a Fed Chairman who is way in over his head. He is flying from the seat of his pants and losing control. I still expect Manchin to cave on the resolution package and then any hope for rational policy will have to wait until the next election cycle. Study the 1972-1974 bear market and you will see that it was one policy error after another. There are some high yield dividend paying stocks that now seem priced fairly cheaply but that is about it.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

""ARKK will provide a nice list of stocks to buy at the end of this avalanche""

couldn't agree more

Hmm if Manchin caves the damage is done and any new admin will have a difficult time righting the ship

Best to you
FGT, good article. Wild action for growth stocks I guess is due to margin call & rotation back to safe assets, and lately crypto market too. Both areas looks interesting for long term investors. However, based on your policy error narrative, the correction can continue until Fed make necessary change as economy worsens, so get some cash ready is also good. I am way overweight ethereum vs bitcoin since I am very impressed about how eth is becoming. I think bitcoin is oversold due to deleveraging.

I'm trying to spend most time learning/researching and less time worry about the day to day portfolio performance.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture


sentiment took the growth plays up , sentiment is taking them down

Great addition to your weekly market summaries F&G and also very timely as a number of subjects you discuss have been on my mind lately! I read where average Nasdaq component down around 20% now while QQQ only down a fraction of that. Tech stocks getting pummeled very similar to earlier in year except then 10yr UST yield was rocketing higher by 100 basis points compared to now where 10yr UST yield is tanking. Crazy action in small cap tech, I forget when we last saw multiple 30-50% drops in the same calendar year. I guess it would have to be 2000 - 2002. After the first big drop I proceeded to cut from my portfolio all small cap tech with negative revenues/profits. The only one I own now is DraftKings (and I wish I had cut that one too ha ha ha). But even the promising small cap tech names like APPS been on a crazy ride. Went from > $100 all the way down to $48 and then back to $90 and now back down to $48. I bought more of it yesterday think any price < $50 is a good deal. Meanwhile it is clear my portfolio might be too exposed to small cap and tech in general given the drop it had the past two weeks. Yuck, been hard to watch.

I'm a bit surprised to see energy names not down even more considering the giant fall spot oil & natural gas prices have taken. Plus OPEC said they were committed to 400K barrel output increase. I'm torn whether to cut my energy exposure a bit or keep it steady.

I had a few whiskeys in me last night when I saw crypto's pummeling and thought I was hallucinating ha ha ha. Good Lord almighty! I'm *NOT* a fan of crypto sector moving into the levered paper markets as now the same type games the big boys do with gold/silver can be done to crypto. Anytime they want they can flood the system with paper and instantly cause big crash as leverage unwinds and margin calls go out. Not cool.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

""The only one I own now is DraftKings"""

that one is caught up in the ARKK selling

It's one of the biggest holdings, ARKK gets sold DKNG goes with it..

I'll have to revisit the crypto charts and see where the next support may come in ,

IF one believes this is where you slowly build a position

@clrodrick I'm with you- small cap tech has been wiped out. Pretty much anything and everything. There are a few that have hung in there but they are getting hard to find.
Tiki Bar Capital profile picture
@Fear & Greed Trader, I believe there's value in a lot of the $ARKK stocks. A good place to hunt for bargains if the flush continues this week.
Sklyazo profile picture
1: Biden told us that Covid-19 is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


vaccinated people get and spread COVID

2: Biden tells us his Build Back “Broke” plan will reduce inflation because his trillions spent reduce cost


Day care costs $2K per month in my area: if Biden pays $2K for some equity person to buy this service, he didn’t reduce the cost of the service. What a moron. Day care would continue to cost $2K. Biden just took someone’s else’s money to pay for someone to send their kid to a free day care center but the center still charges $2K.

Now: he will increase demand for this service so it is very likely that the day care centers would increase the fee to $2.5K: therein lurks additional inflation from his spending.

I sold puts on $IWM with $204 strike price as I agree with the author that this asset class declined by a lot too quickly.

I chose 12/13 expiration date because on 12/15 Powell will disclose the details about the acceleration of the reduction of bond buying. We might get more volatility after the fed speaks.

VIX over 30 for SPY means investors are pricing in a recession.
"vaccinated people get and spread COVID"
True, as determined by positive rt-PCR test results that should be negative because the vaccinated aren't supposed to test positive for COVID. And they're not vaccines, they're "mRNA gene therapy." Unlike vaccines, "messenger RNA" (also called a "spike protein") sends instructions into cells and doesn't require a fragment of an actual virus to produce immunity. It's similar to the idea of programming a computer - except that it re-programs our cells to train them to produce immunity to a designated "virus," or "variant," which could be a real virus or even a computer model. A conventional vaccine uses a viral fragment (e.g., Edward Jenner's fragment taken from a smallpox pustule) to cause the body to produce immunity to it. So, since an mRNA "vaccine" doesn't need a viral fragment, "vaccination" with it can be recommended even when there is no actual virus for it to immunize us against. The value of mRNA theory is that it opens up virtually unlimited marketing potential for the vaccine industry. Stocks of some of the makers of these products have done pretty well, so we can assume that investors like the way the marketing campaign is working.
@susan58 How you distort the facts! Contagious timeframes from vaccinated people are in fact shorter than unvaccinated people meaning unvaxed have much more time to spread it. www.boston.com/...

Over 90% of hospitalizations from Covid are not vaccinated.
Where in the world do you get these vaccines are gene therapy. It is unsubstantiated comments from people like you that do a disservice to the greater population.
@Sklyazo - The only big policy error Biden has made is reappointing the Republican Powell who began his tenure as an inflation hawk when there was no inflation until Trump had to browbeat him to reduce interest rates.
Diesel profile picture
I also don't think the recent drops had anything to do with the virus. If it was due to virus fears, Nasdaq would have dropped less than other indices but we've seen many "stay home" stocks also get obliterated. This has more to do with Fed's tapering than anything. Kind of reminds me of fall of 2018 where the market had a 19% correction because JPow was hinting at raising rates.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

"""I also don't think the recent drops had anything to do with the virus.""


for sure the algos ran amok for a few hours, BUT the institutions took a look at the prospect of a quickening tightening pace due to inflation and took over.
Diesel profile picture
This year has been very interesting, especially anytime after March. Indices kept making new highs driven by 10-12 mega cap tech stocks while the rest of the market was either flat, range-bound or flat. We've seen so many stocks fall 30%, 40%, 50% or more since March but indices don't reflect that. I've read somewhere that 3/4 of Nasdaq stocks are below their 200 day moving average and a great majority of stocks are far closer to their 52-week low than their 52-week high.

The market can't rally on the same stocks alone forever. At some point either other stocks join the party and start catching up or indices start showing a lot of weakness.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

nice to see you here ,😎 thanks for the commentary.
@Diesel - Carter Worth from CNBC disagrees with Tom Lee who called for the end of the correction last week and thinks the S&P may have to test the 200 day avg of 4305 before it can rally.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

i'll add that Mr Worth has a dubious 'track record"

caveat emptor
Disgusting market. Massive overvaluation and bubbles in crypto big cap
And tech stocks. Small caps destroyed. Even pltr destroyed yet all i see is bullish posters and commentary. How are stock pickers still posting here? Every pick i made is destroyed. Every pick i avoided is a bubble.
Diesel profile picture
I've been buying the dip in some stocks that just keep dipping more and more, like Disney, Visa, Roku and Paypal. These are all solid companies and stocks with growth but the market doesn't like anything that's not FAANG (+MSFT+NVDA+AMD+TSLA).
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

you need the SAVVY INVESTOR service

sure I've been disappointed with some of the tech names that's how it goes, investing isn't easy, and its about to get harder.

but when you add a Pfizer (PFE) up 22% in 2 months with a great div , or sell a trading position in SHOP for a 30% gain in two months it helps the bottom line.

and as my disclosure states, these are documented results.

I'm down 3.8% on PLTR as i bought at various levels, and once the dust settles will probably add.

Best of Luck
john.fAIrplay profile picture
@JohnCraft - My God - every pick you've made has been destroyed? That's hard to imagine in a market up 21 percent in 11 months. You should definitely back away from stock picking.
Tiki Bar Capital profile picture
FGT – Excellent analysis, particularly on the policy error front. This strikes me as directly analogous to late 2018. Plenty of signals that the market was not ready for more tightening. Yet the Fed, having done three rate hikes already that year, did another in December. We experienced an ~18% SPX drop from September to mid-December. The Fed then gave dovish assurances, sparking a rally.

We’re in the early innings on tightening. The Fed seems to be merely “socializing” the idea of faster tapering and earlier rate hikes. But we shouldn’t be surprised if a similar pattern unfolds over the next week (or maybe two).

A year-end correction kind of makes sense at this stage:

--Weak jobs report.
--TAX LOSS HARVESTING – biggest technical driver in the weak sectors.
--Tone deaf Fedsters radically changing from dovish to hawkish – biggest macro driver.
--Dems/Biden not backing off inflationary policies.
--Elon Musk continues to sell $TSLA in bulk.
--China saber-rattling as $DIDI delists and fear spreads to all of the $KWEB stocks.
--Omicron – already priced in, in my view, but it doesn’t help.

My prediction is that the Fed will again make soothing dovish noises if the market enters correction territory. Perhaps even sooner. There are good odds this will present a favorable stock buying opportunity.

For my part, I stuck to my discipline this week. When the VIX spiked into the mid-30’s yesterday, I started buying stocks. But I was targeted, focusing on the high-growth stocks and sectors that are down 50%+ YTD. Why those? Because they are setting up for the biggest technical reversals when tax loss selling stops.

If the broader indexes hit correction territory, I’ll put money into stock index ETFs in size.

Crypto is selling off massively this weekend. A bloodbath. The result of leveraged trades unwinding globally and at a rapid place. I raised some cash a few weeks ago by selling crypto and am glad for that. Still have substantial exposure. But will look to add in this sector when it looks like the dust is near settling.

Get your buy lists ready, my friends. Set lowball limit orders. Cheer when lower prices come. Works better than Xanax for maintaining calm during market turmoil.

All the best,

@Tiki Bar Capital - What weak jobs report? The labor participation rate increased from 61.6% to 61.8 and the unemployment rate fell to 4.2%. The household survey showed a 1.1 million increase in employed Americans and the weekly jobless claims were the lowest in 52 years. The government did not include people who started their own business or not working for someone else.
@Tiki Bar Capital - In the selloff last Friday you stated you were buying energy, disruptive tech, and Chinese tech. How did those trades workout for you? I hope you were not buying bitcoin too which fell another 10% last night to $47,000
panzer profile picture
@Tiki Bar Capital great comments too TBC.....! well expressed.
ET180 profile picture
"The push for having everyone that enters the country vaccinated continues unless you enter the southern border of the U.S. The mass migrations continue unchecked. This policy error will have longer-lasting economic effects than the virus."

Well otherwise the vaccine might deter vaccine hesitant migrants from illegally entering the country which would be contrary to the admin objectives. If Biden really wanted to push vaccination rates higher, why not mandate vaccination for all recipients of Federal benefits (social security, food stamps, welfare, etc)? Instead they go after the productive people.
panzer profile picture
@ET180 bottom line is Biden wants massive and continuing immigrants from the 3rd world. He does not care if they are bringing with them the bubonic plague, nor do his people in his adminstration. That is his objective, full stop. He has said this in the past, that the racial demographis of america must be changed dramatically. He said that point blank, which of course is a violtion of the 1964 civil rights act and all of our laws, but these things do not matter. All economic objectives are non existent when compared to Biden's goal which he has stated many times in the past, the media not reminding people but the media has all of these statments. He wants the country well under 50% caucasian. Has said so many many times. Economics be darned.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

thanks for the comment other than spin there is no logical reason for unvaccinated to enter.

and Fauci's remark about the border being a "different situation" is patently absurd.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

let's call it for what it is

we now have reverse discrimination in place. and that solves NOTHING

don't single me out and discriminate against me for what someone else may have done in the past. -


I'll say it again keep pushing

and the pushback is going to be a nasty situation.

this is not the way to bring people together, then again it seems they arent really interested in that.

very sad indeed
re: P Orlando

“When President Biden took office in January, he shut the Keystone XL pipeline”

The relevant segment was never open, and would have opened in 2023 at the earliest. It was always a questionable project from an energy policy standpoint.

“Biden then accelerated our transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for environmental reasons, prompting GM and Ford to announce that half their auto production will be EV's by the end of this decade. With production for combustion-engine vehicles declining,”

Due to market forces entirely, GM and Ford will be selling way, way less than 50% gas cars at 2030. This is due to the rate of progress in battery tech. It just won’t be possible to find consumers willing to buy gas cars in 2030, because EVs will be far more capable and much cheaper than gas cars. Consumers won’t want to pay more for a gas car when they can get an EV for less money that has the same range and is a much better, more reliable, durable vehicle all around.
@arnold.bird sure thing.
@arnold.bird well an ESV Ford 150 > 100,000. I guess East Coast / West Cost Libs can afford one. I doubt most of the world can!
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

"""The relevant segment was never open, and would have opened in 2023 at the earliest. It was always a questionable project from an energy policy standpoint."""

provide a link for your "questionable" statement, please

how about the jobs that were taken away?

""Due to market forces entirely, GM and Ford will be selling way, way less than 50% gas cars at 2030""

good luck with that , and good luck to GM and Ford if they swing too far to the EV side , they will have a diff time getting back. and they will be between a rock and a hard place

they are setting up to be a great short like the EV sector i highlighted.

other than that i find the comment interesting

but questionable at best.

Crude oil is down 23% from its high but it is not the only commodity that is down. The commodity inflation index is back to where it was in February. Unless omicron causes another big disruption in the supply chain it looks like the inflation rate has peaked and is rolling over.
AuCoaster profile picture
Bloomberg Commodity Index up 23% YTD 2021, and 26% since pre-Covid.
So, YTD implies about 25% annual rate of price increase.
Pre-Covid implies about 14% annual rate of price increase.

The dramatic unprecedented monetary expansion of the last 18 months is just beginning to have its impact on the general price level for goods and services. Serious inflation is just beginning to show itself, as the transitory elements are fading. If you think the tidal wave of inflation has passed, then go ahead and gather fish on the exposed seabed during the period between these waves.

Policy error is the main risk to GDP growth at this point, not Covid.
Fear & Greed Trader profile picture

Thanks for the comment BUT according to some

there are so many positives out of this admin they can't even begin to list them 😎😎😎

at times its like going to a comedy club
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