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Adam Hamilton - the broken clock guy.
@BurntOnceTooMany Going through his past articles, looks like you are right.
Favourable seasonal influences on a real and relative basis for precious metals and precious metal stocks turn positive in mid-December for a seasonal trade to late February. Nice pop in Palladium last week, a frequent leading indicator for the mid-December/February trade! See: charts.equityclock.com/...
So six other comments on this thread, all negative or at least showing frustration. Getting close to a buy again. I’ll sell when everyone is talking about how gold is sure to hit $2500.
I'm about ready to throw in the towel on mining stocks. It seems everything is bearish. Transitory inflation? They go down. Not transitory? Rates will go up which of course is bearish for gold and mining stocks. Crash coming? Mining stocks will get obliterated even worse than S&P and Dow stocks, which never makes sense but always happens anyway. How do you expect to win in this environment?
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I will stay the course. I only own a small position in one large producer, GFI, which is doing well. The others I own are all junior explorers and new mines, or very soon to be new mines. Although they have declined some, the drops are smaller. I get concerned if they drop 10-20 cents. In that portfolio, I am still up 44%- dropped 10% in past week. My 2 biggest negatives are only down $500 each, all other negatives are smaller.

My total portfolio is 13.49% gold. They do get hammered when gold prices drop. But what I own is mostly an individual miner story. I will not get worried until gold drops under $1500.
@MetalDecathlete The miners are all manipulated and run by dishonest self-serving management. All of them. I'd stay clear of every miner except for those that pay consistent dividends.
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Powell is signaling more interest rate increases, since he wised up that inflation is NOT "transitory", or maybe he just stopped his LIES, because he really knew that inflation never was transitory. Higher rates, if they really happen, are not good for gold. I expect gold prices to continue to be a rough road. However, long term, I still expect gold and miner prices to rise against the wall of negatives.
Adam, you forgot to mention the involvement of the Fed in all this manipulative trading.

As some analysts write some of these short seller attacks were illegal. It would have been the job of CFTC to start investigations. But they did nothing. The difference is: If a trader manipulates the gold price he gets punished. If a trader manipulates the gold price on behalf of the Fed this is legal after US law. After US law it is the Fed's job to manipulate yields, currencies and commodities world wide if in the interest of US government.
Count Orsini-Rosenberg says, "Too many notes." ♫♪♪
@avikey The problem is that if stocks go up, who needs Gold and if stocks break, they sell miners to cover margin calls.
@ShockedToFindGambling Your winnings, sir.
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