Mastercard's India Wipeout, Visa Is Next As Rival RuPay Prepares To Go Global

Dec. 22, 2021 3:42 AM ETMastercard Incorporated (MA), V50 Comments
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  • MA and V historically had overwhelming share in card branding in India until recently.
  • RuPay surpassed both in the debit card segment, is making inroads in credit cards and is backed by strong national objectives.
  • Similar "national" endeavours are on the rise elsewhere and forming cross-operability pacts that challenge MA and V's ubiquity in the long run.
  • Trends seen in line items suggest MA might be substantially affected while V is likely counting the days.
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In recent coverage given to Mastercard Inc. (NYSE:MA) and Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), both companies were credited with solid line item discipline. This line item discipline, however, hides minutiae that will grow to impede future growth outside of their home

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