Soluna Holdings: Unknown, Massively Undervalued, And Revolutionizing Renewable Energy With Green Computing

Dec. 23, 2021 1:18 PM ETSoluna Holdings, Inc. (SLNH)2.15K Comments
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  • Soluna Holdings currently has an annualized cash contribution margin of over $23 million with an enterprise value of only about $150M.
  • Scaling rapidly and on track to reach 1 exahash per second of computing power by March of 2022 with 50MWs energized.
  • At 1 EH/s, the annualized cash contribution margin should exceed $40M based on current network difficulty and bitcoin pricing.
  • The upside in SLNH shares is exponential and the downside is extremely limited, even in a crypto winter, due to their revolutionary business model.
  • If SLNH successfully energizes 233MW, as planned, by the end of 2022, the enterprise value of the company should exceed $2B (over 10x from current levels).

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Soluna Holdings (NASDAQ:SLNH) was previously known as Mechanical Technology (MKTY) and last covered by Kingdom Capital in this fantastic article. Historically, Mechanical Technology was an instruments business in the test and

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