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Morgan Stanley: With A Transformation In Progress, Is It A Buy, Sell, Or Hold?

Jan. 01, 2022 9:08 AM ETMorgan Stanley (MS)30 Comments


  • Recent acquisitions are serving investors well.
  • The company has a sound financial foundation as well as a well-funded, rapidly growing dividend.
  • Morgan Stanley has excess capital that it can use for acquisitions or return to shareholders.
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If history is a harbinger of future results, then an investment in Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) will reap rewards: the shares of this investment bank nearly doubled the returns of the S&P 500 over the last ten

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Chuck Walston profile picture

As of 08/1023 I am rated among the top 3.4% of authors in terms of overall results. This is according to TipRanks, which provides a 64% success rate and an average 16.5% annual return for my articles. (I update this score on at least a quarterly basis for readers.)

I could be characterized as a safety first investor.  My primary focus is on dividend bearing stocks.  I seek a degree of safety in my investments by concentrating on companies with competitive advantages and strong balance sheets. 

I am a also value / buy and hold investor.   Since I require a discount in the share valuations of my investments, my  ratings are generally very conservative.  My valuation requirements, combined with the high quality companies that I often highlight mean many stocks I rate as a hold  perform well over the long term.   Readers should consider this when weighing my buy/hold/sell recommendations.  

I am a retail investor, with no formal training in investing.  

I am a graduate of the U.S Army Ranger school and a former member of the 1st Ranger Battalion and The Old Guard (U.S Army Honor Guard.) I am a retired law enforcement officer. I have approximately 20 years experience as a retail investor. 

Best of luck in your investments, Chuck

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Comments (30)

Adambombfx profile picture
MS We are looking good Today !!!

SleepyInSeattle profile picture
MS: waiting to add @below $75 - it may get there.
Adambombfx profile picture
Bought an additional 100 shares of MS at $ 82.44 Today , Total shares held to date 800.

Adambombfx profile picture
Bought an additional 100 shares of MS at $ 84.14 Today , Total shares held to date 700.

Adambombfx profile picture
Just Bought an additional 100 shares of MS at $ 89.00, Total shares held to date 600.


@Adambombfx, added at 89 today too, tiny bit.
Adambombfx profile picture

Awsome ! smart move indeed ...
Adambombfx profile picture
I will be buying mor MS today !!!
Adambombfx profile picture
Just Bought an additional 100 shares of MS at $ 93.50, Total shares held to date 500.

@Adambombfx "just"? been a few hours since it was that low.
Adambombfx profile picture
Just Bought an additional 50 shares of MS at $ 95.55, Total shares held to date 400.

BM Cashflow Detective profile picture
I came into possession of Morgan Stanley shares through the Eaton Vance Merger.

In principle, I would have preferred to keep the Eaton Vance shares, but the price premium and the excellent performance of Morgan Stanley were, in retrospect, a very good deal.

I'm currently not buying any more shares here. A necessary price consolidation would do the valuation well. It's just a "hold" and I'm waiting for better entry opportunities.
jillydavid profile picture
Thanks for the article. Really good brief summary on MS. Been on my watch list and waiting for a good entry price which I estimate below 90.
" it is common to witness a degradation in a company's financial situation following acquisitions "

Often the acquirer pays a premium for a successful company and then "fixes" it without appreciating what made it successful in the first place. As an E*Trade client for decades, I can testify that since their acquisition their customer service has become a disaster. Their robot answering machine regularly reports that the wait time to speak to a human is on the order of an hour. Originally, they were a discount broker with excellent service. Now, with zero commissions, there's no longer a good reason to choose a broker with poor service, especially when there's a list of ways their on-line systems have been degraded to reduce their expenses and increase their float.
@JohnP, not sure what type of account you have but I have seen no change. have Schwab, ML, and etrade for 20 years. Like etrades format best.
When i call etrade I always get a live person.
Chuck Walston profile picture

Appreciate the inside scoop.
Thank you for a very good article. I’ve had MS on my watchlist for awhile.
Chuck Walston profile picture
@CP Lambert

My pleasure, and Happy New Year!
Thanks for a very good article. Gorman has done a nice job reducing risk and providing steady and predictable revenue streams (wealth management is a highly predictive model). Also, he has a shareholder friendly approach as evidenced by a recent doubling of their dividend and buybacks. Capital allocation is excellent as evidenced by accretive and complimentary acquisitions. The stock is a buy in a normal market, and under 90 a screaming buy. But when you factor market risk right now (Fed, inflation etc) I would agree hold is prudent. Long MS, C, BAC and JPM.
Chuck Walston profile picture
@User 286

I concur with your post.. Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy New Year.
@User 286
Agree… main reason to consider MS is the CEO… straight shooter, employee and shareholder friendly… but waiting for a 5-7 % correction before adding
thank you for your work in this article, and for your other work over the last several years. i have read and benefited from them all. for 2022, my view is that it will be a dicey investment year, but that a political change is a year off at which time things will become less dangerous for investors. for this reason, i am evaluating companies who pay a decent dividend and are relatively financially sound, and for which a 10% or more return can be obtained by selling the covered calls that expire in january 2023. my belief is that buying such a stock and selling this long-term call would allow an investment to span across whatever is going to happen in 2022. MS fits this profile. you can buy the stock in the high $90's, sell the january 2023 call at a strike price of $100, and make a return of more than 10% in 2022. although you rate MS a hold at this time, my guess is that your view on both the price of MS and their dividend a year or two from now would be rosier. seems like a relatively conservative investment approach with a good 12-month return to me, but i would appreciate your opinion. thanks again for all your articles.
Rob Ward profile picture
@abcde1 this gives you about 10% downside protection, but no guarantee of making money as the stock could easily go below the break even price of about 85/share with this strategy. I have considered this, but like the flexibility of weekly/monthly covered calls more.
Chuck Walston profile picture

I appreciate the kind words. As you have read a number of my articles, you know I hew towards the conservative side in terms of valuations. I'll also add that although I continue to invest, I'm keeping a double digit portion of my portfolio in cash to take advantage of dips. Rather than selling calls, I often sell puts on stocks that I would be happy to own at current levels. In toto, I earn the equivalent of about 3% to 4% of my portfolio each year from put contracts.
@Chuck Walston thank you chuck.
Nice article and completely agree. Too much risk going in to 2022 to purchase MS at these levels.
@atlasman, differs for everyone. Some may like a 2.8%+ yield and a CEO that likes the pps low for all the buybacks he's planned.
ndardick profile picture
Well done. You think deeply and write clearly. I am also neutral on MS at the current price but willing and ready to scoop some up on any decline below $90. While you own JPM and GS, I own JPM and C, betting that Jane Fraser will transform C so that it will trade above book value like the other large banks. I am keenly aware of the history of C and its ongoing challenges, but it’s time is now and the price simply too cheap to ignore.
Chuck Walston profile picture

I appreciate the kind words. I have no position in C, but you have prompted me to take a look at it. I agree with the $90 valuation as a buy point.
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