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The $64,000 question is, Why is Berkshire Energy selling BYD stock? Is it because of geopolitical issues between the U.S. and China or something else?

If you believe in NEVs then BYD is your go to manufacturer. They have the products, the battery technology, the software, etc. Well really, they are the only vertically integrated vehicle manufacturer on the planet and do not suffer from "supply chain" issues. They have Chip subsidiary making their own chips and even assemble smartphones. IMO they suffer(ed) from China's lockdown policies and the recent removal of government subsidies to Chinese NEV buyers. We shall see how it all plays out. I'm in for the long haul like Uncle Warren for now!

PS-I forgot. Their export business to Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Europe, and South America will be a tailwind for production and margins. And, BYD is building an electric vehicle production plant in Thailand — its first in Southeast Asia. The plant is expected to start operation in 2024, with an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles, mostly for export to Southeast Asia and Europe.
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I’d be much more optimistic about BYD in 2022. BYD already announced that its Xi’an factory resumed production to pre-lockdown level.
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@WayneZhao WHY did BYD TAKE A BIG hit in last few days?
does anyone know?
i thought the cause might be Xi'an but byd made a PR statement that is fine...?
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@Sunil Shah
I believe two reasons:
1. 10 year rate up, plus Fed taper, so spooking US markets
2. Tencent, BABA etc, was told by CCP to dump their portfolios, so they have been selling stuff, and the HK market panicked a little bit.
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@hummingbird228 THANKS sounds plausible
mkt is very frittish, but also indiscriminate
Tesla should fall 10-20X every 1% byd falls...
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@The Value Pendulum
you state
"In order to do an evaluation of how BYD Company Limited's shares could perform this year, it is necessary to first review the company's most recent operating and financial metrics."

but where do you do that??
all you state are the monthly sales figures, along with the most rudimentary overview of old financial resutls.
Where are timely financial statements, the P&L and the Bal Sheet for recent quarters ?
How can you expect to be taken seriously when you don't follow your own advice?

btw I focus on this, AFAIK, my article here is about the only one on Seeking Alpha that delves into the the financial statements, on a GAAP BASIS, as far as is possible from BYD'S financial disclosure.

"Buy BYD: Largely Ignored Vs. Tesla's Meteoric Ascent
Jan. 25, 2021"


that are admittedly masked by the ADR listing, hence the absence of GAAP compliant results. I guess it's time for me to update my last FINANACIAL ANALYSIS OF BYD, given the lack of any such analysis here on SA
I’m much more optimistic, at least for the long term. In place of reduced subsidies there will be EV credits and local registration incentives for EV’s, particularly in the most populated areas. The BYD E platform cars are just coming online and the DM-i technology cars have a huge backlog of orders to fill. These New Energy Vehicles are not only better but cheaper than most ICE competition.

BYD NEV production growth is expected to double this year from 600,000 to 1.2 million NEV’s. The forward P/E of 79.4 is hardly “rich” compared to other EV stocks. It is growing faster than Tesla which has a forward P/E of 270. A company that is annually doubling deserves the P/E of a Growth stock on the leading edge of this EV tsunami.

But if the Xian shutdown is prolonged for more than a couple of months you would be right in the short term. There’s no way they could fill their orders in the interim; although my bet is that the lockdown will not last that long. In any case the market will anticipate the end of the pandemic.

One point you missed was the sales of EV parts to other manufacturers. Blade batteries, E-platform 3.0, Chips, etc., will show up in the profitability of this company in the coming quarters.
@Vulcan11 great points
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