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Qualcomm Extends Automotive Offerings With Snapdragon Ride Vision, Digital Chassis

Jan. 05, 2022 7:30 AM ETQUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM)38 Comments
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Bob O'Donnell


  • At CES 2022, the automotive focus continues, with multiple semiconductor makers and car manufacturers touting important new advancements to their digital “mobility” platforms.
  • Modern cars are enormously complex, and many automakers and suppliers have learned that adding multiple, advanced technology offerings into the mix is proving to be a lot more challenging than many initially expected. So, any efforts to simplify the process by “pre-integrating” various pieces can be considered a positive step forward.
  • Qualcomm is extending and combining some of its previous auto-focused initiatives in ways that reflect the increasingly diverse range of needs that the industry now has.

Las Vegas Hosts Annual CES Trade Show

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News

Over the last several years, some of the most intriguing developments to come out of CES have been car-related. From information-rich cockpit experiences to promises of assisted and autonomous driving, much of the headline-generating news from the last

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Bob O’Donnell is the founder and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, LLC a technology consulting and market research firm that provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.

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Comments (38)

700B TAM Just buy it
@Tony215 know he can get the job but can he DO the job?
@dima_b its a platform every EV is joining them there is no one better than Qualcomm
@Tony215 D'oh! I got articles mixed up. I thought this was a PINS discussion... Lol
Great review. Thanks.
Cars have become way too complex, your mechanical window crank was fine, now you need a door activator switch and the electronics to move your window up and down, replacement cost and labor is over $1500. No money then no window for you.

For $5 you can buy a new window crank and replace it yourself on an '82 Nissan, big downside to buying a new computer car. You don't have a dash board in an Escalade until the monitor boots up and no brakes until the car's computer boots up. New cars are garbage when one of the chips or circuit malfunctions or corrodes.
@Kurt Licherovsky well that one dude had a repair cost on his Tesla and it was $20k. So he took the expensive parts off of it and blew up the car with lots of dynamite. Is crazy how expensive repairs are now.
@Kurt Licherovsky this is one big reason I don't think personal car ownership will survive as a model in the future. Short of an event of apocalyptical proportions, there is no going back to mechanical cars. They will move into the car enthusiast/collector niche.
@dima_b didnt think about that, but yes it could slide that way with how expensive repairs will be. Or the warranty business is about to explode and may well do so anyway.
Very interesting achievement the company and shareholder.
Good job management.
$230 by end of June, in normal market conditions. Oh and that is still cheap based on growth, earnings, + opportunities in the next 3-5 years.
@kevn1111 next 3 month's you should say $230.??
@pingwillow@aol is possible, I just think some wavering in the market till it gets its footing for '22. Valuation wise it could be $230 right now, but I try and be a bit conservative.

Maybe I adjust my thoughts after earnings and guidance.
This piece is a proof that QCOM is serious in Auto. And diversifying away from being only a handset company.

The transformation at QCOM is working wonderfully. QCOM is getting stronger and stronger in auto, internet of things and RFFE, and with a very impressive new CEO in charge.

Whatever happens with Apple on the handset modems and whether Apple will build them in house won’t matter much in a few years.

QCOM deserves to be rerated to a higher PE stock. If you assume an EPS at 10 to 11 this year, QCOM will shoot for 250.
vkvraju profile picture
@nickfrancois 11+ is already a given this year. How close to (or cross) 12 it would get is the real question left for the company this year.
@nickfrancois high ROE and ROA deserve more respect, apple drag. Cell phones and cars everyone has one big markets.
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@Bob O'Donnell thank you for this informative article.
"Even if those early efforts did work, it turns out they were promising capabilities that a large majority of consumers didn’t even want"

Great point. Truly autonomous vehicles are unlikely to hold much consumer appeal for a very long time. Lane keeping and changing along with automatic braking, however, would appeal to many.
ChuckXX profile picture
I continually see references to BMW, Volvo, Renault, etc etc. What about the truly Big Boys like Ford, GM, Toyota. Etc???
vkvraju profile picture
@ChuckXX GM is already a Qualcomm customer (including for ADAS) now.

ChuckXX profile picture
@vkvraju Thank You for the link "vkvraju". I want you to know that I truly appreciate it and it was a good read. I noticed that almost 75% of the article was regarding "autonomous cars". My issue with that is I truly believe it will be well over a decade before that even comes close to being a "real thing". You know the old joke about the guy who says "Well I'm a real Long Term Investor". And the other guys says "Well in the Long Run we're all Dead". LOL
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