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Fisker Inc. (FSR) CEO Henrik Fisker Presents at Morgan Stanley Conference Call (Transcript)

Jan. 05, 2022 6:35 PM ETFisker Inc. (FSR)1 Comment
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Fisker Inc. (NYSE:FSR) Morgan Stanley Conference Call January 5, 2022 12:40 PM ET

Company Participants

Henrik Fisker - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dan Galves - Vice President of Investor Relations

Conference Call Participants

Adam Jonas - Morgan Stanley

Adam Jonas

Okay. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, everybody. I'm Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley's Global Auto & Shared Mobility team. Absolutely delighted to have live from Las Vegas; Henrik Fisker, CEO and Founder of Fisker, as well as Dan Galves, Vice President, Investor Relations at Fisker. I've known -- I first met Henrik well over 10 years ago. The guy really doesn't need an introduction. He's known for his legendary designs and innovative next-gen thinking and pushing the envelope of renewable and sustainable propulsion and has built a really a formidable team and is in a position to continue to change the world here with that lovely vehicles he's sitting in the ocean. That interior looks so sick by the way. Breaking my heart I can't be in there with you.

And Dan Galves, as many of you know, I think sets the standard for Investor Relations and autos and has a ton of experience across tech and auto and both outside as well. So thanks to both of you for joining. Look forward to a great discussion. I'm going to encourage everybody to get your questions in now. We've got a couple of hundred people here. Your questions are better than mine. So get them on in and I'll do my best to synthesize or get to them. This webcast is for Morgan Stanley clients and approved observers only. So no press, please drop. And for important disclosures, refer to our research in the drop-down menu of the webcast and go to www.morganstanley.com/ research disclosures.

So maybe

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Comments (1)

19 Jan. 2022
Fisker will likely be my first step in the EV world we are most certainly headed towards. I really like their lease program and with the MobilEye & the 4D digital radar integration, this is light-years ahead of Tesla. Also the flexible lease program is key to their success along with not trying to revolutionize the car-building process again what Tesla completely failed at (I hear they got better after China's plant taught them the old ways). And to finally mention their supply chain and manufacturers are all top notch. Fisker's approach is a win on all levels. Cheers!

PS. Regardless of the upcoming EV adventure, you'll have to pry my 2011 red Camry SE V6 out of my cold-dead-hands! (if everything I wrote before this just died in your mind, then you clearly haven't ever driven one and I know other real nice ICE cars exist out there but the Camry Gen6.5 V6 ranks very high on that list. ICE isn't going extinct for a very long time regardless of what our inept government suggests - there'll be a used auto market for the next 75+ years - way outliving all of us.)
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