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AbbVie: Doing The RIG(HT) Thing

Jan. 06, 2022 11:52 AM ETAbbVie Inc. (ABBV)JNJ, KHC, MAC, MRK, PFE, SBLK, SPY, UNH, XLB, XLC, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLK, XLP, XLRE, XLU, XLV, XLY50 Comments


  • Aside of performance and volatility, proper diversification and proper allocation/s are crucial. Don't bet too much on anything, no matter how "sexy" it may look.
  • RIG's largest position has a 5.2% allocation and it's up 16.5% over the past six weeks (since inception date).
  • At the same time, RIG's best/worst position is up/down 26.8%/18.3%. Luckily, allocation to the best is 6.5x bigger than allocation to the worst.
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Happy New Year!

We hope that 2021 has treated you well, and we wish you that 2022 will treat you even better.


Rose's Income Garden ("RIG") is a portfolio runs by @RoseNose under Macro Trading Factory ("MTF"), with a focus on income (dividend stocks), quality (mostly large

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The Macro Teller profile picture

The Macro Teller has over 30 years of investing experience, including 25 as an investment manager. He holds a BA in Accounting and Economics, as well as an MBA in Finance. He is a licensed CPA and had been a licensed investment advisor in various countries, including the US (Series 7 & 66).

He runs the investing group Macro Trading Factory along with his team where they offer two easy to follow portfolios: Funds Macro Portfolio and Rose's Income Garden. Although the two portfolios are very different they share the same goal: Outperforming the market SPY on a risk-adjusted basis. Learn more.

Analyst’s Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of ABBV either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (50)

The Macro Teller profile picture
A *must-read* (!!!) for anyone who is subscribed to *any* of SA Marketplace services, or consider joining one of those:


[Make sue you read all the way through]

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
The Macro Teller profile picture
As of NOW:

Funds Macro Portfolio ("FMP") is up 13.6% YTD, outperforming $SPY by 20.7%

Rose's Income Garden ("RIG") is up 8.2% YTD, outperforming $SPY by 15.0%

Only $499/year

Flex68 profile picture
@The Macro Teller ,

TMT and Rose Income Garden with , what , between 7-14 articles YTD ?

Don't strain anything
The Macro Teller profile picture
Not sure if this is a criticism (too much writing) or encouragement (too little writing).
Since there are single authors that write 7-14 a week/month, I assume it's the latter.
Unlike most services, our material on the free side is different than the one we produce for subscribers and so free-side articles aren't "recycling" of already used material rather new one we produce especially for non-subscribers.
RoseNose profile picture
@Flex68 : As MT mentions , he writes at least weekly within both services. We both will write a short article for each trade suggestion and In WoF he writes about each option trade. I will write 2x monthly for the free side, but offer probably too much information through chat, but most seem to like it. ....
The Fortune Teller profile picture
"There's a good a reason why WoF is one out of only five services (out of 186 SA Marketplace services in total) with a 5-star rating gathered by at least 50 reviews."

The Macro Teller profile picture
Hey buddy,

I've got my own version:
There's a good a reason why Macro Trading Factory ("MTF") is one out of only five services (out of 186 SA Marketplace services in total) with "Macro" being one of the main themes, and a perfect 5-star rating.


How about that?
Thanks for sharing
The Macro Teller profile picture
Cheers @DividendInvestor2018
Happy MLK Day and New Year!
Flex68 profile picture
I am late to comment, having been on vacation for a bit.

While I've read comments from author for several years, I think this may be the first article I've read from her.

So, the first ~half of the article is background on author/Rose's Income Garden/The Macro Teller/Macro Trading Factory, along with generalities (what constitutes an outsized return, diversification, allocation, author's portfolio performance since November 2021, etc.).


[Will readers face the same 'wading' on future articles ?]

Then the 'meat' of the article on ABBV really seemed to only constitute a bit of history, along with comparison to a couple of peers/competitors, and then concluding with a great deal of additional generalities as regards investing.

Unlike those who offered 31 'Likes', I found the article underwhelming, at best.

Perhaps even "a day late and a dollar short."

(Not unlike author's response to another commentor, where she remarked, "you're a day late and several dollars short....." If you were willing to pay $399 you'd know I'm neither a day late nor several dollars short...")

Riiiight! lol
The Macro Teller profile picture
Welcome back
Hope you enjoyed your vacation.
Sounds to me like next time it would be a good idea to make it a while longer.
Enjoy the weekend.
RoseNose profile picture
@Flex68 : RoseNose is mentioned in this article which I endorse as I am a contributor at Macro Trading Factory with my full portfolio is listed there showing prices as the market changes AND more.
Please see my articles under my own author name for more information about it. Here is a link to the latest :
Happy New Year !
ctryban profile picture
Rose, if you were to buy in the insurance sector or bank sector today, what would you consider?
RoseNose profile picture
@ctryban : Hi and thanks for the ? I would look at regional banks only. I currently have financials such as BDCs, and very few are actually great buys, but somewhat fair in value. I don't look much at insurance sectors as I find them too hard to predict with all the fires lately; so I just stay away from those. However, PRU does seem to have a stable out look and a decent yield, but I don't own any. Wish I could be of more help. Rose :))
dunnhaupt profile picture
Hi Rose,
Good to hear about your great investments again in the new year. As I had discovered on previous occasions, my portfolio remarkably resembles a miniature version of yours, no doubt because we follow a similar general investment strategy, except that I appear to be maintaining a somewhat lower allocation to consumer staples.

Of course I realize that people will continue to eat and drink even in bad times, but will they eat and drink MORE?

Wishing you a prosperous new year,
The Macro Teller profile picture
Hi @dunnhaupt
I'll let @RoseNose do her own dance/reply, but let me just add that while Rose's Income Garden ("RIG") has a big exposure to Consumer Staples, Funds Macro Portfolio ("FMP") - the other (original) portfolio that we run on Macro Trading Factory ("MTF") - has zero exposure to this sector.

Interestingly, both portfolios have had quite an amazing first week in 2022: seekingalpha.com/...
RoseNose profile picture
@dunnhaupt : Hi there and Happy New Year! Great to learn you are doing well sticking with a smart plan ( using a miniature version of "RIG")..lol.
Consumers are just that, and we get more of them every year which is what makes it work upwards with more people in the world. Actually some do eat and drink more during covid, confinement, stress, inflation and recessions ! Can't stop it from happening. Thanks to MT for putting in the link to our sale; Sale is for one last day; today only ! $100 off MTF.
Best :)) Rose
dunnhaupt profile picture
@The Macro Teller @RoseNose
Thank you both for this info. My own small retirement portfolio grew over the years just by conservatively observing the market. I suppose several fund managers must have done the same, thus achieving similar positive results.
ABBV will prevail 2022-2023
ABBV will prevail 2022-2023
Half of the top 15 do not pay a dividend by my count.....rotation is away from pure growth and toward value with a divvy.....you're a day late and several dollars short.....
$399? Not a chance. GLTA
The Macro Teller profile picture
Hi @Zephyr512

"rotation is away from pure growth and toward value with a divvy.....you're a day late and several dollars short....." If you were willing to pay $399 you'd know I'm neither a day late nor several dollars short...
"$399? Not a chance." Let me guess that there's no number this wouldn't be 'not a chance', unless of course we flip like oil prices last year, and offer the service while paying you to join it...

GLTA indeed
@The Macro Teller Nice comment back. Lol. Me and my wife spend almost $10 day at our local coffee emporium and we consider it money well spent. If you are a serious investor and actually make money then $399 is as easy as ordering a latte with a smile knowing that you are keeping the engine’s of commerce rolling to the benefit of all who are willing to listen to many viewpoints. I’m buying your commentary and contributing to your family fortune as I add to mine!
The Macro Teller profile picture
Thanks @Coolmission6719
1) Those who would never spend $1 on anything are the one who tell you that your goods/services are expensive, no matter how low they're priced.

2) Those who would never bother to do serious research, let alone check the data/facts before they criticize/attack, are the loudest.

3) Full disclosure: I'm typing while drinking my first cup of coffee (at home). I tend to spend my daily $10 on deserts, not on the coffee... (-:
The Mighty Paywall gobbles up another.
The Macro Teller profile picture
We made this article "an author's pick" so it's free to read regardless of the "The Mighty Paywall"
billinsd profile picture
Always remain within your comfort zone.
Sometimes that means selling stocks when your government is turning into Venezuela
Congratulations and continued success
I continue to like ABBV for 2022,along with the entire healthcare industry
JnJ is my largest holding
Im gonna roll with Canadian banks and insurance as my co pick for 2022
The Macro Teller profile picture
Hi @billinsd
Banks/Financials are certainly a good place to be in right now (and into 2022)
Good luck & HNY
Very Nice article - especially for those of us looking to balance income and modest “non-greedy” growth vs. our individual personal risk appetite.
Love the comparison of the two portfolios with different perspectives on “how to achieve goals” with different approaches.

After following Rose for some time,
decided to dip my toe into Rose’s “Pharm world” expertise.”
To get started, I selected ABBV just before correction that you referenced. Golly! Sure seemed like an eternity before drop, drop, drop to double digit red turned back to blue. caused me to question this 1st move/selection into pharm, but long term patience is key (as I found with so many other core positions).
Conversely I’ve watched from afar to see Rose dip her toe into my “aerospace/defense” world. I’m a long term holder of LMT and have liked the reliability of modest growth alongside, healthy dividend growth.

Although I do prefer NOC over GD as my 2nd choice (CEO leadership outstanding; latest M&A of orbital …fantastic strategic add for complementary Space business; plus often overlooked large backlog of classified air/space business with enviable higher profitability than even LMT)
Look forward to your next article to possibly take a peak at these …over the long haul, better than parking retirement funds in Bonds!

All the best!
The Macro Teller profile picture
Thanks for a wonderful comment @Engineer@56
Rose expertise goes way beyond just pharma, and I can only hope we (the "Tellers") are making a small contribution on that front.

Speaking of the ABBV correction:
On WoF we sold on Sep. 1sr 2 PUT options:

ABBV 01/21/2022 100.00 P @ $5.30
ABBV 01/21/2022 105.00 P @ $7.50
We bought both back on Dec. 1st for $0.75 & $ $1.04, respectively.

Whenever ABBV corrects we take action, but truth the position itself is now big enough NOT to add to it anymore.

More than the 'defense stocks' (GD, LMT), I believe those are the shipping stocks that are making a real difference in Rose's life/portfolio, not only within the Industrials sector.

Hope to see you one of these days looking at Rose's Income Garden from the front row!
For years I’ve followed Rose on many of her picks and have never gotten hosed. I also invest in many individual companies, and many ETFs including VOO, SCHD, QQQ, XLF, VO, and MOO. God I love it!
Best buys profile picture
@Mr.Sceptic I love it also. I'm like a grown up kid in a candy store.
The Macro Teller profile picture
Hey @zorrojoe99
Consider paying a visit to the official 'store' where Rose is handing 'sweets' almost daily: seekingalpha.com/...
$399/year valid only until the end of this weekend.
14-day of a free trial means you have nothing to lose.
Looking forward to welcoming you.
Have a good one (weekend and subscription)!
tizod profile picture
Well don't time the market etc..however...I sold ABBV at the high (as of now) and will await correction and buy back in. I figure the cap gain will way overcome the divvy if I am buying back @25% less in six months. I know...may never happen... but I like the chances (the whole market is so high...). IMHO. Even income folks cant lose too much capital, and I am starting to adjust for that where "traditional" DOW-ish stocks are peaking.
The Macro Teller profile picture
Good luck @tizod.
No offense, but I can't wish you luck this time round (Obviously, would rather see ABBV keep rising...)
We've sold more PUTs when the stock corrected a couple of months back, but we already bought these back (for a nice profit), so for now - it's a nice, quite big (all relative), position we're looking at, hoping for even more gains (though don't thing there's a huge upside from here).
All the best!
Excellent article. Long ABBV and PFE.
The Macro Teller profile picture
Thanks @IrishFan2
Two great names.
We were quite against PFE for many years, but then COVID came and the company has reinvented itself.
I guess that Instead of Pfizer they can rename Phoenix.... 😉
Great article, thanks for sharing it! Long ABBV, and been reading Rose's updates for years now, have a lot of positions in common (DGI investor myself)

The portfolio size (number of positions) is always an interesting discussion. Throughout my investing career (25ish years) I have tried nearly the whole gamut, from super concentrated in my younger (and very foolish) years, losing my backside in the dotcom crash when I was just out of college, up to somewhere around 75-100 positions about a decade ago, before finally settling on my current strategy of 18-25 positions.

Back when I was trying out the large number of positions, my thought process was "just avoid the losers, don't try to pick winners". I think that that is an extremely viable strategy, but it just wasn't for me. I found I always had some stocks that I felt very good about, knew a lot about the company, felt they were going to perform very well, etc. And then I had a bunch of stocks/companies that I didn't know very well, didn't have the time to research them properly, and/or just felt very "meh" about their prospects. They weren't losers, but I didn't really care about them either, and I always just wanted to sell them.

So, I've found that around 20 is the sweet spot for me personally, in that I can keep up with researching them, reading their financial reports, and I feel good about their prospects. I have a very low turnover (maybe swap out 1-3 positions a year, so like 10% a year, tops), and many of my positions I have had for nearly a decade now, and likely will for at least another decade.

I think that it comes down to personal preference, within reason. I don't want to get much smaller than 20, as that is too much risk for me, but my current size is something I really enjoy and can stick to, and have stuck to for about a decade now. That's probably the most important thing -- find your own style that you can stick to and enjoy.

Anyway, thanks again for the article!
The Macro Teller profile picture
Thanks for sharing your experience @Chalmus0, as well as the process of reaching the "magic number" of 18-25.
Although I belong to those who like to have many positions, I think that there's no 'right' or 'wrong' here. Whatever works, whatever suits, whatever feels right.
As a matter of fact, on Wheel of Fortune, we've just started a 20-stock portfolio that has all sorts of limitations and goals, and I must say picking (only) 20 isn't easy...
FMP (the other portfolio we run on MTF, alongside Rose's RIG) is an "up to 50" funds type of portfolio. Not 18-25, but surely coming closer compared to Rose's 86....
HNY and best of luck!
The Macro Teller profile picture
Macro Trading Factory two portfolios YTD (as of this very moment):

1) Funds Macro Portfolio ("FMP"): +1.16%, outperforming SPY by 2.28%

2) Rose's Income Garden ("RIG") +1.11%, outperforming SPY by 2.23%

Note that the portfolios are VERY DIFFERENT and it's only accidental that the numbers are quite similar.
The goal (outperforming the SPY on a risk-adjusted basis), however, is similar...

Our current, end (now start) of year, special sale is coming to an end by the end of this week.
If you wish to follow these portfolios at REAL TIME, as well as getting TRADING ALERTS (as they happen), and get closer to "D-Rose"* - join now for only $399/year.

*Not NBA's Derek Rose, but our Dear/Defensive Rose


Price will move up to $499 on Monday, January 10th, 9:30am ET

All are most welcome!

Happy new, most successful, year to you and yours, as well as to all the Roses among us.
RoseNose profile picture
Long ABBV, RIG... and ....
Long The Fortune Teller, The Macro Teller, service the Wheel of Fortune and Macro Trading Factory. Quality and value in them all !
The Macro Teller profile picture
Maintain social distancing!
If you won't, you might get infected, and before you know it, you become "The Rose Teller"...
Emerald profile picture
@The Macro Teller, or more hopefully, "The Rose Fortune"!
Emerald profile picture
@The Macro Teller, thanks for the article. I am long Abbvie for many years and hold approximately 67% of Rose's portfolio. I'm a big fan of Rose (and the new RIG) and believe her portfolio is a great way to stay diversified, with a decent income and total return. Best of health and returns for 2022!
The Macro Teller profile picture
Thanks @Emerald
Couldn't agree more!
Disagree with this article? Submit your own. To report a factual error in this article, . Your feedback matters to us!

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