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NVIDIA Corporation's (NVDA) Management Presents at 24th Annual Needham Growth Conference (Transcript)

Jan. 11, 2022 2:08 AM ETNVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)3 Comments
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NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) 24th Annual Needham Growth Conference January 10, 2022 12:30 PM ET

Company Participants

Colette Kress - EVP and CFO

Conference Call Participants

Rajvindra Gill - Needham

Rajvindra Gill

Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome. Myself Raji, research here in Needham and Company. Welcome to our 24th Annual Growth Conference here at Needham. Wish we could be in person, but it is what it is. But we're happy for everyone that's joining.

We're very pleased to have Colette Kress from NVIDIA, Chief Financial Officer, as well as the IR team as well, Stewart and Simona Jankowski. This will be a fireside chat, about 40 minutes. For folks that have questions that are listening on the webcast, feel free to write them in the textbox message and then I will relay those messages.

So with that Colette, welcome.

Colette Kress

Thank you. Thank you for having us.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q - Rajvindra Gill

My pleasure. So Colette, if we could maybe first start with the gaming segment. The gaming segment has had a tremendous amount of growth in 2021, the most recent quarter was up about 42% year-over-year. And the demand was pretty much strong across the board, desktop and laptop computers. On the most recent call, you mentioned that only about 25% of your 250 million GeForce installed base is on the latest Ampere GPU architecture.

So that implies a kind of a significant upgrade cycle that's underway over the next couple of years. I wanted to get a sense of what percentage of your consumers upgrade their cards every generation? And are there generation skips that are common? Do you -- are you seeing kind of the opposite and more people are upgrading to this architecture faster than the Pascal architecture?

Colette Kress

Yes, great. So let me first start with

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Comments (3)

productivityLeaps profile picture
what's most impressive and seems many don't understand; DLSS isn't just to look great and "cool" for games

DLSS is foundational to the sciences because it simulates by following the laws of physics, the real world

so, as AMD and INTC work to emulate, mimic RTX with FSR and other, they're (I'm told by specialists) trying to match RTX with rehashed, improved up scaling techniques

which may improve the look of their games when rendered with their GPUs even potentially to "cool" status; however, their solutions do not necessarily simulate the laws of physics thus clearly weren't steps thought of years ago towards much greater ends accomplished incrementally with RTX being a major milestone

AMD and INTC were forced to react and become effect to NVDA's cause

more Jensen = genius evidence

will AMD and INTC be able, ever, to create cards that do same? I know AMD went big into scientific compute and it'll almost certainly take longer to train and run than NVDA's AI solution in this area

as someone pointed out on this board earlier, AMD will have scientists doing the math "long-hand" whereas NVDA's solution is as if the math is being done "in one's head"
@productivityLeaps Well said. Thanks for eloquently articulating the idea behind and value of DLSS.
productivityLeaps profile picture
@CS_64 thanks for the compliment and is it ever exciting times in this area, all the changes ... !
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