Yes, The Crash Will Probably Get Worse From Here


  • Since the November blow-off tech top occurred, many mega-cap tech stocks have been down by significant margins.
  • However, despite their steep declines, many stocks are still far from cheap here.
  • We could see further repricing due to a changing economic atmosphere and Fed tightening.
  • If the near-term S&P 500 support breaks down, we will likely see at least a full-blown 10% correction develop.
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In late November, I wrote about the coming "drop" around the top in the tech market. Here we are, several weeks later, and declines have been epic in some names. From peak to trough, Nvidia (

Invesco QQQ Trust/Nasdaq 100 ETF (<a href='' title='Invesco QQQ ETF'>QQQ</a>) 1-Year Chart


Nvidia 1-Year Chart

NVDA Chart

S&P 500 1-Year Chart

SPX Chart

S&P 500 Shiller P/E Ratio

Shiller P/E ratio

10-Year Treasury chart

10-Year Treasury

Countdown to FOMC

Countdown to FOMC


Apple 1-Year Chart

Apple Chart

Microsoft 1-Year Chart

Microsoft Chart

Amazon 1-Year Chart

Amazon Chart

VIX 1-Year Chart

The VIX Chart

 Earnings Report Card


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