How Thoughtful, Disciplined, And Patient Investors Prevail In Tumultuous Markets

Feb. 28, 2022 11:40 PM ETAAPL, KO9 Comments


  • Whether fueled by business cycles or black swan events, market turmoil reminds investors of the importance of thought, discipline, and patience.
  • Borrowing from Yogi Berra, thoughtful investors know that investing is 90 percent half common sense.
  • Instead of trading faceless stocks, disciplined investors prefer owning slices of quality, enduring companies.
  • And patience is the scarcest and, thereby, most valuable commodity available to retail-level stock market investors.

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Pandemics, hyperinflation, and market volatility are natural occurrences within economic cycles. Nonetheless, when markets are aggravated and lives threatened by geopolitical black swan events instigated by crazy people, I am reminded of a quote from the Irish playwright George Bernard

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