Why The Stock Market May Have Finally Bottomed


  • We're witnessing considerable volatility in the stock market as the FOMC decision approaches.
  • However, given all of the uncertainties, the Fed may take a more dovish approach in its tightening policy.
  • The Russian default probably won't occur, and it may not matter even if it does.
  • The stock market may be forming an intermediate-term bottom around here, and I'm doubling down in some badly beaten-down stocks.
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As the Fed's decision on interest rates approaches, the S&P 500/SPX (SP500) and stocks, in general, are going through another volatile phase. However, it's not just the FOMC meeting. Russia's invasion of Ukraine, soaring energy prices, high and persistent inflation, and now a

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SPX (StockCharts.com)


FOMC (CMEGroup.com)

Jobs report

Jobs report (Investing.com)


AMD (StockCharts.com)


SOFI (StockCharts.com)


PLTR (StockCharts.com)

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