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Cassava Sciences (SAVA) Investor Presentation - Slideshow

Apr. 01, 2022 2:32 PM ETCassava Sciences, Inc. (SAVA)13 Comments
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The following slide deck was published by Cassava Sciences, Inc. in conjunction with this event.


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Comments (13)

Desert M profile picture
It sure seemed to me, that with a curiously timed "Stay Tuned", that SAVA is open to, if not exploring with, a partner who can run a trial with simufilam and some other drug either in AD or for another indication.
Exit16 profile picture
Jim Kupiec: "Who manipulated my photo on page 4?!"

* Dr. Wang silently sneaks to the door *
One would expect thousands of pats in an Alzheimer’s trial as the amount of pats are so many. That’s why hypertension trials have 10 thousand pats.
Plus it is well know in medicine the more pats in a randomised study the easier to hit your end points.
Remi should never be allowed in the press. SAVA board needs to find a new CEO. He cannot take this where it needs to go. He has no plan. Enrollment for P3 must be completed in 1 month . Mild to mod Alzheimer’s pats are everywhere. I am an MD and my practice alone can provide 1/2 the patients required.
@glmd whAt? Why must itncompleted in 1 month. They estimated it will take about 1 year. They expected enrollment to be completed by September of 2022, according to clinical trials . Gov
What is remi saying in this chat??? Down 10% as of 10 am today.
Anthony Cataldo profile picture
@brad_scat Nothing burger. Nothing bad, but nothing on the near-term horizon. I would probably just buy 100 share blocks and sell near-term calls.
I see nothing new in this slide deck. Why would I vote for management to have another 4 million shares to give away as options which would possibly dilute the stock by 10%?
Arthur E. Singer profile picture
This is an old PPT and some sort of attempt, in my opinion, to say that there will be nothing new from Tuesday's fireside chat. That makes me suspicious of the motivation for posting this and for what news we may hear on Tuesday. I don't trust these editors or the majority of HF connected 'Journalists' now posting about this Company.
@Arthur E. Singer the stock is a joke. Get over it
umpire1 profile picture
if positive articles are retracted what is left?
Anthony Cataldo profile picture
@umpire1 Do not understand. Articles in PPT presentation not impacted, I think.
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