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Insider Weekends: Bill Ford Continues To Buy More Ford Shares


  • Executive Chair Bill Ford picked up $4.5 million worth of Ford stock on the open market last week.
  • Automotive part manufacturer LCI Industries saw a cluster of three insiders purchase shares.
  • Insiders are buying ahead of an earnings related blackout period.
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Logo of Ford at a car dealership

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I was recently listening to Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business podcast interview with Darren Palmer, the VP of Ford’s Global EV Program, and he discusses the development of Ford’s first three all electric vehicles, including the Mustang

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Comments (30)

Tdot profile picture
It seems my previous post was improperly deleted. In summary:

"Executive Chair Bill Ford picked up $4.5 million worth of Ford stock on the open market last week."

This is absolutely FALSE.

The SEC Form 4 (linked below) clearly shows that on March 28th Bill Ford purchased 267,697 shares of CLASS B preferred Ford Family shares from another Ford Family member, and added them to his own Family Trust Fund.

These are not Class A Common shares that are purchased on the "open market".

The suggestion that Bill Ford used insider information to which he had access and purchased common shares in expectation of gains based on such information is absolutely false. And doing so could result in $5 million in fines and 20 years in a federal penitentiary, under the Insider Trading Act.

Asif Suria profile picture
@Tdot I see from the filing that he did pick up class B shares and that he did so indirectly through a trust as indicated in the footnotes of the filing.

You are actually right that this was not an open market purchase because class B shares are not available to buy on the open market. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We will get the article corrected.
Tdot profile picture
You too were simply the victim of lazy reporting at Bloomberg, I think it was, which incorrectly reported the share purchase in the first place.

Many many more articles in the media were spun off from that crappy reporting, and the associated assumption that Bill Ford "must know something" if he is buying up millions of dollars in Ford shares on the "open market", speculating that he knows the chip shortage is coming to an end, or some other thing that would presumably boost Ford's share price.

Bill Ford and Ford's corporate attorneys are way too smart than to allow illegal insider trading to happen at the top of the company, which would immediately spawn SEC investigations and most likely the jailing of the Executive Chairman and anyone else that might be involved.

It may do well here to point out that inside information is material corporate information that has not been made available to public. If someone obtains unpublished insider information, and then buys or sells shares on that bases to try to benefit from that information, that is illegal insider trading.

Nevertheless, a corporate insider buying or selling shares does not imply that "they must know something". If they did "know something", then they would have to wait until that news is formally released to the public in media press releases and filed with the SEC, only then they can trade shares fairly along with anyone else in the public.
Enjoy your weekly recaps. Quick question which you’ve probably answered dozens of times but since I don’t know, I’m asking again. Do your numbers exclude option transactions, i.e. are they all open market buys and sells?
Asif Suria profile picture
@Sportsbiz Thank you. Glad to hear you like them. Yes, the purchases and sales both exclude option exercises. We also look at the footnotes to see if we can identify ones that were done through private placements and attempt to exclude those as well.

Check out this page regarding insider transactions for Ford and you will notice that we did not report on all the option exercises in our Insider Weekends article: www.insidearbitrage.com/...
LCII with $6 gas? Not sure that is a good buy at this point. Divy is good though, wonder how long that will last.
Asif Suria profile picture
@Bobbie B I agree that it is a challenging macro environment and Tweeted about that yesterday: twitter.com/...
Yet the stock is still falling. What does that tell you? Besides buying $4.5 million of F shares for someone who has more millions than he can count isn’t a sign of confidence. He could be simply shoring it from hitting 2020 low of $4.50 …!
Asif Suria profile picture
@AbuAdam I would love to be able to buy it anywhere close to the March 2020 lows. Unfortunately I don't think that is likely anytime soon. I don't think Bill or anyone else is likely to move Ford's stock price on account of insider transactions.
@Asif Suria insider buying for an owner with millions or billions does not mean a thing. Not to me anyways. Elon Musk has shown time and again that he is a visionary who can make things happen. ICE companies were in business long before Tesla. But what have they achieved in the EV space. Tesla last year sold close to a million EV, and this year on track to top that. When will Ford will deliver the F150 and how many? In any case, there is wisdom in the adage “follow the leader”.
Have some at $11.00 but would not add at this juncture as sales are either stagnant or slipping. Lots of competition in the EV market
@Jlexus1953 falling, yes but not on company fundamentals but on reasons outside their control that are expected to dissipate through the year. This is normally a buying opportunity. Once it turns it will ramp quickly, but yes you may have some dead money or even losses for a several months. But I cant time the bottom or top, so is a 50%+ gain in the next 9-15 months worth it. To me, YES. But F as well as GM are at the mercy of supply chains.
Bill has a long term vision in mind...
He will patiently wait while he collects the dividend.
Trading the stock is not in his mindset..
F is a long long shot. Currently, F continues to plummet day after day... Reading the comments from "Is Ford Stock Nearing A Buying Point At Its Current Valuation?", I foresee that F is not currently in favor for stock investors... Bill Ford will not reverse F current trend in short term.

Yep, the last 60 days F has bounced around and between a $16-18 trading range - most in the middle ~$17.

Quite the “plummet day after day”. It’s $16.70 as I type.
Asif Suria profile picture
@IreneKat I don't expect him to. Insider buying is a great way to discover or rediscover companies and is only one tool in an investor's toolbox. The stock has been settling down after the big run up. The supply chain issues will eventually resolve themselves. At the end of the day it will be the quality of their products, their capital allocation and their strategic decisions that will guide the stock in the long-term.
You have traders and you have investors.
Tow totally different groups with different financial objectives..
A trader and an investors seldom see eye to eye..
cssys profile picture
ford is going up big time, in a few years...
PT Larry profile picture
Thanks for the data.
cdgingrich profile picture
Thank you, Asif.
Asif Suria profile picture
@cdgingrich You are welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting almost every week.
F. He isnt buying for this qtr or next. He is buying for the future when supply chain issues dissipate. That is when F goes back up toward $30. Question is how much pressure is put on F in the upcoming qtrs. Does it stay between $15-$17 for now or drop to $12-$13 as current news seems to dictate price vs actual long term value of a company. I want to add around $13.50. Hoping a bit more negative news allows this to happen.
vooch profile picture

Bill Ford musta got hold of the MaiTai model
PT Larry profile picture
@kevn1111 I have also thinned long position, waiting for a better price owning to supply chain disruptions.
PT Larry profile picture
@kevn1111 tdameritradenetwork.com/...

Don’t know if you heard this interview with Campbell.
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