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Mudbugger profile picture
Hi Fun.... just wish to clarify that PAAS has adopted a variable type divvy policy based on net cash levels end of qtr. Base qrtly rate is 0.10 plus 0.02 since net cash >$200million. Variable payout schedule can be found on their website.
Patiently long PAAS 15+ yrs at much lower prices. GLTA, Mud
Fun Trading profile picture

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I did not mention it and it could mean a higher dividend in the near future.

Best regards,
Mudbugger profile picture
@Fun Trading or, conversely, back to $0.10 if capital spent on mine expansions, particularly at Escobal, should they get the go ahead. I haven't checked to see if they've been asked in past eps calls or have offered up any rough estimates of Capex to get Escobal into production if issues resolved. And I imagine it's a stale number given current labor and material cost pressures. To me, the divvy is just lagniappe, "a little extra", that adds to the bigger hoped for potential!!
Fun Trading profile picture

I agree. I made a trade recently and made a gain worth about ten years of dividend. The dividend is not material enough to base a strategy on it.
Thank you for shining a light on PAAS - it is my # 2 position behind AEM.
I’ve been adding to it this year and plan to continue to do so on a dip.

Any chance we’ll get lucky again like the 2/1/2021 silver spike caused by the Robinhood boys? PAAS traded in the $ 39’s (might have touched $ 40 for an instant).
Fun Trading profile picture
@Miners to the Moon

You are very welcome. Yes, I remember this spike, and I believe the stock still suffers from its effects.
I am accumulating on any weakness like you. I believe we will have to be patient, but I see a similar rally down the road with Escobal.

Good luck
@Miners to the Moon

Escobal reopening might get PAAS to the low to mid 30s even if gold and silver stay relatively unchanged. If gold and silver also rally nicely before then, then Escobal reopening might get it over $40. I'm long many PAASF rights and some PAAS shares.
Douglas Payne profile picture
@6228371 .. Sounds hopeful.. just so long as Escobal doesn't turn out to be a CHEWBUTT~!!
demirad profile picture
@Fun Trading Thanks for the write up. PAAS gets so little press, considering its weighting in the GDXJ. Been in this for a little over a year, so I got to average down into that abyss, but I agree with you about trading a certain portion of the position as I find this to be more volatile than BTC (which I also own).

I saw your link about Escobal update, but my reading on the 4Q conference call, I don't know why I thought they were implying this was as 2024-2025 reopening if all goes well with the Guatemalans...but yeah would be great if they get that started as the off-lining of Morococha will almost cancel out the improving situation at La Colorada. Also, what's your take on their continually uptrending AISC for Ag and Au...I don't consider them low cost producers anymore. Cheers.
Fun Trading profile picture

Thank you for your opinion. Yes, AISC is high and may go higher with inflation. It is a thorn... As for Escobal, it may take more time to turn this sleeping giant into a producer. I expect a green light in early 2023 and about a year to ramp up to total production. I may be optimistic. However, if Escobal gets the go then the stock will probably jump on the news...

Best of luck
Douglas Payne profile picture
@Fun Trading Let's not forget ChewButt (Chubut?) Folks don't mention this Sclerotic vestige.. but she's still there... WAITING~!!
very well run to say the least.
Fun Trading profile picture

Yes, good company but a stock is a bit disappointing. I would love to see the 30's again.
@Fun Trading Can you say when the paasf expires? If memory serves, maybe 7 more years? Good be a nice gamble.
Fun Trading profile picture

I think you are about right... I cannot remember right now. You can probably find it in the 10K.
Another informative update, Fun! TY!

Yes, looking to piece back in. I’m watchfully waiting.

Metals values esp silver are a large concern.

Escobal update is needed. If it’s out there, please post!

Fun Trading profile picture

Thank you Gregory. I have indicated a very recent article on Escobal that I found quite encouraging. If I know more i will try to indicate it here.
Excellent analysis as always, long PAAS.
Fun Trading profile picture

Thank you, it is appreciated.
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