Lithium Junior Miners News For The Month Of April 2022


  • Lithium prices were slightly down (except spodumene significantly up) the past month.
  • Lithium market news - BMI: Lithium ion battery pipeline breaks the 6 TWh capacity by 2030 and will require 5 million tpa of lithium by 2030 (10.4x increase on 2021).
  • Junior lithium miner company news - POSCO Holdings begins construction of $830M lithium plant in Argentina. Lake Resources signs off-take MOU with Hanwa and off-take agreement with Ford.
  • Wealth Minerals announces agreement for acquisition of Ignace REE Lithium Property in Ontario, Canada. Rio Tinto completes acquisition of Rincon Lithium project. Alpha Lithium closes 3,800 hectare acquisition in Hombre Muerto, Argentina.
  • Avalon Advanced Materials signs binding LOI Partnership Agreement to establish Ontario's first regional Lithium Battery Materials Refinery in Thunder Bay, Canada.
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Lithium Li, chemical element. 3D rendering isolated on black background

AlexLMX/iStock via Getty Images

Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the "junior" lithium miner news. I have categorized those lithium miners that won't likely be in production before 2023 as the juniors. Investors are reminded that most of the lithium juniors will most likely be needed in the mid and late 2020's to supply the booming electric vehicle [EV] and energy storage markets. This means investing in these companies requires a higher risk tolerance and a longer time frame.

April saw continued tremendous progress and huge interest in the lithium juniors.

This month three lithium juniors (Avalon Advanced Materials, Essential Metals and Green Technology Metals) were added to the main news as they all have an existing lithium resource and promising lithium projects. Two of the above three have significant interests in Canada, where government and other support is building for new battery raw material hubs in Quebec and Ontario.

Lithium spot and contract price news

Asian Metal reported during the past 30 days, 99.5% China lithium carbonate spot prices were down 2.0%. Lithium hydroxide prices were down 1.58% the past 30 days. Lithium Iron Phosphate (Li 3.9% min) prices were down 1.69%. Spodumene (6% min) prices were up 17.14% over the past 30 days.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence as of mid-April reported China lithium carbonate prices of RMB 499,000/tonne (US$78,350) (battery grade), and for lithium hydroxide RMB 496,500/tonne ($77,950), and stated (no link available): "Benchmark anticipates that pricing for hydroxide will also see a temporary stabilisation towards the end of the month, in line with the domestic carbonate market." reports lithium spodumene concentrate (6%, CIF China) price of CNY 22,317 (~USD 3,432/mt), as of April 22, 2022.

China Lithium carbonate spot price - CNY 480,500 (~USD 73,903)

China Lithium carbonate spot price

Trading Economics

Source: Trading Economics

Rio Tinto's lithium emerging supply gap chart (chart from 2021)

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

Source: courtesy Rio Tinto

Lithium market news

For a summary of the latest lithium market news and the "major" lithium companies' news, investors can read my "Lithium Miners News For The Month Of April 2021" article. Highlights include:

  • CATL teases Kirin battery, says it has 13% higher capacity than 4680 batteries.
  • India to invest in exploring lithium, cobalt mines in Australia.
  • Biden invokes Defense Production Act to boost EV battery production.
  • Canada to invest C$2 billion on mineral strategy for EV battery supply chain.
  • Battery metal shortage to last well into the next decade - Piedmont Lithium's Keith Phillips.
  • Rivian CEO warns the looming EV battery shortage will make the chip shortage feel like 'a small appetizer' for what's to come.
  • Musk appeals for more lithium production to meet battery demand.
  • Mexico nationalizes lithium mining.
  • Mr Lithium, Joe Lowry tells Bloomberg: "I believe there will be a day in the future when lithium is in oversupply, but it won’t be in this decade."
  • BMI: Lithium ion battery pipeline breaks the 6 TWh capacity barrier by 2030 and will require 5 million tpa of lithium by 2030 (10.4x increase on 2021 levels). Battery capacity is currently growing at twice the speed of lithium raw material supply.

Junior lithium miners company news

Sayona Mining [ASX:SYA] (OTCQB:SYAXF)

On April 4, Sayona Mining announced: "Positive NOVONIX tests reaffirm Authier product quality." Highlights include:

  • "Positive results from leading lithium‐ion battery innovator NOVONIX reaffirm high quality of Authier spodumene.
  • Sayona product samples matched and performed equally as well as benchmark lithium hydroxide samples in commercial performance tests.
  • Results demonstrate potential for downstream processing in Québec to capture added value for all stakeholders, amid growing demand from expanding North American battery market."

On April 26 Sayona Mining reported:

New lithium pegmatite discovery at Moblan Project..... Highlights include 5m @ 1.85% Li2O from 3.5m and 35m @ 1.62% Li2O from 27.6m in hole DDH135 together with 6.6m @ 1.69% Li2O from 2.1m and 27.2m @ 1.53% Li2O from 22.0m in hole DDH136; mineralisation at shallow, 60m vertical depth, open in all directions and near main Moblan deposit.....Sayona has a 60% interest in this area.

Investors can read the Company presentation here, and my Trend Investing interview: "Sayona Mining Managing Director & CEO Brett Lynch Talks With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing."

Note: North American Lithium [NAL] is owned 75% Sayona Mining: 25% Piedmont Lithium.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2022 - Authier permitting. Possible project financing and off-take.
  • 2023 - Restart of NAL (SYA 75%: PLL 25%) operations.

Piedmont Lithium [ASX:PLL] (Nasdaq:PLL)

Piedmont Lithium 100% own the Carolina Lithium spodumene project in North Carolina, USA; as well as 25% of North American Lithium [NAL].

On March 24, Piedmont Lithium announced:

Piedmont announces closing of Public Offering of common stock. Piedmont Lithium Inc. today announced the closing of its previously announced underwritten public offering of 2.01 million shares... The aggregate gross proceeds of the Public Offering, before underwriting discounts and commissions, totaled $130.8 million.

On March 29, Piedmont Lithium reported:

Piedmont Lithium partner Atlantic Lithium announces a 42% increase in Mineral Resources at the Ewoyaa Project... Piedmont has an earn-in right to a 50% interest in Atlantic Lithium’s Ghanaian projects including Ewoyaa and the Company holds an equity interest of approximately 10% in Atlantic Lithium. The updated Mineral Resource estimate...20.5 Mt @ 1.29% Li2O of Indicated Resources...

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2022 - Carolina Lithium - Possible further off-take, permitting or project funding announcements.
  • Early 2023 - NAL (25% Piedmont Lithium) production set to begin.

You can view the company's latest presentation here.


AVZ Minerals owns 51% of its Manono Lithium & Tin Project in the DRC, after selling 24% of it to Suzhou CATH Energy Technologies for US240m. DRC-owned firm Cominiere has a 25% share.

On April 13, AVZ Minerals announced:

Favourable technical opinion received ahead of a decision on the Mining Licence for the Manono Lithium and Tin Project...

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2022 - Initial project work. FID on the Manono Project.

Standard Lithium [TSXV:SLI] (SLI)

No news for the month.

Vulcan Energy Resources [ASX: VUL] (OTCPK:VULNF)

Vulcan Energy Resources state that they have "the largest lithium resource in Europe" with a total of 15.85mt LCE, at an average lithium grade of 181 mg/L. The Company is in the development stage developing a geothermal lithium brine operation (geothermal energy plus lithium extraction plants) in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany.

On April 6, Vulcan Energy Resources announced:

Vulcan executes agreement to supply German energy company, MVV, with renewable, zero carbon heat. First of a number of planned district heating agreements from Geothermal energy to help combat Germany’s Energy Crisis.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • H2 2022 - DFS, potential permitting and project funding.
  • 2024 - Target to commence production.

POSCO [KRX:005490] (PKX)

On April 24, Green Car Congress reported:

POSCO Holdings begins construction of $830M lithium plant in Argentina... Construction of the brine lithium plant is to be completed in the first half of 2024, with annual production of 25,000 tons of lithium hydroxide. The total investment cost is about US$830 million (about KRW 0.95 trillion) including infrastructure investment and operating funds...

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2024 - Target to commence production at Hombre Muerto and ramp to 25ktpa LiOH.

Wesfarmers [ASX:WES] (OTCPK:WFAFY)(took over Kidman Resources)

The Mt Holland Lithium Project is a 50/50 JV between Wesfarmers [ASX:WES] (OTCPK:WFAFF) and SQM (SQM), located in Western Australia. There is also a proposal for a refinery located in WA. Wesfarmers acquired 100% of the shares in Kidman for A$1.90 per share, for US$545 million in total.

No lithium related news for the month.

You can view the latest company presentation here and news on the Mt Holland construction here.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • H2, 2024 - Mt Holland spodumene production and Kwinana LiOH refinery planned to begin and ramp to 45-50ktpa LiOH.

Liontown Resources [ASX:LTR] (OTC:LINRF)

Liontown Resources 100% own the Kathleen Valley Lithium spodumene project in Western Australia. DFS completed in November 2021.

On March 31, Liontown Resources announced:

Liontown and LG Energy Solution extend Offtake Term Sheet. The extension allows Liontown and LGES to complete negotiations for the definitive full form binding offtake agreement, which are well advanced...

You can view the company's latest presentation here.

Global Lithium Resources [ASX:GL1]

No significant news for the month.

Savannah Resources [LSE:SAV] [GR:SAV] (OTCPK:SAVNF)

On March 30, Savannah Resources announced: "ABB signs agreement with Savannah as plans progress for zero emission lithium project in Europe."

On April 6, Savannah Resources announced: "Financial results for the year ended 31 December 2021." Highlights include:


  • "Portfolio streamlined: Savannah has a singular focus as a European lithium "pure play" following the amicable exit from the Consortium Agreement with Rio Tinto on the Mutamba Mineral Sands Project in Mozambique.
  • Cash balance: Stood at £13.0m as at 31 December (31 December 2020: £2.0m), driven by the significantly oversubscribed £10.3m (gross) equity financing and the Consortium Agreement Cash Termination Compensation (US$9.5m)...
  • Recruitment: To support the Company's continued growth, key new staff with a range of skills have been added to our project and corporate teams in Portugal and the UK respectively."

Barroso Lithium Project (the "Project"), Portugal


  • "Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA"): During the year the conformity of the content of the EIA was declared by the environmental regulator ("APA") and the Public Consultation exercise on the EIA was completed. Savannah believes the calling of a snap general election in Portugal in early November 2021 for 30 January 2022 impacted the decision-making processes in government agencies such as APA during that period. The Board remains hopeful that the Environmental Impact Declaration ("DIA") for the Project will be made in coming months.
  • Definitive Feasibility Study ("DFS"): Metallurgical process design work continued in Australia throughout the period leading to finalisation of the Project's process flowsheet in February 2022. Field work in Portugal was limited as a result of COVID-related restrictions and the ongoing EIA review process. The DFS is now expected to be completed within twelve months of approval of the EIA."


  • "Offtake and Investment: Received increasing investment and offtake interest in parallel with the major improvement in lithium pricing and growing expectations of future lithium raw material supply shortages...
  • Rebrand: Rebrand of the Company and the launch of its new website."

Upcoming catalysts include:

2022 - EIA permit due.

2023 - DFS due.

Critical Elements Lithium Corp. [TSXV:CRE] [GR:F12] (OTCQX:CRECF)

On April 6, Critical Elements Lithium Corp. announced: "Critical Elements Lithium announces exploration plans for 2022 including up to 25,000 meters of drilling." Highlights include:

...The Corporation is working to secure diamond drill rigs for the full year with a program of up to 25,000 meters divided between the Corporation’s projects:

  • "10,000 meters for the expansion of the Rose Lithium-Tantalum deposit.
  • 7,000 meters to delineate an initial Mineral Resource Estimate at the Lemare Lithium project.
  • 8,000 meters to explore for and test new targets identified."

Investors can view the company's latest presentation here.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2022 - Rose Lithium-Tantalum Project provincial permitting. Possible off-take or financing announcements. Results of studies for a chemical plant to produce high quality lithium hydroxide monohydrate.

You can read my August 2021 Critical Elements Lithium article here.

Lithium Power International [ASX:LPI] (OTC:LTHHF)

No significant news for the month.

Upcoming catalysts:

  • 2022 - Further developments with Mitsui re off-take partner and funding announcements for Maricunga Lithium Brine Project in Chile.

Lake Resources NL [ASX:LKE] [GR:LK1] (OTCQB:LLKKF)

Lake Resources own the Kachi Lithium Brine Project in Argentina. Lake has been working with Lilac Solutions Technology (private, and backed by Bill Gates) for direct lithium extraction and rapid lithium processing.

On March 29, Lake Resources NL announced:

The Japan-based trading company “Hanwa Co., Ltd.” in non-binding MoU to negotiate for offtake up to 25,000tpa and a long-term partnership with Lake Resources.

On April 11, Lake Resources NL announced: "Lake Resources and Ford Motor Company sign non-binding MoU to negotiate for lithium offtake from the Kachi Project." Highlights include:

  • "Offtake proposal for approximately 25,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of lithium from the Kachi Project in a non-binding agreement with Ford Motor Company...
  • Second non-binding MoU offtake collaborator, further de-risking the project for financiers and investors."

On April 21, Lake Resources NL announced: "Quarterly report for the quarter ended 31 March 2022." Highlights include:

  • ".....Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) production base case increased to 50,000 tonnes per annum lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) for the Kachi Project.
  • Discussions progressed around the provision of long duration, low-cost project debt finance for Kachi, indicatively available from UK Export Finance (UKEF) and Export Development Canada (EDC) to support approximately 70% of the total finance required for Kachi’s expanded production, subject to standard project finance terms.
  • New TARGET 100 Program with goal of annually producing 100,000 tonnes per annum of high purity lithium chemical to market by 2030.
  • Drilling to bring forward development of Lake’s 100 percent owned lithium brine projects at Olaroz, Cauchari and Paso, Argentina, to ensure multi-asset lithium expansion.
  • Demonstration plant assembled and dispatched from California USA to the Kachi Project by Lake Resources’ technical partner, Lilac Solutions, after extensive and successful test work.
  • Lake is well-funded through to final investment decision (FID) on construction finance, anticipated in H2-2022. Cash of A$111 million (US$82m) as at end March.
  • Lake utilised its At-The-Market (ATM) facility and raised A$39 million during the quarter..."

ioneer Ltd [ASX:INR] [GR:4G1] (OTCPK:GSCCF)

ioneer ltd. announced in September 2021 the sale of 50% of its flagship lithium boron project to Sibanye Stillwater for US$490m.

On March 29, ioneer Ltd announced:

Nevada Lithium for Nevada’s next generation lithium-sulphur Batteries. ioneer Ltd, an emerging lithium–boron supplier, today announced the completion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ioneer USA Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ioneer, and NexTech Batteries (NexTech), the global leader in proprietary lithium-sulphur battery technology based in Nevada.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • Any debt funding deals on top of the existing Sibanye-Stillwater US$490m to fund Rhyolite Ridge.

European Metals Holdings [ASX:EMH] [AIM:EMH] [GR:E861] (OTC:ERPNF) (OTCPK:EMHXY)

No significant news for the month.

Upcoming catalysts include:

  • 2022 - Any off-take or project funding deals.

Galan Lithium [ASX:GLN]

Galan is developing their flagship Hombre Muerto West ("HMW") Lithium Project located on the west side edge of the high grade, low impurity Hombre Muerto salar in Argentina. In total Galan Lithium has 3.0m tonnes contained LCE @858mg/L.

On March 31, Galan Lithium announced: "Hombre Muerto West Project update: DFS and pilot plant works making strong progress, new resource targets identified." Highlights include:

  • "HMW Definitive Feasibility Study [DFS] on budget and on track for completion by end-CY2022...
  • Pilot plant construction progressing well; main pond completed with brine filling imminent and evaporation piloting to follow.....
  • Mineral Resource update on track for delivery Q3 CY2022.
  • Recently completed Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) geophysical survey identifies potential new Mineral Resource zones.
  • New target zones exploration drilling set to commence in Q2 CY2022."

On April 7, Galan Lithium announced: "Extensional drilling success at HMW Project delivers lithium resource upside." Highlights include:

  • "Diamond drillhole, PP-02-22, completed to a depth of 450m at Pata Pila licence.
  • Results confirm HMW Project Mineral Resource extends to the east at depth, delivering further resource and potential production upside: Extends brine potential a further 800m from existing drillhole (PP-01-19) to within 1km of the neighbouring Livent tenement boundary.....
  • Results to be incorporated into HMW Project Mineral Resource update, on track for completion during Q3 CY2022.
  • Further exploration drilling of new target zones to commence this quarter.
  • HMW pilot plant S1 pond filling with brine, evaporation testing to commence."

Cypress Development Corp. (TSXV:CYP) (OTCQB:CYDVF)

Cypress Development owns tenements in the Clayton Valley, Nevada, USA.

On March 30, Cypress Development Corp. announced: "Cypress Development announces results from its lithium extraction pilot plant in Nevada." Highlights include:

  • "Concentration of lithium into an Intermediate Solution containing 2,700 ppm lithium with insignificant impurities.
  • Overall extraction rates of lithium, within the washed tails, are between 83% and 85%.
  • Lithium extractions from the ion exchange in the lithium recovery area indicate separation efficiencies for lithium and major cations exceed 98%.
  • Sodium and potassium removal in the lithium recovery area has approached 80% with less than 0.5% lithium entrainment.
  • Work continues at the Pilot Plant evaporation process stage to allow the integration of the treatment of the Intermediate Solution to produce a high-grade concentrated lithium solution ready for off-site conversion to a final lithium product."

On April 11, Cypress Development Corp. announced: "Cypress Development reports water rights petition dismissed."

Frontier Lithium [TSXV:FL] (OTCQX:LITOF)

Frontier Lithium own the PAK Lithium (spodumene) Project comprising 26,774 hectares and located 175 kilometers north of Red Lake in northwestern Ontario. The PAK deposit is a lithium-cesium-tantalum [LCT] type pegmatite containing high-purity, technical-grade spodumene (below 0.1% iron oxide).

On March 30, Frontier Lithium announced:

Frontier Lithium completes advanced phase lithium concentrate pilot. Frontier Lithium is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a mineral processing pilot plant campaign that will provide 500 kg of spodumene concentrate to be used for lithium hydrometallurgical conversion process piloting...

Firefinch Limited (ASX: FFX)(OTCPK:EEYMF)(lithium spinout 50/50 JV with Ganfeng Lithium named as Leo Lithium Limited to list on ASX soon)

On March 28, Firefinch Limited announced: "Ganfeng JV formalised &US$170 million funding package triggered." Highlights include:

  • "All conditions precedent for Ganfeng’s investment into the Goulamina Project have now been met following transfer of the Goulamina Exploitation Licence.
  • US$130 million in cash to flow to the JV Company, with US$39 million in funding to be released from escrow to the JV Company and a further US$91 million to be transferred by Ganfeng in the coming days.
  • Ganfeng required to provide a further US$40 million in Ganfeng debt or source US$64 million in third party debt.
  • Firefinch will now proceed with the demerger of Goulamina into Leo Lithium Limited in accordance with regulatory timeframes."

On March 31, Firefinch Limited announced: "Firefinch annual report 2021."

On April 1, Firefinch Limited announced:

Goulamina funding received... Firefinch is proceeding with the demerger of Goulamina into Leo Lithium Limited in accordance with regulatory timeframes.

American Lithium Corp. [TSXV: LI] (OTCQB:LIACF) (acquired Plateau Energy Metals Inc.)

No news for the month.

Wealth Minerals [TSXV:WML] [GR:EJZN] (OTCQB:WMLLF)

Wealth Minerals has a portfolio of lithium assets in Chile, such as 46,200 Has at Atacama, 8,700 Has at Laguna Verde, 6,000 Has at Trinity, 10,500 Has at Five Salars. Also the right to acquire a 100% interest in the Ignace REE Lithium Property in Ontario, Canada.

On April 11, Wealth Minerals announced:

Wealth Minerals announces agreement for acquisition of Ignace REE Lithium Property... Pursuant to the Option Agreement, Wealth will be assigned the right to acquire a 100% interest (the “Option“) in the Ignace REE property located 65 km east of the town of Ignace, Ontario, in the Thunder Bay Mining Division (the “Property“).

Investors can view the company's latest presentation here.


E3 Metals is a lithium development company focused on commercializing its extraction technology and advancing the world's 7th largest lithium resource with operations in Alberta. E3 has an inferred mineral resource of 6.7 million LCE.

On March 30, E3 Metals announced: "E3 Metals Corp announces 2021 year end results and year in review..."

On April 6, E3 Metals announced:

E3 Metals begins evaluation of Commercial Sorbent Manufacturing process for Upcoming Field Pilot. E3 Metals Corp., an emerging lithium developer and leading Direct Lithium Extraction (“DLE”) technology innovator, is pleased to announce that the Company has engaged several specialty equipment providers to evaluate manufacturing methods for its proprietary ion-exchange sorbent used as part of its Direct Lithium Extraction process...

You can read the company's latest presentation here.

Iconic Minerals [TSXV:ICM] [FSE:YQGB] (OTCPK:BVTEF)/ Nevada Lithium Corp.[CSE: NVLH]

Joint Venture (Nevada Lithium Corp. earn in option to 50%) in the Bonnie Claire Project in Nevada, USA; with an Inferred Resource of 18.68 million tonnes LCE.

On April 6, Iconic Minerals announced:

Iconic updates 2022 Work Program progress at Bonnie Claire Lithium Project. Drill contracts for mud rotary and core drilling at the Property have been signed with initial drilling expected to begin shortly...

Arena Minerals [TSXV:AN] (OTCPK:AMRZF)

On April 11, Arena Minerals announced:

Arena Minerals drills 300 metre gravel aquifer averaging 503 mg/l lithium at Sal de la Luna Project; mobilizes additional drill rigs. The diamond drill hole is located on the Almafuerte claim and intersected a continuous brine column from 140 metres to the total drilled depth of 646 metres...

Rio Tinto [ASX:RIO] [LN:RIO] (RIO)

On March 29, Rio Tinto announced:

Rio Tinto completes acquisition of Rincon lithium project. Rio Tinto has completed the acquisition of the Rincon lithium project in Argentina for $825 million, following approval from Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).

Lithium South Development Corp. [TSXV:LIS] (OTCQB:LISMF)

No news for the month.

Alpha Lithium [TSXV:ALLI][GR:2P62] (OTCPK:APHLF)

On March 28, Alpha Lithium announced:

Alpha Lithium closes 3,800 hectare acquisition in Hombre Muerto, Argentina. Subsequent to two previous acquisitions in the same salar (see news releases June 15, 2021 and August 24, 2021), Alpha now controls a 100% interest in 5,072 hectares in the Salar del Hombre Muerto and is the second largest landholder (second only to Posco) on the Salta side of the famous salar. All of Alpha’s 5,072 hectares are immediately bordered by Korean giant, Posco, which announced last week that it was investing US$4 billion in Hombre Muerto, up from its originally planned investment of US$830 million. This, after a drilling campaign increased its estimated lithium carbonate equivalent to 13.5 million tonnes – a sixfold increase over what was originally estimated when it acquired the property in 2018.

International Lithium Corp. [TSXV:ILC] (OTCPK:ILHMF)

No news for the month.

Lithium Energy Limited [ASX:LEL]

On April 6, Lithium Energy Limited announced: "Lithium Energy receives further EIA approval for exploration at Solaroz Lithium Project." Highlights include:

  • "Second EIA Approval received for exploration to commence at Lithium Energy’s Mario Angel tenement which forms part of the Solaroz Lithium Brine Project.
  • Approvals now received for the Payo and Mario Angel tenements with the balance of approvals for the remaining Solaroz tenements expected to be received shortly.
  • Solaroz is located in the highly prospective Lithium Triangle in Argentina and is directly adjacent to or principally surrounded by lithium majors Allkem Limited (ASX/TSX:AKE) and Lithium Americas Corporation (TSX/NYSE:LAC).
  • Latest Olaroz resource upgrade from Allkem on 4 April 2022 provides further support for Lithium Energy’s conceptual Exploration Target at Solaroz.
  • The Mario Angel tenement directly adjoins and is surrounded by Allkem’s tenements supporting its Olaroz Lithium Processing Facility."

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. [TSXV: LIT] (OTCQB:PNXLF)

On April 11, Argentina Lithium announced:

Argentina Lithium expands land position at Salar de Antofalla. Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. is pleased to announce that it has entered into an option agreement with a local vendor to earn a 100% interest in three granted mine concession properties totalling 5411 hectares in the Salar de Antofalla in Catamarca Province, Argentina (the “Option”). Argentina Lithium’s Antofalla North project includes both 100% held and optioned properties (see News Release dated August 4, 2021). With this new Option the Company now controls 14,987 hectares of mining leases in the salar, distributed between the adjacent provinces of Salta and Catamarca.

Avalon Advanced Materials [TSX:AVL] [GR:OU5] (OTCQX:AVLNF)

Avalon has three projects in Ontario, Canada, and five in total throughout Canada. Avalon’s most advanced project is the Separation Rapids Lithium Project in Ontario with a M&I Resource estimate of the 8.2MT at 1.37% Li2O and 0.36% Rb2O plus Inferred 1.2MT at 1.33% Li2O and 0.361% Rb2O. Avalon is working on a plan for a JV to build a lithium-ion battery materials refinery in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

On April 4 Avalon Advanced Materials announced:

Partnership Agreement to establish Ontario's first regional Lithium Battery Materials Refinery in Thunder Bay... it has signed a binding letter of intent with RenJoules International Ltd., an Essar Group Company ("Essar"), to become a strategic partner and co-developer in support of Avalon's plans to establish a regional lithium battery materials supply chain to serve the needs of future electric vehicle and battery manufacturers in Ontario and elsewhere.

Essential Metals [ASX:ESS] (OTCPK:PIONF)

Essential Metals has 9 projects (lithium, gold, gold JV, and nickel JV) all in Western Australia. Their flagship Pioneer Dome Lithium (spodumene) Project has a JORC Compliant Total Resource of 11.2Mt at 1.21% Li2O.

On April 26 Essential Metals announced:

Corporate update... A Scoping Study will be completed by the end of 2022, which will incorporate the results of additional metallurgical test work studies that will commence shortly along with the extensive Mineral Resource extension drilling program that is scheduled to commence next month. Assays from the recently completed exploration and metallurgical diamond drill programme are expected by end-May with metallurgical test work to follow upon receipt of the assays.

PS: There was also news of a possible takeover that did not go through.

Green Technology Metals [ASX: GT1]

Green Technology Metals [ASX:GT1] ("GT1") has several very promising lithium projects near Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada. The current JORC Total Mineral Resource is 4.8Mt @ 1.25% with a project's (spodumene) wide target resource of 50-60 MT @ 0.8-1.5% Li2O.

On April 12 Green Technology Metals announced:

Further Thick, High-Grade Extensional Intercepts at Seymour... GTDD-22-0016 for 34.3m @ 1.32% Li2O from 244.0m... Phase 1 assays returned to date (nine holes) indicate substantial potential upside to the existing Seymour Mineral Resource estimate of 4.8 Mt @ 1.25% Li2O. Updated Mineral Resource estimate for Seymour (to incorporate all Phase 1 results including residual pending assays for seven holes) on track for completion during Q2 CY2022. Phase 2 (Central Aubry zone) and Phase 3 (Pye prospect) drilling at Seymour now well progressed, with a total of 8 holes for 1,201 metres having been drilled to date across both areas.

Battery recycling, lithium processing and new cathode technologies

Rock Tech Lithium [CVE:RCK](OTCQX:RCKTF)

On April 5, Rock Tech Lithium announced: "Rock Tech Lithium named to the TSX Venture Exchange Venture 50."


On March 28, Neometals announced: "Primobius opens first commercial recycling facility."

On April 22, Neometals announced: "Primobius receives German operating permit." Highlights include:

  • "Neometals recycling JV, Primobius, secures commercial lithium battery recycling permit “BlmSchG”.
  • Federal operating permit enables commencement of commercial operations in Hilchenbach, Germany.
  • Cornerstone battery feedstock comprised of batteries from electric vehicles.
  • First black mass product delivery to German off-taker expected next week."

You can read my very recent article "An Update On Neometals 5 Key Projects Across The Energy Storage Metals And EV Battery Metals Sector".

Other lithium juniors

Other juniors include: 5E Advanced Materials Inc [ASX:5EA] (FEAM), American Lithium Minerals Inc. (OTCPK:AMLM), Anson Resources [ASX:ASN] [GR:9MY], Ardiden [ASX:ADV], Arizona Lithium [ASX:AZL] (AZLAF), Atlantic Lithium [LON:ALL] (OTCPK:ALLIF), Bradda Head Lithium Limited [LON:BHL] (BHLIF), Bryah Resources Ltd [ASX:BYH], Carnaby Resources Ltd [ASX:CNB], Electric Royalties [TSXV:ELEC], Eramet [FR: ERA] (OTCPK:ERMAF) (OTCPK:ERMAY), European Lithium Ltd [ASX:EUR] (OTCPK:EULIF), Foremost Lithium Resources & Technology [CSE:FAT] (OTCPK:FRRSF), HeliosX Lithium & Technologies Corp. [TSXV:HX] (formerly Dajin Lithium Corp. [TSXV:DJI]), Hannans Ltd [ASX:HNR], Infinity Lithium [ASX:INF], International Battery Metals [CSE: IBAT] (OTCPK:IBATF), Ion Energy [TSXV:ION], Jadar Resources Limited [ASX:JDR], Kodal Minerals (LSE-AIM: KOD), Larvotto Resources [ASX:LRV], Latin Resources Ltd [ASX:LRS] (OTC:LAXXF), Lepidico [ASX:LPD] (OTCPK:LPDNF), Liberty One Lithium Corp. [TSXV:LBY] (OTCPK:LRTTF), Lithium Australia [ASX:LIT] (OTC:LMMFF), Lithium Chile Inc. [TSXV:LITH][GR:KC3] (OTCPK:LTMCF), Lithium Corp. (OTCQB:LTUM), Lithium Energi Exploration Inc. [TSXV:LEXI](OTCPK:LXENF), Metals Australia [ASX:MLS], MetalsTech [ASX:MTC], MinRex Resources [ASX:MRR], MGX Minerals [CSE:XMG] (OTC:MGXMF), New Age Metals [TSXV:NAM] (OTCQB:NMTLF), Noram Lithium Corp. [TSXV:NRM] (OTCQB:NRVTF), One World Lithium [CSE:OWLI] (OTC:OWRDF), Patriot Battery Metals [CSE:PMET] (OTCQB:PMETF), Portofino Resources Inc.[TSXV:POR] [GR:POT], Power Metals Corp. [TSXV:PWM] (OTCPK:PWRMF), Prospect Resources [ASX:PSC], Pure Energy Minerals [TSXV:PE] (OTCQB:PEMIF), Quantum Minerals Corp. [TSXV:QMC] (OTCPK:QMCQF), Snow Lake Lithium (LITM), Spearmint Resources Inc [CSE:SPMT] (OTCPK:SPMTF), Surge Battery Metals Inc. [TSXV:NILI] (OTCPK:NILIF), Ultra Lithium Inc. [TSXV:ULI] (OTCQB:ULTXF), United Lithium Corp. [CSE:ULTH] [FWB:0UL] (OTCPK:ULTHF), Vision Lithium Inc. [TSXV:VLI] (OTCQB:ABEPF), Winsome Resources Limited [ASX:WR1], Zinnwald Lithium [LN:ZNWD].


April saw China lithium chemical spot prices fall back slightly, but spodumene prices increased significantly.

Highlights for the month were:

  • Sayona Mining: Positive NOVONIX tests reaffirm Authier product quality. New lithium pegmatite discovery at Moblan Project.
  • Piedmont Lithium raises $130.8m. Atlantic Lithium announces a 42% increase in Mineral Resources at the Ewoyaa Project (Piedmont has a earn-in right to a 50% interest).
  • AVZ receives a favourable technical opinion received ahead of a decision on the Mining Licence for the Manono Lithium and Tin Project.
  • Vulcan Energy Resources executes agreement to supply German energy company, MVV, with renewable, zero carbon heat.
  • POSCO Holdings begins construction of $830M lithium plant in Argentina.
  • Liontown and LG Energy Solution extend Offtake Term Sheet.
  • Lake Resources signs non-binding MoU with Hanwa Co. to negotiate for offtake up to 25,000tpa, also signs a non-binding agreement with Ford Motor Company for ~25,000 tpa of lithium from the Kachi Project.
  • Galan Lithium Hombre Muerto West Project DFS and pilot plant works making strong progress, new resource targets identified.
  • Cypress Development Corp. achieving 83% and 85% lithium extraction from its lithium extraction pilot plant in Nevada.
  • Wealth Minerals announces agreement for acquisition of Ignace REE Lithium Property in Ontario, Canada.
  • Arena Minerals drills 300 metre gravel aquifer averaging 503 mg/l lithium at Sal de la Luna Project.
  • Rio Tinto completes acquisition of Rincon lithium project.
  • Alpha Lithium closes 3,800 hectare acquisition in Hombre Muerto, Argentina.
  • Argentina Lithium expands land position at Salar de Antofalla.
  • Avalon Advanced Materials signs binding LOI Partnership Agreement to establish Ontario's first regional Lithium Battery Materials Refinery in Thunder Bay, Canada.
  • Green Technology Metals reported further thick, high-grade extensional intercepts at Seymour, near Thunder Bay in Canada.
  • Neometals: Primobius opens first commercial recycling facility.

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