Vanadium Miners News For The Month Of April 2022


  • Europe vanadium pentoxide spot prices were lower the past 30 days. China and Europe Ferrovanadium prices were significantly lower.
  • Vanadium market news - Australia's budding vanadium industry vital to more sustainable future, experts say.
  • Vanadium company news - Logistical challenges impacting major vanadium producers Bushveld Minerals & Largo Inc. Largo establishing a new physical vanadium holding company.
  • Neometals invest in U.S fast-charging vanadium-based lithium battery start-up, Tyfast. Australian Vanadium Project BFS - Pre-tax NPV5 of A$833M and IRR 20.6% based on US$10.50/lb V2O5 price, A$604M upfront pre-production CapEx.
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Symbol for the chemical element Vanadium

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Welcome to the Vanadium miners news. April saw some logistical problems for the vanadium producers and steady progress by the vanadium juniors.

Vanadium uses

Vanadium is traditionally used to harden steel. New Chinese rebar standards are requiring more vanadium. Also Vanadium Flow Batteries [VRFBs] are becoming increasingly popular especially for commercial energy storage, most notably in China. Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] is used in VRFBs and Ferrovanadium [FeV] is used in the steel industry.

Vanadium spot price history

Europe Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98% 1 year chart - Price = USD 11.40/lb (China price not given)

Europe Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98% 1 year chart

China and Europe Ferrovanadium [FeV] 80% prices - China = USD 45.50/kg, Europe = USD 46.25/kg

China and Europe Ferrovanadium [FeV] 80% prices

Vanadium demand versus supply

An April 2021 Wood Mackenzie report stated:

Global energy storage deployment surged a remarkable 62% in 2020, with 5 GW/9 GWh of new capacity added. This brought the total energy storage market to more than 27 GWh. Furthermore, we expect the global (energy storage) market to grow 27-fold by 2030.

Woodmac forecasts high growth ahead for solar, wind and energy storage

Woodmac forecasts high growth ahead for solar, wind and energy storage


An early 2021 Roskill post stated:

The vanadium market is set to tighten over the year and more so in 2022, driven by higher demand but also by tighter supply, as Chinese steel slag producers are running close to capacity. Outside of China, incremental supply will also be limited and come mainly from AMG's new facility in Ohio, USA, and Bushveld's Vametco gradually increasing its production in South Africa... Vanadium redox batteries (VRBs) could become a major market for vanadium amid growing demand for energy storage, should the technology develop... On the supply side, Roskill does not expect significant tonnages from new projects to enter the market before 2024.

In 2017 Robert Friedland stated:

We think there's a revolution coming in vanadium redox flow batteries...

Vanadium market news

On March 31 ABC News reported:

Australia's budding vanadium industry vital to more sustainable future, experts say... Behind China and Russia, Australia holds the third-largest amount of vanadium in the world... Currently, there are seven vanadium mines in pre-operation phases around the country - four in Western Australia, two in north-west Queensland, and one in the Northern Territory. "We see this area as an enormous opportunity, not only to be self-sufficient in Australia but compete on the world stage for vanadium as a critical, new-economy mineral," said Jon Price, managing director of Horizon Metals. The company's Lilyvale project in Richmond, in Queensland's North West Minerals Province, is set to begin operating in less than a year... While only a small percentage of vanadium is used for batteries at the moment, Professor Valenta said the global shift toward renewables would trigger a surge in demand. "Only about 2 per cent of vanadium produced around the world is used for redox flow batteries," he said. "But they're such appealing batteries, demand will increase. "They can last for over 20 years, they don't degrade over time, and they don't catch on fire, which is a major problem for other large-scale batteries." The Queensland government projected demand for vanadium redox flow batteries would grow "exponentially over the next decade".

Note: The above should say Horizon 'Minerals' [ASX:HRZ] not 'Metals'.

On April 14 P-V Magazine reported:

Globally significant vanadium mine in WA 'bankable,' construction slated for 2023. A major Western Australian mine targeting the global vanadium battery market was this week found to be bankable, with feasibility studies confirming the project's "strong commercial case for development," its owner Australian Vanadium Limited said.

On April 21 ABC News reported: "Vanadium exploration booms in North Queensland with rise of battery storage of renewable energy."

Vanadium miner news

Vanadium producers

Glencore [LSX:GLEN] [HK:805] (OTCPK:GLCNF)

Glencore is a large vanadium producer, but vanadium production represents only a small portion of their revenue.

On March 31, Glencore announced: "Refinancing of short-term revolving credit facilities." Highlights include:

Reflecting strong support from Glencore's broad group of relationship banks:

  • "Glencore scaled back subscription levels to $6.535 billion, materially in line with the $6.572 billion facilities being refinanced.
  • A total of 39 banks committed to the Facilities, including 29 Mandated Lead Arrangers and Bookrunners."

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV [NA:AMG] [GR:ADG] (OTCPK:AMVMF)

AMG Vanadium is a leading provider of products and services for the metals, manufacturing, refinery and petrochemical industries. AMG Vanadium produces ferrovanadium and related ferroalloys from spent refinery catalysts using a proprietary pyrometallurgical process.

No news for the month.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Bushveld Minerals Limited [LN- AIM:BMN] (OTC:BSHVF)

Bushveld is a diversified AIM-listed resources company with a portfolio of vanadium, tin and coal assets in Southern Africa and Madagascar.

On March 29, Bushveld Minerals Limited announced:

Update on the VRFB Holdings Limited ("VRFB-H") investment by Mustang Energy Plc ("Mustang"). Fortune Mojapelo, CEO of Bushveld Minerals Limited, commented: "The investment by Mustang into VRFB-H was part of the Company's strategy to leverage its relationships and capital through VRFB-H's in support of Enerox Holdings Limited's ("EHL") capital requirements. Mustang could not proceed with preparation and issuing of the required prospectus in terms of the LSE until the litigation, initiated by VRFB-H's partner in EHL, had been resolved, necessitating the extension of the deadline by which Mustang is to issue its prospectus in respect of its investment into VRFB-H. As previously reported this litigation has now been resolved...

On April 4, Bushveld Minerals Limited announced: Vametco Mineral Resources and reserves annual update." Highlights include:

  • "The Ore Reserve as at 31 December 2021 is 262,000 tonnes V2O5 in magnetite at a grade of 2.02 per cent V2O5 (in magnetite) (267,200 tonnes as at 31 December 2020), following mining depletion during the 12 month period..."

On April 26, Bushveld Minerals Limited announced: "Q1 2022 operational update." Highlights include:

  • "Production increase on the back of continued operational stability and enhanced safety. Q1 2022 Group production of 972 mtV, one per cent higher than Q4 2021 of 962 mtV. Q1 2022 Total Injury Frequency Rate ("TIFR") improved by 37 per cent to 5.38 (Q1 2021: 8.54).
  • Vametco's C1 cost improved on the back of higher throughput while Vanchem was impacted by lower production. Vametco's production cash cost (C1) of US$22.1/kgV improved by 17 per cent on Q1 2021, as a result of the higher throughput. Vanchem's production cash cost (C1) of US$38.6/kgV increased by 26 per cent on Q1 2021, as a result of the lower Q1 2022 volumes and increase in raw materials and maintenance costs, and are expected to normalise in line with guidance, on the back of the expected higher throughput for the rest of the year with Kiln 3 coming on stream.
  • Managing a challenging domestic and international logistics chain. Q1 2022 Group sales of 857 mtV1, were nine per cent higher than the previous year (Q1 2021: 788 mtV), but three per cent lower than Q4 2021 (Q4 2021: 880mtV)...
  • Unaudited cash and cash equivalents of US$12.7 million as at 31 March 2022 (31 December 2021: US$15 million)...
  • On track to meet 2022 production and cash cost guidance. The Group production guidance of between 4,200 mtV and 4,400 mtV is weighted towards the second half of the year, based on the commissioning of Kiln 3 which has commenced. Kiln 3 will more than double Vanchem's production run rate once fully ramped up, with Bushveld targeting an annualised steady state production run rate of between 5,000 mtVp.a. and 5,400 mtVp.a. by the end of 2022..."

You can view the latest investor presentation here.


Largo Inc. is a pure-play vanadium pentoxide producer from their Maracás Menchen mine in Brazil as well as a producer of VRFBs.

On April 19, Largo Inc. announced: "Largo reports first quarter 2022 operational and sales results; Begins construction on its Ilmenite Concentration Plant." Highlights include:

  • "Quarterly V2O5 production of 2,442 tonnes (5.4 million lbs1) in Q1 2022, a 23% increase over the 1,986 tonnes produced in Q1 2021.
  • Q1 2022 operational results largely impacted by preventative and corrective maintenance on the Company's plant facility in Maracás; V2O5 production improved in March and the Company expects additional production improvements moving forward.
  • Quarterly sales of 2,232 tonnes of V2O5 equivalent in Q1 2022 vs. 2,783 tonnes in Q1 2020; Lower quarterly sales due to ongoing global logistical challenges.
  • Construction of the Company's ilmenite concentration plant commenced in April as part of its titanium dioxide ("TiO2") pigment project outlined in its latest filed technical report.
  • Largo Clean Energy ("LCE") remained focused on delivering the Enel Green Power España ("EGPE") contract announced on July 30, 2021; While supply chain challenges have emerged for the EGPE project, LCE has found alternative suppliers in support of an expected completion date in Q4 2022."

On April 19, Largo Inc. announced:

Largo provides update on proposed qualifying transaction for New Physical Vanadium Holding Company, Largo Physical Vanadium Corp. Paulo Misk, President and CEO of Largo commented: "We are very pleased with the advancement of LPV and are proud to be an initial strategic investor as it develops into a strategic source of value for Largo's two-pillar business strategy." He continued: "Upon completion of the Qualifying Transaction and applicable regulatory and stock exchange approvals, we believe LPV will offer potential investors direct exposure to the attractive opportunity presented by the long-term fundamentals of vanadium-a key transition metal for greener steel, strategic and energy storage industries-in an environment of tightening supply and increasing demand."

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Energy Fuels Inc. [TSX:EFR] (UUUU)

Energy Fuels state they are "the No. 1 uranium producer in the U.S. with a market-leading portfolio", as well as being a small vanadium producer.

On April 13, Energy Fuels Inc. announced:

Energy Fuels hits critical mineral 'Trifecta' in Rare Earths, Uranium & Vanadium; Now performing commercial-scale partial Rare Earth separation. Vanadium pentoxide ("V2O5") to the Bear Metallurgical Company in Butler, Pennsylvania for conversion to ferrovanadium ("FeV") which will be sold into the steel and specialty alloys industries... Vanadium prices have also risen substantially this year... Energy Fuels has begun selectively selling some of its vanadium inventory in 2022 at increasing prices per pound of V2O5. The Company is continuing to ship V2O5 to the Bear Metallurgical facility in Pennsylvania ("Bear Met") for conversion to ferrovanadium ("FeV") for sale into the steel and specialty alloy industries.

Ferro-Alloy Resources [LON:FAR]

FAR is developing the giant Balasausqandiq vanadium deposit in Kyzylordinskaya Oblast of southern Kazakhstan. FAR state: "The ore at this site has a significantly higher grade than all other primary vanadium extraction sites, which allows for much lower processing costs."

No news for the month.

Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. (OTCQX:WSTRF)

Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. own the Sunday Mine Complex which is an advanced stage mine property consisting of five interconnected underground mines in Colorado, USA.

On April 11, Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. announced:

Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. company updates. Sunday Mine Operations: Ore production during mine development has resulted in ore stockpiled in the mine with a uranium and vanadium value, after processing, of over six million dollars ($6,000,000). At the end of March, the mining contractor engaged by Western decided to retire from contract mining operations. As a result of this decision, Western will take over the mining operations and has acquired a full complement of mining equipment. The equipment is being prepared for operations and upgrades to mine ventilation, support buildings and infrastructure are underway. Further mine development and ore production is expected to resume in early summer after upgrades are completed. Western's mining team will be expanded to facilitate mine development and full ore production.

Investors can read the latest company presentation here.

Vanadium developers


Neometals 100% own the Barrambie Titanium Vanadium Iron Project in Western Australia. Barrambie's Eastern Band is one of the highest grade hard rock titanium deposits globally.

On March 28, Neometals announced: "Neometals invest in US battery start-up, Tyfast." Highlights include:

  • "US $500,000 investment in fast-charging vanadium-based lithium battery start-up, Tyfast.
  • Technology provides potential future market for Neometals to supply vanadium."

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Australian Vanadium [ASX:AVL] [GR:JT71] (OTC:ATVVF)

Australian Vanadium is an emerging vanadium producer focused on their Australian Vanadium Project in Western Australia. VSUN Energy was launched by AVL in 2016 to target the energy storage market for vanadium redox flow batteries [VRFBs].

On April 6, Australian Vanadium announced: "Bankable Feasibility Study for the Australian Vanadium Project." Highlights include:

  • "AVL's Bankable Feasibility Study [BFS] confirms the Australian Vanadium Project as a potential globally significant primary vanadium producer targeting critical mineral, steel and energy storage
  • Australian Government grant of A$49M awarded under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative Collaboration Stream[1] to support the Project to production.
  • Technical studies completed, including three years of extensive piloting testwork, supporting robust processing flowsheets, de-risking the Project towards funding and delivery.
  • Pre-tax NPV5 of A$833M and equity IRR 20.6% based on US$10.50/lb V2O5 price, A$604M upfront pre-production capital excluding contingency.
  • Updated Ore Reserve of 30.9Mt at 1.09% V2O5 comprised of a Proved Reserve of 5Mt at 1.11% V2O5 (vanadium pentoxide) and a Probable Reserve of 20.4Mt at 1.07% V2O5[2].
  • Anticipated initial mine life of 25 years, supporting a long-life, consistent ore feed operation on AVL's granted mining lease.
  • Strategic separation of processing plant from minesite and concentrator allows access to competitive natural gas near Geraldton, local workforce and Iron Titanium (FeTi) coproduct sales opportunities through the Port of Geraldton.
  • Average annual vanadium production of 7 Mlbs V2O5 (11,200t) as a 99.5% V2O5 high purity flake and 900,000 dry tonnes per annum of FeTi coproduct.
  • Forecast vanadium recovery to concentrate of 72% life of mine, supported by pilot testing and comparable to current international primary vanadium operations.
  • Innovative process flowsheet recovers 90% of vanadium in concentrate, utilising tried-and-tested grate kiln technology, with valuable reductions in gas consumption and CO2
  • Approvals well advanced and Environmental, Social and Governance [ESG] standards and action plans in place.
  • Global critical mineral vanadium market seeing strong growth in demand and pricing (currently over US$12/lb V2O5) with the battery sector showing accelerated uptake in vanadium redox flow batteries."

On April 27, Australian Vanadium announced: "AVL lodges International Patent Application For Vanadium Processing Circuit."

Catalysts include:

  • 2022/23 - Possible further off-take and/or JV partner announcements.

You can view the latest investor presentation here, or read "Australian Vanadium Managing Director Vincent Algar Talks With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing."

Technology Metals Australia [ASX:TMT]

The Company's primary exploration focus is on the 100% owned Gabanintha Vanadium Project located 40km south east of Meekatharra in the mid-west region of Western Australia.

On April 21, Technology Metals Australia announced: "Outstanding results from MTMP roast-leach testwork." Highlights include:

  • "Testwork by leading kiln supplier FLSmidth confirms suitability of Yarrabubba ore to be processed through the Gabanintha vanadium processing plant.
  • High vanadium recoveries up to 96% delivered from batch kiln roast - leach testwork on the representative Yarrabubba composite..."

On April 27, Technology Metals Australia announced: "Quarterly activities report and Appendix 5B Mar 2022." Highlights include:

Murchison Technology Metals Project

  • "Integration Study progressed, assessing combination of Yarrabubba and Gabanintha as a single integrated operation...
  • Initial open pit mine scheduling across Gabanintha and Yarrabubba completed to provide clear guidance for the Integration Study.
  • Diamond drilling completed at Yarrabubba to collect a representative bulk sample and provide additional geotechnical data.
  • An integrated MTMP ore reserve estimate is being prepared based on the Global Measured and Indicated MRE3of 50.2Mt @ 0.9% V2O5."

Vanadium Electrolyte Technology Partnership

  • "TMT and LE System, a leading Japanese VRFB R&D company, have mutually agreed to expand and extend the vanadium electrolyte Memorandum of Understanding [MOU].
  • Scope to build Australia's first fully integrated vanadium electrolyte plant utilising vanadium from TMT's Murchison Technology Metals Project, a key commercial advantage.
  • Investigating development of vanadium electrolyte production capacity in Australia using LE System's proprietary technology.
  • Feasibility Study [FS] to be prepared jointly with technical support provided by LE System."


  • "As at 31 March 2022, the Company had cash of $19.1 million."

You can view the latest investor presentation here.


TNG is an Australian resources company focused on the evaluation and development of its Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron project. The Mount Peake Project is located 235km north-northwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. TNG Ltd is well advanced with a massive $4.7b NPV8%, but relies on titanium and iron with a lower grade vanadium by-product.

On April 12, TNG Ltd. announced: "Aquifer extension water bore drilling commences in support of revised Mount Peake development."

You can view the latest investor presentations here.

Vanadium Resources Limited [ASX:VR8]

Vanadium Resources is a junior exploration company established with the purpose of exploring and developing gold zinc, lead, copper and other mineral opportunities. Vanadium Resources owns 74% of a globally significant vanadium project, the Steelpoortdrift [SPD] Project, in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

On April 26, Vanadium Resources Limited announced: "VR8 dual listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange." Highlights include:

  • "VR8 executes dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (DAX) under ticker code TR3..."

On April 27, Vanadium Resources Limited announced: "Activities report - March quarter 2022." Highlights include:

  • "The Company received final governmental approval of its Section 11 application resulting in its ownership of the Tier 1 Steelpoortdrift Vanadium project increasing to 73.95%.
  • Foster Stockbroking (FSB) was appointed as corporate advisor and will provide a range of services in connection with the Company's capital market requirements.
  • Trial mining and bulk sampling campaign was successfully completed with fresh high-grade material intersected near surface. Metallurgical pilot plant test work of these samples has commenced."

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

King River Resources [ASX:KRR] (formerly King River Copper)

King River holds 785 square kilometres of mineral leases covering a unique geological feature in the Eastern Kimberley of Western Australia, called the Speewah Dome. The company state on their website: "The focus of King River Copper Limited is the exploration for Gold, Silver and Copper." However their deposits also contain vanadium.

On April 5, King River Resources announced: "New Speewah vanadium focus." Highlights include:

  • "KRR to focus on new economy critical minerals like Vanadium and High Purity Alumina (HPA) for the transition to renewable energy.
  • New "green" process flowsheet under investigation to extract V, Ti and Fe from the large Speewah deposit."

On April 19, King River Resources announced: "HPA Project -update. Project update - Focus on critical mineral production." Highlights include:

  • "The Australian Federal Government adds High Purity Alumina to Australia's critical minerals list.
  • Market investigations into HPA indicates end-users showing increasing demand for Australian products.
  • Production of >5N purity Aluminium Salt Precursor 1 compound demonstrated in six campaigns.
  • Process advancements to be applied to the HPA PFS completed in June 2021."

On April 20, King River Resources announced:

Quarterly activities report 31 March 2022. During the March quarter, the Hydrometallurgy Research Group at Murdoch University commenced a testwork programme to develop and optimise processing option(s) for the extraction and recovery of vanadium, titanium and iron products from magnetite-ilmenite concentrates from our Speewah vanadium project (KRR ASX announcement 4 January 2022)...

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. [TSXV:VRB][GR:NWN] (OTCPK:VRBFF)

Vanadiumcorp Resources Inc. 100% owns the Lac Dore Vanadium-Iron-Titanium project in Quebec Canada. The Company also has royalties on the Raglan Nickel-PGM mine. The Company is looking to take a vertically integrated approach and is also developing leading process technologies 'Vanadiumcorp-Electrochem Processing Technology' and "Electrochem globally patented Electrowinning" technology.

No news for the month.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Phenom Resources Corp. [TSXV:PHNM] (OTCQX:PHNMF) (formerly First Vanadium Corp.)

The Carlin Gold-Vanadium Property hosts one of North America's largest richest primary vanadium deposits, located in Nevada. Its West Jerome project targets a large scale high grade copper and zinc deposit in Arizona. Carlin has a Historic Inferred Resource 28Mt at 0.525% V2O5 (2010 SRK).

On April 5, Phenom Resources Corp. announced:

Phenom Resources engages Cassidy & Associates to guide in U.S. federal funding opportunities to advance vanadium project.

Investors can read the latest company presentation here.

Graphite miners with potential vanadium projects

  • Syrah Resources [ASX:SYR] (OTC:OTCPK:SYAAF) (OTC:SRHYY)
  • Triton Minerals [ASX:TON] [GR:1TG]
  • Battery Minerals [ASX:BAT]
  • NextSource Materials [TSX:NEXT]
  • DNI Metals [TSXV:DNI] [GR:DG7N]

Other listed vanadium juniors

  • BlackRock Metals (Private)
  • Gladiator Resources [ASX:GLA]
  • Golden Deeps [ASX:GED]
  • Horizon Minerals [ASX:HRZ]
  • Intermin Resources [ASX:IRC]
  • Maxtech Ventures [CSE:MVT]
  • New Energy Minerals [ASX: NXE] (formerly Mustang Resources)
  • Pursuit Minerals [ASX:PUR]
  • QEM Limited [ASX:QEM]
  • Sabre Resources [ASX:SBR]
  • Strategic Resources [TSXV:SR] (OTC:SCCFF)
  • Trigon Metals Inc. [TSXV:TM] (OTC:PNTZF)
  • Voyager Metals Inc. [TSXV:VONE][GR:9VR1] (OTC:VDMRF) (formerly Vanadium One Iron Corp.)
  • Venus Metals [ASX:VMC]
  • Victory Metals [TSXV:VMX]

VRFB Companies

  • Protean Energy [ASX:POW] [GR:SHE1]
  • Enerox GmbH (90% Bushveld/10% Cellcube Energy Storage Systems)
  • Invinity Energy Systems (LSE:IES) (OTCPK:IVVGF)

EV metal miners royalties companies

  • Electric Royalties [TSXV:ELEC]


Europe vanadium pentoxide spot prices were lower last month. China and Europe Ferrovanadium prices were also significantly lower in April.

Highlights for the month include:

  • Australia's budding vanadium industry vital to more sustainable future, experts say. Behind China and Russia, Australia holds the third-largest amount of vanadium in the world.
  • Globally significant vanadium mine in WA 'bankable,' construction slated for 2023.
  • Bushveld Minerals is on track to meet 2022 production and cash cost guidance despite logistical challenges.
  • Largo Inc. Quarterly sales of 2,232t of V2O5 equivalent in Q1 2022 vs. 2,783t in Q1 2020; Lower due to ongoing global logistical challenges. Largo is establishing a new physical vanadium holding company, Largo Physical Vanadium Corp.
  • Energy Fuels hits critical mineral 'Trifecta' in Rare Earths, Uranium & Vanadium.
  • Neometals invest in U.S fast-charging vanadium-based lithium battery start-up, Tyfast.
  • Australian Vanadium Australian Vanadium Project BFS - Pre-tax NPV5 of A$833M and IRR 20.6% based on US$10.50/lb V2O5 price, A$604M upfront pre-production CapEx.
  • Technology Metals Australia: High vanadium recoveries up to 96% delivered from batch kiln roast - leach testwork on the Yarrabubba composite.
  • Vanadium Resources Limited received final governmental approval in its ownership of the Tier 1 Steelpoortdrift Vanadium project increasing to 73.95%.
  • King River Resources to focus on new economy critical minerals like Vanadium and High Purity Alumina (HPA) for the transition to renewable energy.

As usual, all comments are welcome.

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