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Rose's Income Garden Stays Green: Value Up 4.2% YTD, Dividend Yield 4.8%



  • April dividend yield increased a bit to 4.8%, with income down a bit by 0.6% from 2021 and down 2.6% from Jan 2022 Q1.
  • RIG value is green, up 4.2% YTD and holds the advantage by 17.5% over the S&P 500 which was down 8.8% for April and 13.3% YTD.
  • Transactions were 1 sell, 1 buy and getting the spin off from ATT to have 87 investments in RIG.
  • 23 Companies paid with 8 raises along with 1 special payment; all information is listed and some discussed.
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Land Development And Growth

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Rose's Income Garden "RIG" is a defensive income-quality value-built portfolio with now 87 stocks. It contains mostly common stock, but also has high yield (“HY”) business development companies ("BDCs") and real estate investments. The goal is to maintain 50% of the income from defensive

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The service offers two portfolios: “Funds Macro Portfolio” & “Rose's Income Garden”; both aim to outperform the SPY on a risk-adjusted basis, in a relaxed manner.

Suitable for those who either have little time/knowledge/desire to manage a portfolio on their own, and/or wish to get exposed to the market in a simple, though more risk-oriented (less volatile), way.

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This article was written by

RoseNose profile picture

Rosenose is a retired healthcare professional and she has been managing her own investments for nearly 2 decades. She writes about stocks with growing dividends targeting a yield of 4+%.

She is a contributing author to the investing group Learn more .

Analyst’s Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of STOR either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Own all the 87 stocks in Rose's Income Garden "RIG"

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (66)

What are your thoughts about tax exempt bonds or bond funds? Any suggestions?
RoseNose profile picture
@Bernie-1 : I don't own any, so would not be the one to suggest anything.
Kent Candee profile picture

Always enjoy reading your articles. There are a number of stocks that look like buys, PTMN, ARCC, NMFC,TCPC,SLRC,MTBCP,and RC. Do you have plans to add to these?

RoseNose profile picture
@Kent Candee : Hi and great to hear from you. Of those stocks you have picked the financials and I personally hold them to close providing ~2% income each, so when I hit that, I hold. PTMN is one I could add too if I desired more non defensive income; RC is an mREIT and my reply is the same. MTBCP might be calling at $25 at any time, and has done so already this year, so buying above that is not wise. Best and good luck. Hope all is well the family. Rose:))
Raj Mehta profile picture
@RoseNose Do you have any thoughts on latest earning report from $PTMN?
RoseNose profile picture
@Raj Mehta : Thanks for asking and I liked it. They refinanced to a lower interest rate and NAV stayed the same. Dividend the same at 63c... Pleased :))
Raj Mehta profile picture
$FSK dividend up to $0.68 - seekingalpha.com/...

Great call on FSK
RoseNose profile picture
@raj Mehta : Thanks. I believe the 60c is the basic distribution and anything over that is special. BDC payments have been very good.
Here's another one from Carlyle (new name) CGBD :
Raj Mehta profile picture
@RoseNose Thanks. I am long $CGBD as well.
Thanx 4 update..2 ?'s : do you find kmb payout ratio a concern & I've seen some sell recomendations on clx- my thot is maybe an upswing in their sales due to covid resurgence
RoseNose profile picture
@Carl 123 : KMB has good cash flows to cover the dividend. CLX is a great quality company, but actually looks like it could have lower earnings forward, but still acceptable. I would wait and see how that turns out first before investing or adding on. However, it has a nice yield, but will not grow it much more than 5%.

On your Ken dividend, wasn't that a return of capital that came from Zim dividend paid to Ken?
RoseNose profile picture
@Big Bad Bulls : The last dividend from KEN was qualified. Yes, KEN, being a holding company owns mostly a utility, but also some ZIM. So, the next one has not been sorted out as yet and could be some return of capital.
@RoseNose Thanks Rose for the reply. Great job so far this year.
Planning the same approach with my WBD shares. Believe WBD shares currently very under valued even without paying a dividend.
RoseNose profile picture
@nopilikia : Thank you for reading and sharing your investing thoughts. My fingers are crossed. For now WBD is a hold.
Hold indeed. At least let the dust settle before taking action.
Congratulations on your strong Q1 showing.
RoseNose profile picture
@AlphaApril1 : I appreciate you taking time to read it and comment. Thank you! Happy investing and good luck ... Rose :))
I missed your April missive-- I am keeping Iron mtn-- dripping for years-- golden moment get multiple shares 4 times a year-- if I need funds I mine Iron for shares for $$ Thank you for sharing
RoseNose profile picture
@rado403 : Good to know and appreciate you sharing about IRM. Best always :)) Rose
Bucknfl profile picture
😄😄, STOR is my latest buy & I’ve been looking to add to NYCB. I gave WBD the boot while it was still in the 20s. I have no patience for non Div payers. Have you looked at HTGC after it’s recent dip? As always I appreciate your articles.
RoseNose profile picture
@Bucknfl Hi there... and thanks as always for reading and sharing your astute investing. Great choice of STOR. I have 9 BDCs and hesitate to add another, ... and yes , I am always looking, but can't buy everything... darn ! Happy Investing :)) Rose
Just curious. I remember you sold PFE around year end. What drove your decision? I hold a number of the same stocks and continue to hold PFE. Looking back your exit timing looks perfect. Just trying to learn from the master.
RoseNose profile picture
@bill.ott : Thank you again... I left PFE for numerous reasons but the primary one was that most of its success was from 2021/22 covid vaccine revenue. The government pretty much padded it and going forward it had more competition and perhaps even those pills from other companies and therefore slacking demand. I also did not like its CEO comments and his salary was obscene for the year. I must like management and have had issues with PFE over the years... so it was time to say good-bye. Now, can the price go higher if they find a new drug, perhaps, but I have had it and like BMY's upside more (and others).... and that's my story. :)) Rose
@RoseNose Thanks.great exit timing
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
@RoseNose I heavily trimmed PFE @$60 capturing years worth of dividends so yes ... it was time to say good-bye. I still have a few shares.
tommyd1988 profile picture
Great article thanks. Just recently started a position with STOR. Hopeing to keep adding more on down days like we are having
RoseNose profile picture
@tommyd1988 : Thank you for reading and sharing your new investment. Very great price for a quality investment. !
Clearview60 profile picture
Congratulations, Rose! When calculating your YTD numbers (up 4.2%), does that number include the additional $$ that you're adding to the portfolio for purchases? For example, this month you sold out of one stock and made three purchases (1 new, 2 add ons) - - did this require you to add money?
Either way, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
RoseNose profile picture
@Clearview60 : Hi! Great to have you comment. I do not add additional $. Its a closed circuit. I get dividends and recycle those. I get a LOT of $ from those and have held some cash. I make trims that I don't mention... as that would be too much unnecessary info .. when the bottom line is what RIG continues to own... So no new added cash. I did sell VTR and IRM last month that helped with the cash to get STOR and add to others. Best Rose :))
Great article, as always.
Any change in your opinion of MPW?
RoseNose profile picture
@Tobias Lehigh Nagy : I like it, but did want it under $20. I am considering adding to it. I just read an article from Brad and he agrees with it getting some bad press. His price target is way higher at $27. I don't know about that, but it should have some growing 5-6% FFO and just raised the dividend. It still has a low credit rating and why I demand the higher yield from it. So, long story short, YES! I say buy, if you don't own it ! Rose :))
5ofDiamonds profile picture
"RIG value is green, up 4.2% YTD and holds the advantage by 17.5% over the S&P 500 which was down 8.8% for April and 13.3% YTD." @RoseNose

Though I hardly agree with such a portfolio for myself, I must admit that there must be a lesson for me in there somewhere, since I am down 8.7% YTD vs. your significant alpha. Congrats. Well done!
@5ofDiamonds Amen, fully agree with your comment as I am down 9% ytd . I am very impressed with Rose’s portfolio management.
RoseNose profile picture
@5ofDiamonds : Message is: Defensive income is 50% and then Diversity with quality dividend payers. I have much less tech than most... no AAPL, No FANGs...Watching and want some AMZN, but still not quite yet low enough to get a lot. I did just get 1 not mentioned share this week, to just watch it and get the split coming soon. (Actually I want to save cash, so just 1 share). However, they will have their day again, but it will be quite some time.
The most recent negative GDP report should not be surprising and its not going up anytime soon. Interest rates rising, groceries up, rents up, real wages not so much... and Congress wants to tax more... EEK! Midterms will hopefully bring some change to those spenders, but they all seem to like it. The market will struggle to rise from here, so trim growth, stick with the reliable dividend and earnings growers. Even HY should benefit with rising rates, not much else will do that... Good Luck and happy investing. Rose :))
RoseNose profile picture
@bill.ott : Hi Bill... Thank you for reading and commenting. Sorry to say, not much more green coming.. Good Luck to us all! Best, Rose :))
BIZUN1973 profile picture
I got rid of half my wife’s $IRM and made a tidy profit after it went ex-dividend and bought some $DVN which just increased its dividend and some shares of $PXD as an afterthought. Thanks, Rose.
RoseNose profile picture
@Bavossler : IRM is a tough one to trim, so well done. I would buy it again, hopefully down in the 40s. Yield is too low for the credit rating, but it has good potential. You got me to look: Man, DVN has an interesting chart, hope it gives another special dividend for you, it should. ..also PXD, very interesting ...good luck. Happy Investing :)) Rose
psgros profile picture
Another good month for you.....
I am up 1.9% YTD but I can never beat your numbers and
I do enjoy watching you run the RIG. There are times I feel like one of the old men in the balcony of the Muppet show... LOL...
But I must admit I can not comprehend all the movements in your style.....but as you " It's Just You" :)
RoseNose profile picture
@psgros : LOL... Thanks. You don't need to understand the moves, just know I have my reasons. I find that is very true about the Macro Teller/ Fortune Teller. He is prescient intelligent and wise and a quality someone to emulate. I wish I listened always, but end up with ... just me; which is many times okay too! Many stocks in the market and we can win with quality. You are indeed doing something VERY right with being up 1.9% and being at WoF and MTF. We love you there ! Happy Investing :)) Rose
@psgros That was good-- that was okay-- that was terrible-- throw the bum out
Wonderful results. Down now to under 90 issues- with your careful analysis, what will you do with all the extra time you have? Seriously, your results in this market are amazing. Congratulations!
RoseNose profile picture
@j2d2 : Thank you for the comment, its appreciated. My extra time is now used to make investing happy for RIG /MTF subscribers and I enjoy that too! Happy Investing :)) Rose
Illinois Bob profile picture
Nice update, and I concur on your assesment of $WBD. Might not hold for long term, not on my short term sell list. May re-think this in 2023.
RoseNose profile picture
@Illinois Bob : Very well said about WBD. Thank you for reading and the comment. Happy Investing and best wishes. Rose:))
I have many of your holdings as well, Rose, and others that I am waiting for a more attractive entry point on. Have also kept all my T and WBD shares, and don't intend to sell either for the forseeable future. Just had my T dividend post today in the two accounts they are held in; very nice. Best wishes.
RoseNose profile picture
@ychuck46 : Hi and thank you for sharing your investing. Enjoy collecting dividends and T, VZ, BMY, CVS and PFLT all posted yesterday.. Nice :)) Happy Investing ... Rose
Great results. I have beat the market but am down on the year as I have both growth and income portions of my portfolio. The big dividend payers have mostly held up. The high flying tech stocks have had their comeuppance. I sold my Amazon a couple months back but put some of the money in Googl so that didn't work.
RoseNose profile picture
@jaerickson : Thank you for sharing and the comment. You had the right idea about AMZN. I think GOOGL should hold up better, but yep, oops. The sad part is that this is far from over with the red. Might be some green days, but they will be fewer than the red until mid terms are over and we can see direction for Congress and its over spending. Good Luck to us all and happy investing :)) Rose
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