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Student Housing REITs: It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later


  • Student housing has seen a swift recovery and brightening outlook over the past twelve months as the effects of soaring rents have more-than-offset ongoing COVID issues and longer-term enrollment headwinds.
  • American Campus - the first of three student housing REITs and last one still publicly traded- was scooped-up last month by Blackstone - one of its five major REIT acquisitions since June.
  • Given the abundance of private institutional capital targeting student housing assets and prior acquisitions of EDR and Campus Crest, in January, we projected a potential takeout of ACC at $65/share.
  • Blackstone's $12.8 billion takeout at $65.47/share bid - nearly spot-on with that call - is a healthy 14% premium to ACC's prior close. These massive acquisitions have become necessary to feed its fledging non-traded REIT business, BREIT.
  • BREIT has grown into a $100B behemoth in less than five years despite its high fee structure, capitalizing on investor interest for private real estate, and a questionable perception of lower volatility compared to public REITs.
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REIT Rankings: Student Housing

Student housing has seen a swift recovery and brightening outlook over

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Alex Pettee, CFA
So no more student housing REIT available for public trades?
SMRT profile picture
30 Dec. 2022
wondering if the same could happen in Europe, (that is, private capital chasing student housing). One to consider: Xior Student Housing NV
Any update on ACC acquisition? When will this one be complete?
RonEDickinson profile picture
BREIT, high volatility ??? If you look at the web site there are only three months of negative returns in the past six years, and two of these are around 1/10 of 1%. Every year was positive.
During Covid month of March 2020 there was a 8% drop but this was made up in three months. If you talk to BX management they would say large deals come to them because they have $, can do large deals and will close quickly, giving them an advantage. However they are raising over 3 billion a month and do need to deploy these funds and this gives me some concern about buying lessor performing assets vs. the current portfolio.
Harrison Wealth Management profile picture
I agree that non-traded REITs can be higher fee than publicly traded peers. EQR is 78bps, PLD is 155 bps and BREIT (institutional class) is 198bps. I also agree it gets really crazy when you go through a broker and pay all those commissions! However, you also need to look at implied cap rates and the price you are paying. PLD, one of the largest industrial REITs, has an implied cap rate of 3%. However, BREITs industrial properties are using a 6% cap rate. You are paying twice as much for industrial properties by buying PLD vs BREIT! We bought a lot of publicly traded REITs in mid-2020 but have shifted almost completely to non-tradeds now because they are 20-50% cheaper (and well worth the higher 43bps management fee, in our view. BREIT has one of the more conservative cap rate assumptions out there in the non-traded space.
Morgan Myrmo profile picture
@Harrison Wealth Management why would BREIT management value industrial at 6%, if the quality is near PLD? Also, wouldn't this immediately record a little lower w/ the implied low-cap rate PSB transaction diliuting their industrial holdings? While I get there may be a "little" distortion (both ways) from public REITs, I don't think BX would mark their portoflio at half the value in this space. We must also remember that PLD has perhaps the greatest industrial portfolio in the world - can BX say the same thing? What is their industrial growth rate? Will PSB management stay on to lend a hand at growth here?

Also, if you note $WPC industrial portfolio, or perhaps even $O for that matter, you may see some value if you want to break down the holdings, then mark to market. I hope this helps!
Harrison Wealth Management profile picture
@Morgan Myrmo Thanks for the additional insight. BX is marking their portfolio, but PLD is not - that is the currently cap rate implied by the market cap/stock price. Agree there could be some quality difference as I didn't break things down property by property. Also, all numbers were from 10-k filings so before the PSB acquisition, which I agree, should bring down the cap rate on industrial for BREIT. I think my point still holds - you can buy property much cheaper via BREIT than a lot of publicly traded REITs right now due to stock price implied cap rates (not set by management).
preterist profile picture
ATAX is worth looking at—a lot of student housing loans plus 25% equity ownership.
Hoya Capital profile picture
Thanks, @preterist! Took a quick look - interesting company. Essentially an mREIT structured as a publicly-traded partnership. Thanks for putting it on my radar.
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