Rare Diagnosis: Only 4 Times In 40 Years

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  • 6-month Treasury yields have risen rapidly.
  • Usually, the SPX rises at the same time and the SPX dividend yield drops.
  • That is not happening this time.
  • We look at the four previous times we had this situation.
  • This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Away From The Herd. Learn More »

RARE DIAGNOSIS - in the diary of a doctor with a stethoscope

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In this piece, we look at a market pattern that has occurred only four times in the last 40-years and which has preceded stock market rallies every time.

Our preferred method of measuring stock market valuation is the net-yield of the SPX (SPX dividend yield minus the 6-month Treasury yield); the higher the net yield, the less expensive stocks are relative to risk-free Treasuries.

Normally, when the 6-month Treasury yield increases, the stock market as measured by the SPX also increases, while the SPX dividend yield decreases (blue-arrows on the chart below). (Note: the net-yield always decreases, making stocks look more expensive relative to risk-free T-securities).

In the last 40-years, we have found only four instances -- 1984, 1987, 1994, 2022 -- when the opposite happened; the 6-month yield increased, but the SPX dividend yield increased, while the SPX decreased (black-arrows on the chart below).

long-term chart

ANG Traders, Stockcharts.com

The following charts take a closer look at each of these periods, starting with the current situation:


ANG Traders, Stockcharts.com


ANG Traders, Stockcharts.com


ANG Traders, Stockcharts.com


ANG Traders, Stockcharts.com

Notice that the three previous patterns -- 1994, 1987, and 1984 -- all lasted less than one year, and that the SPX rallied after the pattern ended. The current version of this pattern is approximately six-months old and is likely to last several more months before the 6-month Treasury yield stabilizes and the SPX rallies. Investors are advised to have cash available when the SPX rally reignites (likely in Q4).

We think that the beaten-down technology sector will experience the strongest rebound rally. Some ETFs to consider buying as we progress to the end of the pattern over the next 2-3 months are: ARKK, AIQ, and QCLN.

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Take advantage of our 14-day free trial and stay on the right side of the market and Away From the Herd.

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